Hip-Hop’s Gems!

Right, okay I haven’t posted in a while; please still love me you guys. I do have to apologise for that!…After quitting my job the past few days have been rather ‘stressful’ to say the least therefore I just haven’t had time to sit down and crack out a blog post, I’ve currently got two interviews lined up so I’m feeling far more happier about my work life and that stress is starting to disappear which means I can sit down and write, I can write an enjoyable post not a half ass attempt at one because I feel I need to get it out. I figured if I was to write one after I quit, it would just be horrible because I’m forcing myself to write but now my life’s getting back together I feel happier, I’m in the mood to write. I’m happy! Woo

So what’s this blog post all about?

Essentially, everyone knows I love hip-hop. I ramble on about it all the time here! The truth is though no one in hip-hop anymore is grabbing my attention, there’s no more real lyricists within the main stream circle, the last lyricist that I can think of that had a buzz was Kendrick Lamar yet I don’t think he really got the push he deserved. His wordplay and intricate rhymes were phenomenal but he just didn’t get out there I felt. Now, more than ever hip-hop has this generic style that you hear over and over again. There’s no one that’s truly perfecting their craft anymore, it’s almost as if they’re in and out.

What’s the point of this post?

In reality I just want to share my love for music with you guys and girls but I really want to open up your musical avenues to expand to different areas and roads so to speak. These musicians have a buzz within their own right however may not have the buzz that Drake receives. These musicians find ways to combine their imagination with metaphors, verbs and this whole hearted passion to eventually conjure up this vivid imagery that is so powerful you are taken back and have to pause for a minute; these are the tracks that really hit you.

Let’s get down to it!

  • K-Rino – Grand Deception.This guy is seriously from another planet, you think I’m over exaggerating don’t you? Oh, far from it. It’s almost as if he’s swallowed a dictionary and is just recording these biblical scriptures for me and you, he’s so in touch with wordplay and vivid imagery it’s nice to hear someone who really loves what they do. Essentially this song details the corruption within this world such as the Illuminati and conspiracies revolving around them. It’s truly a phenomenal track and to tell you the truth I felt a little smarter after listening to it! Check out some of these lines, it’s rather gob smacking.

“You are a tool in the hidden hand that’s using you
Please don’t be delusional the rulers of this world practice confusing you
The people and the priest and the Imams
Have been jammed by government scams, mind systematically programmed
Blatant Black hatred and racism
The way they laced the whole world in nation with traces of Satanism
This place is a pagan prison, the Founding Fathers enslaving intentions
Were no different than Bush’s and Reagan visions”

Like I said previously my blog post just doesn’t do it justice, please check out the real song. Here’s the link! Don’t worry it’s not a virus – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O5mSWLnJXY0

Some of his other notable songs;

Valley of decision. 

“I’m in a spiritual prison, but on this day I’ve arisen
To the vision of an internal god and Satan collision
The fight to win me took place within me
And whoever I submit it to would ultimately choose where they would send me
I stood motionless, approaching this comatose-ness with openness
Could only hope and wish for sanity when I awoke from this
I’m coping with the possibility of making the wrong choice
No reason to rejoice, I heard Satan speak in my own voice”


Solitary Confinement. 

“Minutes after I received my sentence
I was then sent to the threshold of a corridors entrance
Forced into a hellish existence
I wends from intense pain then commence to seek intense repentance
My hands served as a surveyor
With no light I’m sightless I stand beneath darkness third layer
Imprisoned as a punishment I was sieving of faith
In a place so desolate prayers can’t even escape
The reason I was here was never communicated clear
Two minutes in this place appeared like I had waited years
When the lights came on I was bathed and bladed tears
Cause the room had common dears all of my greatest fears”

Trust me you will not be disappointed, if you’re are, sure you can blame me.

  • Immortal Technique – Dance with the Devil.One of the most touching songs I’ve listened to, I felt a bit sick after hearing it. That’s not a lie either, listen to it all the way and you will see why I felt like that. It’s hard to explain the song without giving away and real details, if I was to do so it would spoil it and I don’t want to do that. I guess I can summarise it for you, it’s essentially detailing the life of a guy choosing the wrong path and joining a gang and the things he has to do for that gang but the end though, man oh man, it’s truly un-explainable. You just have to listen to it!

“I once knew a nigga whose real name was William
His primary concern, was making a million
Being the illest hustler, that the world ever seen
He used to fuck movie stars and sniff coke in his dreams
A corrupted young mind, at the age of thirteen
Nigga never had a father and his mom was a fiend
She put the pipe down, but every year she was sober
Her sons heart simultaneously grew colder
He started hanging out selling bags in the projects
Checking the young chicks, looking for hit and run prospects
He was fascinated by material objects
But he understood money never bought respect”

“So Billy started robbing niggas, anything he could do
To get his respect back, in the eyes of his crew
Starting fights over little shit, up on the block
Stepped up to selling mothers and brothers the crack rock
Working overtime for making money for the crack spot
Hit the jackpot and wanted to move up to cocaine
fulfilling the scarface fantasy stuck in his brain
Tired of the block niggas treating him the same”
This post just doesn’t do it justice! Please, please listen to it. Honestly, if that’s all you take from this blog I will be happy – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qggxTtnKTMo

Here are some other notable songs;

Industrial Revolution.

“The bling-bling era was cute but it’s about to be done
I leave you full eclipse like the moon blocking the sun
my metaphors are dirty like herpes but harder to catch
like an escape tunnel in prison I started from scratch
and now these parasites wanna percent of asscap
trying to control perspective like an acid flashback”

– Revolutionary. 

