Why Do We Chase Money?

Money, wealth, fortune, gold. Just a few of the names for this precious necessity we hold so high in our modern day lives. It’s all we think about today, it’s all we think about for the future. We have no life beyond the value of our bank balance; we end up forgetting about living and begin to chase the next pay check, but why? Why are we missing out on our one and only shot on this beautiful planet, to worry about a piece of paper or a computerized number that holds no value yet we kill ourselves for it. Are you really happy with your job right now? Are you enjoying your life? Are you following your passion? Over the last few weeks I’ve had these questions racing through my mind and the truth is no. I bet some of you have the same answer as well.

People are too scared to break from routine for fear of being judged or ridiculed. This fear is what stops you enjoying life and progressing how you want to progress. We like to play it safe and ‘survive’ from pay check to pay check rather than pushing the boundaries and limitations. I can guarantee you the guy sat in the office desk has dreams of being somewhere else, having another career. He’s got stuck doing the same job for year after year because it’s the normality, he ends up being stuck there for another ten years and regrets not changing his situation. That’s not going to be me. Why waste this precious gift of experience of living to sit at an office chair and plug away at work day after day. That’s not living! 

Why haven’t you changed your situation then? Money. That’s all it comes down to plain and simple. You need money to survive in this modern world, but why should you waste years of your life for money that doesn’t matter. Picture this; you’re 50 years old and just completed 20 years of service at the same job you’ve worked day in and day out. A job you’ve disliked year after year. A job that has only benefited you in the small fortune of money each week or each month. Sure, it’s brought you your house, your car and all the fancy materials you own but really besides that what has it brought you. Years of being un-happy, wasted opportunity to do what you want. It’s your life, why waste it working for someone else! Just do you! Be happy, and be true to yourself.

Take the jump, just do it. No, that wasn’t a promotion for Nike!…Money has this huge strain on the human body and it takes such a physical and mental toll on your emotions yet we feel the need to keep chasing it to survive. When it gets to the point where you can’t take the strain and toll of working your ass off, ask yourself why? Is it worth it? Sure you may have bills, a family to feed, a mortgage but the stress and the un-happiness you feel will bring you down. Even the nicest of people have a limit. It eventually gets to you.

Personally, all my life I wanted money that was the one thing I was driven by. Pure greed and money. It was this drive and passion I had that’s messed me up, I’ve worked constantly for pretty much a solid two years and it’s finally caught up to me. I look back now and think about all the opportunities I’ve missed; to go out to clubs, to travel, to just enjoy life. It’s time to branch out. I get what you’re thinking, you’re only 18 you’re still young. True, however if I don’t change now I never will!

For some people chasing money may be your whole success, for some it works. To me, the real wealth is being happy and being financially stable. If I can get paid to be happy, all is well. There are the times, like now, where I’m in a job I don’t enjoy. That’s part of life but it is down to me to change that, in reality my life isn’t bad. Some people will say I’m complaining about nothing and in short they’re really true. My life is easy, if I were to compare my house, the clothes on my back the food I eat to somewhere, where they have less opportunity it puts it in perspective. It doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be allowed to have an opinion on life. Sure, my life isn’t hard but when you aren’t feeling happy and it feels as if you’re being dragged down who tells you, you can’t complain? My situation is less serious, granted however I can guarantee there are plenty others in the same boat as me.

As I said previously I get some people may have bills and all that other jazz to pay, I get that, but 30 years down the line don’t you want to be happy? Don’t you want experiences of life to be your wealth, don’t you want to tell your kids you enjoyed your experience on this planet, rather than struggling year after year?

It’s time to be true to myself, I’ve decided I’m going to follow my passion. Music, more specifically; Hip-Hop. I haven’t got a ‘career’ choice in that sector but I adore everything Hip-Hop, it makes me feel so happy, I have a huge passion for it. I ask myself “what’s the worst that can happen?”  I’m not chasing money anymore that was a huge mistake. I’m chasing money through a job that brings me down however I would rather chase a passion and enjoy life than waste years worrying about my financial status. Even if I didn’t make as much money, I would still be happy. That’s what it comes down to.

I guess that’s just my youthful view on the world, when I’m older I may have a completely different opinion, it’s just how my brain perceives living. When I’m old I want to tell my children to follow where their heart tells them rather than to lead an un-happy existence with nothing to show for it!

How do you feel about all this? 

Enjoy your day!


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