“Technique will force you into strategical retreat
Because I dominate guerrilla warfare in the streets
There ain’t no way to picture me without a victory speech
When I reach higher positions
Without the recognition of pissed on competition
Cause I conquered their ambitions
In a systematic form like a religionist tradition”

Honestly, Immortal Technique is up there with the greatest of all time. He’s just so on point with his music.

Now last but not least.

  • AZ – Never Change.One of the most slept on emcee’s. Dude has been around for centuries yet hasn’t ever got the recognition he’s deserved, the thing is he doesn’t bitch about it either. He’s a true artist. It’s his wordplay and rhyme scheme that has you just staring at your computer screen saying “damn did he just say that?” He was on Nas’ Illmatic album, in my eyes he’s influenced so many rappers with their techniques and flows yet just isn’t rewarded for it. His story telling ability is mixed between vivid wordplay and an intricate flow, it’s awesome! The song really details the story between him and his friend, they lost touch and he’s reminiscing about his friend and then they meet up again and hang out I guess, well that’s what I got from it anyway.

“You know the happenings, homies just yapping and
Hand shaking, laughing and exchanging all they math again
You usually lose touch when you traveling
A few dudes bruise up in the battling”

“Godly trained, he could camoflage on any terrain
Cardi frames, we go back like bottles and James
It’s a shame ‘cuz they say his baby mom is to blame
But nonchalantly, I refrained ‘cuz it constantly changed
From close range somebody please slowly explain
If they just wanted some jewels, why didn’t they go for the chain?
If they just wanted some news, they coulda left him in his Hanes
But no, they just left a nigga breathless and banged”

One of the cleanest and rawest flows in hip-hop, period. Check it out, now! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=covkh9ShXz4

Other notable songs;

I Am The Truth.
“Scrilla rap spitter, silverback gorilla, mass killer
Heavy hoodie cow, hide, half chinchilla
Watch for scrilla’s cuz they hastle the dealers, for reala
Y’all little niggaz, me I lex and grilla, I’m chilla
Pillows of purple had to seal up my circle
It’s serious, when your seralbello senses alert you
Pollack church shoes parolee homie’s home on curfew
Who’s commercial, I verbalize universal
Uniqueness, I’m nonchalant nigga no secrets
What ambiance never show weakness, control leakege
Live niggaz know I speak it
Verbalize outta eye, cuz we cohesive
Flow’s freakish
Dough is just honor the pieces to the puzzle
Like the streets always been to the struggle”


Sugar Hill.

“At times I wanna watch out the Mariot
Zoning on owning co-ops, foreign drop top coups
And yachts guzzling straight shots a scotch formulating up plots
To escape from Salem’s lock ’cause it’s scorching hot
Making it hard trying to figure who’s out ta trap me, Pataki
Got all kinds of under covers coming at me
Perhaps he, won’t be happy, till they snatch me
And place me where half slacks be, sitting in Catsaki
But never me, see my destiny ta be forever free
In ecstacy, on a hill that awaits for me
So plus, just to visualize is like a coke rush
Vivid enough to make living this a must, plus this is real”


There’s my top 3 done! Honestly these 3 are up there in my greatest of all times list! Hopefully you will check out their songs and put some others on! If you have a favourite musician drop a comment, I’ll deffo check them out!

Enjoy your day!


*I hate the way these words are spelt! It’s so yuck but sounds so good!

My First Time Clubbing!

Boy oh boy, what an experience. Now, I’ve said this in the past and badgered on about it time and time again, I’m not a drinker. So you can see the conundrum I’ve got myself in, can’t you? The whole reason people go out to clubs I guess is to drink and have a good time, but who says you have to get drunk to the point where you pick fights with strangers and can hardly walk yourself home? The truth is I had an amazing time and in all honesty I wish I started going when I was 18. I’ve been missing out! Big time.

There’s a few niggles I have with clubs though.

I say clubs but in all honesty I really only mean ‘club’ seeing as it’s my only one. I know how much you guys and girls loves lists so….without further ado or is it adieu? I present to you my list, my niggles with clubbing!

  • Yes that’s my ID sir, please don’t reject me.
  • Yeah, having a light toned voice sucks.

“We’re finally in!”

“What did you say?” I said

“We’re finally in!”

You eventually make out the words “I can’t hear you” over the loud thumping of heavy bass.

  • Having that same problem trying to shout at the bar to tell them what beverage you would like.
  • Going to the dance floor but no one’s dancing! I mean this one pissed me off, big time. I was the only one who was jumping around enjoying myself, it seemed as if everyone else was just shuffling their feet! I mean seriously, it’s a dance club! Not a shuffle around club!
  • Sweating a stupendous amount that you have to take your top off as it’s drenched in drinks and god only knows what.
  • Some random photographer snapping up pictures of you mid dance and catching you off guard. Then having the nerve to upload them to Facebook!
  • Losing your friends only to miraculously meet with them after almost having a panic attack from the fear of being the loner in the club.
  • Those idiots on drugs that really can’t handle it. Calm down!
  • Dudes trying to gyrate their hips where it’s unwanted. If I was to ever get drunk I would hope for the life of me I would never do that. It’s just so, yuck. Especially when the person you’re doing it to doesn’t want you to do it. You come off as a creep. Side note, no male was gyrating at me, it was them trying to do it to females but they really didn’t want it.
  • Those people who walk past and have horrendous body odour, it just ruins your nose and lingers there.
  • Waiting for the 5 in the morning train to roll in as you haven’t slept in almost 24 hours only to find out it’s delayed. It’s delayed? IT’S 5 IN THE MORNING. How can you mess up that bad?
  • Waking up to your calf muscles ripping a hole through your skin because they burn so much from that excessive dancing.
  • Your voice being like a demonic spirit because you went overboard with the singing.
  • Last but not least, waking up from a long sleep to find out you still have your wallet, ID and keys.


Today, I Quit My Job.

I finally did it. After months of endless thoughts of ‘do I?’ ‘Don’t I?’ I finally had the last straw and jumped ship. Yes folks, I’ve quit! I couldn’t be happier. Now, to tell you the truth it was a rather rash decision however I feel so much better for doing so, it’s almost as if this weight has been lifted from me and I can now begin a new career elsewhere. My career in retail is over; it was just a horrendous experience. 2 and a half years of my life wasted you could say, sure I’ve gained experience within the retail sector but it was 2 years of utter un-happiness. It seems like yesterday I wrote my first post on ‘why retails sucks’ and now I’ve finally decided to move on with my life. It’s such buzz to know I won’t be going back there!

It was a big jump for myself, most of the time I’m a bit more reserved to stand up for my rights and my human emotions/nature, there comes a time when you’ve decided you’ve taken enough crap from your managers and bitchy customers and it comes to the point of asking yourself ‘do you really deserve this?’ after weeks, months and years of being nice to each and every customer who walks through those doors to get complaints from them and your manager, it really gets to you. You give every customer your 100% best efforts and then you get pulled to the side for not persuading them to purchase extra insurance or put it on store credit. Excuse me? Did you not see how satisfied that customer was? Yet, you’re still going to moan and rant at me for not getting them to waste money on insurance they don’t need. That was my main reason for quitting and now it’s over, I shall reveal all.

I’ve been very strict with myself about revealing the real problems at work just in case someone there catches wind of this blog and then reads how bad I hate or I guess I should say hated my job. Truth be told I don’t care anymore. I won’t reveal the name of the company however I will tell you the real reasons as to why I decided to leave. When I first started it was all dandy, I was in my first job, learning new skills building confidence within work and outside of it and most of all, I was getting money! What’s not to love, right? All was well until my manager started having these mood shifts, it was every now and then where I would be doing my job, keeping the customers satisfied but he would criticize a certain aspect of how I went around it. Don’t get me wrong, you could see it as feedback however when you use a stern face and a voice with anger it becomes more like a ‘telling off’ this was all starting within my first month. I was a little taken back as it was my first job, I didn’t expect any of that. I figured he would lighten up as time went on. Oh, how I was wrong.

Month after month he would keep doing the same, one point he’ll be happy then the next his whole persona would change. I don’t want it to seem like I hate the guy because at times he was a great manager but he really knew how to bring a person down and make them feel worthless. Roughly one year into my job things got a lot more serious, we had a new area manager and he was just this grade a bully. He was on a true power trip. This was when they introduced selling insurance and getting people to purchase items on store credit. Each store had monthly targets we needed to hit, obviously if we didn’t hit targets the area manager wasn’t hitting targets, can you see where I’m going with this? So one month we don’t hit target, the area manger lays into my manager which internally means he lays into us. This happened for months and I was at the point where I didn’t want to turn up every day I was asked in. I was just getting shit from my manager’s day in and day out for not selling insurance.*

*We had techniques to try persuading customers to purchase it, for the most part I was hitting my targets but I really couldn’t care less about it after a while. To me I would much rather have the customer leave with an enjoyable shopping experience rather than feeling as if they’ve been interrogated and never want to shop here again. It’s not how business should be run. I get they must make a much higher profit from selling insurance however when the customer comes away and tells friends and family not to shop there it reflects pretty poorly. What’s even worse is being laid into because a customer just doesn’t want to purchase it, you can’t persuade someone who really doesn’t want to be persuaded, it’s just silly. Rant over.

Back to the story. These moods swing eventually got worse and worse and I just couldn’t take it for much longer, there comes a time when you just say no to all the shit in your life and decide you know what, I’m better than this. Well this was my day. He spoke to me as if I was worthless, even though I came in earlier to help out. He essentially complimented me on my service to customers and it felt great. He seemed happy but then his mood switched again, he proceeded to explain how I was under performing in all aspects of hitting targets and then he asked me ‘do you still want to keep your job?’ It was that point when I just had enough. My brain though about all the hard graft I put in to helping customers, helping the store and brand and because I wasn’t hitting a few targets I get treated like shit. No thanks. I handed in my resignation and my last working day’s Sunday. I have an interview on Monday for another job but to tell you the truth I’m just so overjoyed it’s over. I just want to say, I’m not hating or disrespecting my manager in any way. He has targets to hit as well, so if I’m not hitting he’s not hitting and he is then getting shit from his managers. I get where he’s coming from but his tactic of almost bullying me into selling insurance and making me feel like shit didn’t work.

Onto the next chapter I guess.

Enjoy your day!



Are You Religious?

Time and time again I’ve been asked this question, whether it’s by friends or family my answer still stays the same. No, I’m not religious, however I’m always open to the views and opinions of others and I guess there are a few exceptions to the term religious.

In my 18 years on this earth I’ve never been introduced to the idea of religion or joining a religious community, it’s something that my mind just doesn’t ‘get’ so to speak. When we left school at 16 we were all given this bible to take with us, it’s been sat on my shelf ever since until I opened it up the other day. I was intrigued. I was searching in all honesty, I felt stuck, I needed an answer, and I needed something to guide me. I just couldn’t find it.

I read chapter after chapter, verse after verse however it just doesn’t add up, so when someone asks me am I a religious person, it’s always going to be a no but in terms of finding your inner soul and your spirit, that’s a different story. At one point in time my mind just clicked, I never believed in having a soul or anything like that, to tell you the truth I thought it was a bit silly but now, now I feel different. There’s something so intriguing about finding your inner soul and being at one with yourself. I’m not sure if you can count that as religious however it’s as close as it gets to being religious for me.

As of late motivation for me has been up and down, I feel the job I’m in just isn’t doing me any favours. It’s sort of soul crushing you could say. I always said I never knew what I wanted from life but deep down I secretly knew. I was just too afraid to accept it. Now I’m starting to embrace that secret and starting to work towards it my mental and physical state is feeling much more ‘happier’ you could say. I guess the point I’m trying to make is; whatever makes you happy, do it. You will regret not being happy 30 years down the line. It feels as if my soul is happier, if that is even a thing. I don’t know it’s just nice to be at one with myself and truly accept what I want to be.

Society has a way of making us follow a set of rules which then turns into our reality. You know the score; school, college, university and then work. But what if you were to un-shackle yourself from that routine of life? What I mean by that is, why don’t you do what you want to do. To do what makes you happy. That’s what I’m going for, I’m taking it in very small baby steps but I can already feel a shift in my mind and my emotional state. I wake up every morning feeling a little bit more refreshed, a little bit more awake. There’s something nice about knowing you’re trying to change yourself, you’re trying to change for the better. 

I think the main part that’s really helped is just sitting down and organizing my life. I’m talking a big spring clean out of all the bad stuff and negativity and filling those gaps with positivity. I sat down and just mapped out my visions and almost created this ‘roadwork’ of where I want to be, who I want to be and what I wish to achieve and believe me, it really helps. It gives you something to strive for and keeps your path clear. 

When I started this post I was talking about religion and searching for god. In my eyes the only god is you. As long as you’re true to your morals and true to yourself, the rest should take care of itself. Well, that’s how I perceive it at the moment. People change, views change and the world keeps turning. All I’m trying to get across is, be true to you. 

Have a good day!



Leaked Celebrity Nudes. How Safe Are You Online?

The internet blew up last night, no not literally however figuratively speaking, it did. I witnessed it. Last night someone hacked the personal and I repeat personal data from top high ranking celebrities and proceeded to leak nude photos of them for personal gain, almost ruining their lives. 

As a society, in general we tend to overlook the safety of being online we forget about the scams, hackers and predators. We often brush it off and pretend it can never happen to us. For most of us we keep safe, do nothing illegal, sure you may download a few songs from YouTube to your iPod’s or mp3’s but nothing to serious however we tend to forget when we’re online that we need to keep safe, now more than ever. We like to reveal information all across the world. Think about it; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram hell even WordPress. How much information is spread globally for anyone to see? Information you’ve gave out.

Really, this post is more about staying safe online and being careful, I’m not sure if anyone has seen the news as of late but quite a fair few of ‘A list celebrities’ have had their accounts hacked and there private photos leaked. It’s truly shocking. Most of you have heard of these celebrities, the list includes the likes of Jennifer Lawrence, Ariana Grande and Kate Upton. What’s happened is, a hacker has got access to their personal data, some say it’s through iCloud however I’m pretty sure it’s just speculation at the moment and then accessed their personal photos. It’s all nudes. I can’t imagine what they’re going through at the moment. The hacker then proceeded to release them for the world to see.

It’s personal data for a reason. They’ve kept it from the public and someone’s gone and ripped their lives apart for personal gain, it really makes you wonder, if such a high endorsed celebrity can have their private data leaked out onto the web, how safe is yours? What the media will more than likely do in a few days is present these celebrities who are role models as ‘bad people’ when in reality they aren’t. They can do whatever the like, the media just put them on a higher pedestal because they have this power to influence. We’re all human at the end of the day and we’re bound to make mistakes. Those photos we’re their photos, no one else’s.

The images were posted on Sunday night on a few websites such as 4chan and Reddit and hey I’m not judging these celebrities or anything, you do what you want, it’s your life. If you wish to take naked photos do as you wish however you have to be careful. It’s an invasion of privacy and in my eyes a form of theft/burglary, but what’s worse is how brands such as TMZ have been rumoured to have offered the hacker a 6 figure sum for the photos. It’s a rumour though, yet if it’s true, it’s truly sickening. I guess I’m only adding fuel to the fire with this post, it’s like I’m ‘gossiping’ but I didn’t mean that to be the message. I really want everyone to re-think how they present themselves online and be more careful because if it can happen to them surely it can happen to anyone.

I only hope it doesn’t halt or stop any of the celebrity’s careers, it was personal photos for a reason. There’s bound to be a follow up in the news but I figured it’s best to alert a few people before it gets out of control. Once the internet has it, it spreads like wildfire. 

Stay safe.


Photographs That Changed The World! (Part 3)

Recently I’ve been getting a few hits here and there on my historical photos posts so I’ve decided to compile another list for you guys, it would be silly not to, right? I think there’s something so interesting looking back into the past and being able to delve into how routines and how daily life worked there. There’s this enjoyment I get from visualizing history and witnessing what happened. You read about it at school and you don’t get to really get into it as much as you hoped for, that’s why photos give you a real sense of imagery. Well something along those lines anyway…For this post there won’t be any photographers names as most I were unable to find. If you know of a photographer who’s photo I’ve listed drop a comment or message me so I can include it, I would like to give credit where credits due! Some of these photos hold real emotion within them so if one upsets you, I can only apologise. Enjoy.


Unpacking the head of the statue of liberty. 

statue of liberty head


Elvis in the army.

elvis in the army


The last known Tasmanian Tiger.

tasmanian tiger


Nagasaki 20 minutes after the atomic bomb.



Californian lumberjacks working on Redwoods. 

lumberjack on redwoods


The 1912 world series.

1912 world series


Construction of the statue of liberty’s head.

statue of liberty


Adolf Hitlers pants after the failed assassination attempt.




The unbroken seal of King Tut’s tomb.



A refugee carrying his cholera stricken wife. (I just want to point out the determination this man has, look at the emotion in his face)



Shell shocked soldier. This photo just shows how devastating wars can be.

Shell shocked soldier, 1916



A KKK child meets a black state trooper.

A KKK child


Children playing with hyperinflation money in 1922.



Job hunting in the 1930’s.

Job hunting in 1930's


Theodore Roosevelt’s diary the day his wife and mother died.



Rat catchers of the 1900’s.

Rat catchers


Child laborers smoking cigarettes.

Child laborers


Brotherly love. This young Japanese boy carries his fallen brother all the way to a cremation pyre. So shocking.

A Japanese boy


Hats in New York.



German soldiers reacting to footage of the concentration camps.

German soldiers


Slaves shackles being removed.


Last public execution by guillotine.

Last public execution by guillotine


Easter eggs for Hitler.

Easter eggs for Hitler, 1945


Himmler and a prisoner in a stare down.



The last Jew in Vinnitsa.

The last Jew in Vinnitsa


That wraps this one up! 

Enjoy your day!


What’s Your Biggest Fear?

We get up at 8:00; hit the cupboards for some food to fuel our every crushing endless thoughts of negativity then we head on for the short shower to wash away the depressive thoughts we’re having. This takes us roughly 30 minutes, and then we haul off to a job we hate. How many of you don’t want to be doing that? Wouldn’t you rather be working your ass off to create your own dreams rather than helping another person build theirs? This thought hit me hard the other day. Why am I getting up and letting another person control my whole life. Why am I waking up tired, a little angry and just drained from all of life? I bet you’re thinking well it’s your bosses fault or putting the blame elsewhere. In reality it starts with you and ends with you. The only reason I’m feeling that way is because I’ve let myself get that way. No one else, just me. I bet you’re thinking well why are you still there? Really that’s an easy one. It’s the fear of change.

The thought of breaking away from everything you know everyone you once knew and starting over again. It’s the opinions of others that talk to you. Well I’m going to put this very bluntly, screw that. Who cares what they think? Who cares if you change and do what you want to do? It’s time to embrace your true potential. Each and every one of you reading this are fantastic, you have a true meaning to someone out there in the world, a skill you harness but you aren’t doing anything with it. I’m not doing anything with mine. I’m stuck. We’re in a generation of laziness and silly behaviour where we don’t really work hard. We like to think we do but we don’t. You, yes you reading you can really do whatever you like, it’s your life, no one else’s. We just need to break from this day to day routine and say “you know what, I’m doing something different today, it’s time to enjoy life” otherwise I’m going to be 30 and do the same things as I did at 18.

In our society today more than ever, we like to put fear on such a high pedestal to the point where you end up getting comfy with the way you live even if you have to sacrifice your emotions and enjoyment. Let me ask you a few questions, how many of you really deep down enjoy your job? Could you do it without pay you enjoy it that much? Why are you letting someone else control your one and only life? Don’t think I’m being nasty at anyone either, shit I’m in the same boat as everyone else just my boats sinking and I’m going to do something to stop that. I’ve said it in the past time and time again “oh I’m going to try this avenue or try this one” in reality I was just being lazy and saying that to make myself think I was trying for change. I wasn’t.

I can guarantee a few of my readers have done the same as well, you’ve got up to a job you don’t want to be at and told yourself “I need to change” but you, well we’re still there slaving our assess off for someone else’s dreams, why? We’re far to comfy with our state of living, I’ve got happy living pay check to pay check even though I come home at nights and feel down. That’s not life, what kind of way of living is that? It’s time to stop making excuses. The world isn’t all dandy as it is now, we’re just stuck in a position where we like to think it is. When you get that pay stub you think it’s all great you think you’re winning but in reality you aren’t winning, you’re suffering. After you’ve spent that pay check on food, rent or the everyday necessities, how much have you got left? That’s not living, it’s surviving. It’s not enjoyable to work all those long, gruelling hours and have nothing to show.

One quote I wish to share and is one that really sticks with me is; “the graveyard is the richest place on earth.” I forgot who it was by so I do apologise for that however the point that I’m trying to get across is, change and fear is necessary however if you don’t do anything about it nothing will happen. You have to embrace to fear otherwise when the time comes your dreams and ambitions die with you. You may have had an invention you wanted to create when you were 30, a career you wanted to pursue when you were 50 but that fear held you back. You end up doing the same job day in day out and you eventually leave this life. Those rich and beautiful ideas are taken to grave and no one can benefit from them.

You must be thinking, but why haven’t you changed anything? It’s all good me telling you things I’ve learned but I’m in the same position as everyone else. I’m afraid to break off into the shadow of the un-known for the fear of being ridiculed, for the fear of being wrong. It’s scary; don’t let anyone tell you it isn’t. I’ve just let myself get comfy within an environment I shouldn’t be in. That’s not what I want when I wake up every morning. If this was my last day on earth, would I really want to be working a job I hate or doing whatever it is I love? There was a video I watched where Steve Jobs said something along the lines ” I wake up every morning look in the mirror and ask myself if this was my last day am I happy with my life, if the answers no then something needs to change” don’t quote me on that word for word but it really hits the nail on the head though, I haven’t been happy for some time now, I have to change. Let me say that again I have to change. I can’t be depending on anyone else to do it for me, I can’t be scared, I just have to do so.

Just decide. Just do. Be happy. To hell with what everyone else thinks, just do YOU.

My whole goal when I started this blog was to create it as an advertising tool however things change, that idea flopped and I just continued blogging. I think the goal now is to still do the same blogging posts I do but include my process with change and help others.

I want to challenge all my readers, do what you love and make the change today!

Every day is a new day. Make the change now I know I am.


*spelling of gruelling and behaviour is different over here in the UK.

Photographs That Changed The World! (Part 2)

I love a good batch of photos. Well, when I say photos I have to tread carefully, what I really mean is photos not of me, those ones suck! I can never get the right smile, the perfect angle. It’s a skill I have yet to acquire. Than god for trusty old Instagram! 

Today’s post is just me really spreading the photos that influence my thoughts and hit home with me, these are pride, pain, suffering all wrapped into one. It’s a bit on the edgy side but I feel you guys should see them. Before I start though I just want to explain a few things; I’ve been rather busy as of late due to work and things like that therefore my posts aren’t going to be as constant as they once were. I remember once being able to churn out a post each day a little while ago and now it’s almost as if I haven’t got the ability to write one anymore. It’s not that I don’t want to post it’s more that I’m un-sure on what to post about. Work’s beginning to take its toll a little so I haven’t been able to focus on this as much therefore my posts won’t be as constant as they once were!

Like I was saying for today’s blog I just wanted to do something similar as a post I did around a week ago. Essentially it’s going to be quick but some of these pictures will last a lifetime. This one’s short and sweet! If you didn’t get to see my first post, here’s a link to it:


The Plight Of Kosovo Refugees – Carol Guzy





Fire On Marlborough Street – Stanley J. Forman



Oklahoma City Bombing – Charles Porter




Reichstag Flag – Yevgeny Khaldei

Le drapeau de la victoire


Assassination Of Japan Socialist Inejiro Asanuma – Yasushi Nagao



Hooded Iraqi Prisoner Comforting His Child – Jean-Marc Bouju



Niagara Falls Frozen – Unknown



Hitler In Paris – National Archives



Afghan Girl – Steve McCurry (This one’s not photo shopped)



The Fall Of Saigon – Hubert Van Es



The Assassination Of John F Kennedy – Unknown



Ground Zero Spirit – Thomas E. Franklin


Challenger Explosion – NASA Tracking Camera



Black Power – Unknown


The Soul Of A Horse – Peter Thomann



That wraps it up for today’s post! Last time I included some context about the picture and the situation around the photo however I just felt today you needed to witness these without any dialogue or witty lines. Some of these are truly phenomenal, they make your spine tingle with fear, joy, pride a huge variety of emotions. It’s funny how one single picture can change the minds of nations. 

Enjoy your day folks!




Paris! Meh.

Well, this one’s tough. It’s the first time I’m really stumped with my writing. You guys are expecting this fairy tale story detailing my adventures; unfortunately you won’t be getting that. For those of you that don’t know I’ve been away for a 5 days, I decided to take some well-deserved time off work and venture out to Paris. You know the stories; love, excitement and happiness, unfortunately I didn’t see any of that. Paris just wasn’t what I expected. Don’t get me wrong I had a good time there but nothing really jumped out at me. I think I put the trip on such a high pedestal it just ended up flaking on me.

For most who have visited Paris you will have a completely different outlook to me however it was very reminiscent to London in my eyes. I’m going to detail how my 5 days went down for you.

Here’s the real truth about my trip to Paris.

My bags were packed, my iPod was charged, and it was time to go. We took a taxi up to our train station and our minds were just elsewhere, I remember thinking ‘god we’re actually going to Paris’ I couldn’t believe it, from booking the tickets a few weeks back it was actually happening and it was all coming together. We spent around 1 hour to get into London and then roughly 20-30 minutes on the tubes getting to the station, it was a nightmare but we wasn’t worried, we had enough time to wait around. It took us about 30 minutes from check in to the checks with the suitcases and all that jazz to get to the waiting lounge. It was really lax there, it wasn’t as stressful as I presumed. I definitely recommend the Eurostar, the service was truly excellent.

After the train arrived into London we boarded up and got into our seats. It’s humongous the train! I couldn’t believe it; my nerves were starting to crawl in now. As we sped off into the hills my eyes dropped and I napped until we arrived at Gare Du Nord. We were there! I was in Paris! After getting off the train we headed straight for a taxi to get into the hotel.

Now, this is where it goes downhill.

We was approached by some guy claiming he was a taxi driver, he didn’t speak much English however I showed him where we needed to go and he said he could take us there. Not being from Paris I didn’t know how long the taxi drive would take and usually you expect a fare  type of system or some sort however this guy quoted a price straight up, €65. Us being idiots, we accepted. In reality the trip took around 10-15 minutes and should have only cost €20 or so euros. Bummer. We just got conned, asshole.

As we get into the hotel the front desk and reception looked very nice and clean, I was thinking we are in for a treat here! I paid up the rest of the hotel charges and we were set. I was room 001, bottom floor and that felt great, no long elevator waits or lugging myself up the stairs. My friend on the other hand was room 407, what a nightmare. It was fine though; we settled up and in, got over the painful attempts to open up our hotel rooms with those pathetic swipe key cards and made ourselves at home. This places was rated 3* I wasn’t expecting luxury but I wanted something half decent.

Instead I received a view of next doors window and a tiny square flat floor with three walls surrounding me. I couldn’t look at a nice clear sky in the mornings or look into the sunset at night. I got walls and a bucket, however I did get to see into next door, I’m a little bit nosy so that was a bonus you could say. Next was the smell, honestly it smelt as if someone left rotten eggs all over the place, it was horrendous. I ended up wasting half a bottle of deodorant to try clearing it out but it didn’t work if anything it made it worse. Now we move onto the bathroom, if you could call it that. That toilet was fine, the sink well was a sink but the shower, the necessity of my trip. I was beyond words. It was so small, I had to stay in one position to shower, if I moved my arm to far I risked breaking it because it was so loose. It wasn’t the best of places to say, we picked the spot because it was close to the Eiffel tower. In hindsight it was a bad move, for the money we paid (€552) I expected something better.

After we showered up we eventually met in the lobby area and decided to venture into the depths of Paris, after finally figuring out the traffic system there, which is beyond words we headed into the big attraction of course, the Eiffel tower. I’ve witnessed it in films, on the internet and on Instagram posts however it’s a sight you really need to see. It’s astounding just how big it really is (a perfect that’s what she said moment) we arrived at night time as well so it was lit up and just looked magnificent. It was surrounded by hundreds if not thousands of people all laying out and just living, it was at that point I realised I should have taken a girl with me!

After our amazement and overwhelming joy we headed off into the city to get some grub, some well-deserved grub as well, I hadn’t eaten since the early hours of the morning. We found this nice little spot around 10 minutes from our hotel and ordered up. I got this fantastic margarita pizza topped off with extra cheese. My stomach loved it! We only had a small fee of €40 to pay as well, it was cheap and cheerful. After gorging on the pizza we headed back into our rooms for the night and hit the hay.

Blue skies and an early start to the day, Paris was ours. We went straight for food I believe, it’s quite hard to remember however I’m pretty sure we went straight to the Eiffel Tower again, we had to witness it and all its beauty. We ventured off deep down all the routes and saw it from so many angles; we must have walked a marathon by the end of the day. I’m pretty sure we just looked around at all the places for that day and just witnessed how daily life works there.

I don’t think we did anything to exciting that night either, the only exciting thing was eating McDonalds! The prices were truly horrendous though, back home I get a cheese burger for 99p over there it was €5 a rip-off! I was hungry though, I didn’t mind paying. We ended up just chilling out in front of the Eiffel tower for the night and then went back to the hotel, we figured out pretty early it wasn’t for us. I think we even debated getting a train home early but we decided to man it out. Don’t worry it gets a little bit better!

So the third day has arrived, what to do now? We really didn’t plan the trip out, it was a more off the cuff sort of thing. I think if we planned each day, where to go and what to see I think it would have been more enjoyable, I guess I’ve learned for next time. After a few hours of wandering once again we decided to visit the Louvre museum but unfortunately for us the line was far too long! We weren’t waiting 3 or 4 hours to get in and then have to leave straight away, it was nice to see that area of Paris though! There was so much to explore around that way, we went up to the smaller ‘town’ like areas, there’s a real sense of community there. We didn’t feel as welcomed. I think they knew we were outsiders due to the clothes we wore. I’m pretty sure we were called American boys a few times.

After exploring the area around the Louvre we headed back, we got to know the routes far too easy! Everything’s within walking distance. We ended up planning what to do for that night and decided on hitting up a shisha/hookah bar. Me and my friend are keen shisha smokers; we ended up grabbing a Maccy D’s and hauling a taxi to the shisha address. The problem was we couldn’t find the damn place! We ended up being dropped off at the location however we couldn’t figure out where it was. There was another shisha bar near to it and we eventually settled up for that spot. We had enough walking from earlier! Anyway, we get in and the place just looks horrid, there was no chilled vibe you get in other shisha spots and it wasn’t a very welcoming place. We got this mint flavour and it just was rubbish! There weren’t any thick clouds or a nice taste, it was getting harsher and harsher by the minute, and we must have left after 20 minutes due to it being so terrible! We walked around the area for a bit longer and eventually decided to go back to the hotel. As you can see we weren’t having as much fun as we hoped for!

Thursday, I’m pretty sure we visited the Arc De Triomphe that day. It was crazy there! The traffic surrounding it is unbelievable, after walking in circles or 10 minutes we finally figured out you need to go underground to get inside! After looking at all the detail and design to it we headed back, to me it just wasn’t as interesting as I thought! Like I said previously, I put the trip on such a high pedestal it just ended up flaking on me!

We walked back to the Louvre place and the line was rather thin, we decided screw it and waited in line. We must have got in within 10 minutes. Man, that place is phenomenal! Honestly it’s hard to put it into words how big it really is! Plus, we got in to the place for free! I believe if you’re a British citizen and 18 or younger you get to go in for free! It was a starting to get better. We arrived there at 15:00 and there just isn’t enough time in the world to explore that place! We walked into what we thought was a small section ended up leading us into another section and then another and then another. The stuff that place holds is so valuable and so rich in history. There are paintings dating back hundreds of years, sculptures that you wouldn’t think of and luxurious items and dining’s rooms built for kings. If you get the chance to visit, do it. Take a whole day out to do so; it’s so easy to get trapped in there!

After that we walked throughout the city and so on, looking at all the high end establishments! I’m talking Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and The Four Seasons Hotel! Man that was a sight. You have to have real money for that spot! I took photos of the cars parked out the front; you had a Bugatti Veyron and those things cost around $1 million I believe, a gold wrapped Lamborghini and a beautiful blue Rolls-Royce. It was true luxury. After seeing that we decided to get back to the hotel and figure out what to do with our final night, of course we decided to hit up another shisha spot!

We found this little place 4* or so, why not? Last night and all. This was true shisha spot, it was so welcoming and calm we knew we were in for a good night! The owner spoke English as well, an extra bonus. To cut to the chase as this blogs a little stretched we ended up ordering two because they were so good! At the time it was fantastic, I eventually regretted that a little while after. Let me explain; after paying up we decided to hit up the Eiffel Tower for the last time, we took a cab to it. Now after two shishas, smoking them for about an hour each, it eventually fucks you up a little. I felt so dizzy, I thought the taxi would calm me down, it made me worse. As soon as we stepped out of the taxi, I vomited ladies and gentleman!

Yes, I vomited. I left my mark in Paris, not a good one either. My stomach must be really weak. I didn’t even drink either; it was the highlight of the trip I think. All the passers-by just staring and making remarks. Fantastic. After finally finishing up and downing a bottle of water we decided to go back to the hotel and sleep it off. Tomorrows train home couldn’t have come sooner!

So our last day, we checked out and finished up with the hotel, and we were off! We had done it all, all that we could think of I guess. We ended up killing a few hours by playing basketball and just relaxing in front of the tower and that was it really. We took our cab took Gare Du Nord and got on the train home. No fairy tale love story to tell, no true excitement or astonishment, just vomit.

It wasn’t what I expected at all! I’m not mad or anything because it was nice to visit a different location however it just felt like London to me. The people I met were a tad arrogant, that’s not in general though most of the French passers-by are rather nice however the few we spoke to just seemed to come across as rude! All in all a decent trip, 5 days was far too long though, for an off the cuff trip it wasn’t too bad. I won’t be back anytime soon though!

The rest they say is history.

A few notable things I wish to point out;

  • The traffic there is unbelievable crazy, it’s like they don’t care at all. Everyone’s in a rush.
  • We enjoyed French cuisine, not just McDonalds.
  • We tried using the French language but most people knew what we were trying to get across anyway.
  • Most shops we saw were for females.

What to do if you’re planning a trip to Paris;

  • Don’t get caught up on the Eiffel tower, there’s so much more!
  • Watch out for the con artists! There really sneaky there.
  • Plan where you want to go and do some proper research.
  • Don’t go for a week! I think 3 or 4 days would have been perfect, we ended up getting bored quite quick.
  • Wear suitable shoes!

There’s so much more but my brains just overloaded, I have to go back to work tomorrow and I’m really not looking forward to it! 

Amsterdam next!

Enjoy your day folks!


My Favourite Paintings And My Interpretations!

I was never a good painter at school, I was more of a ‘doodler’ but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate a good piece of art work when I see it! The history of painting and drawing in particular can date back hundreds and hundreds of years, if not thousands. It’s another medium for us as humans to express ourselves, it isn’t all done through human body language or written words on a page. Lots of people tend to use the art of drawing and painting to create beautiful pieces that delve deep into the artists mind. It’s a shame I can only draw stick men! There are so many variables intertwined with drawing and painting, you’ve got your surface types; paper, concrete, wood canvas, walls pretty much anything you can draw over. Then you’ve got your intensity of the work; is it going to be black, white, include dark shadowing, light shadowing. You get my point. 

I said earlier this art of painting dates back thousands of years, I’ve done some digging and almost pinpointed the date and first painting, The oldest known paintings are roughly 40,000 years old. It’s believed the paintings were by early Neanderthals rather than the modern human. The Chauvet Cave in France is where this art work is displayed, it’s obviously not placed on a beautiful frame or placed behind some luxurious steel works but they are deep on the caves. The paintings represent the first basic form of expression; they show paintings of the nature that surrounded them at the time. From what I can tell I see; Bison’s, Horses, Lions and some form of furry/woolly rhino’s they’re truly astonishing.   

Paintings_from_the_Chauvet_cave_(museum_replica) chauvetchauvetBear  Chauvet4 chauvetbison1

As you can tell these early drawings are just phenomenal, they really give an insight into the nature at the time. It’s these paintings that paved the way for us to learn about the prehistoric human life. I love it. Times moved on swiftly though, painting became more intense, more defined and most importantly more expressive. 

The first piece of work I want to share is my favourite, The Scream painted by Norwegian artist Edvard Munch. Edvard Munch created several versions of The Scream in various media. The first being pastel. The detail that’s gone into this piece is phenomenal. The sheer reaction of the subject just makes you wonder, what’s the scream for? I think it’s the hands around the head that really hit it for me. It really shows an insight into the artists mind, insanity, desperation, hopelessness. 


That one’s the 1895 version, pastel on cardboard. It was actually sold for 120 million dollars. Yes, I’m just as shocked as the painting!


That one’s the 1910 tempera version. It was actually stolen from the Munch Museum in 2004, and recovered later on in 2007. 

The next famous painting I love is of course, the Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci. One of the most recognized paintings in the world. I figured since I’m in Paris this week why not include this famous and beautiful artwork. It was believed to have been painted roughly between 1503 and 1506 however some rumours are Leonardo didn’t finish work until 1517, whether it’s true or not I can’t say but it doesn’t take anything away from this piece of art. I can’t pin point what it is specifically that’s so fantastic about this piece but it’s world famous. I just love the presence it holds around it. It’s an unknown phenomenon  that holds such intricate detail. Take a look for yourself!

Mona_Lisa_detail_background_right l

Just to think about the time and effort put into play for this piece is beyond me! The first picture shows the perfect design in the background, check the bottom right. It’s truly fantastic!

The third and final piece has to be Van Gogh’s Starry Night. How could I not include this one? It’s one the world’s most famous pieces filled with such imagination in between each stroke. Painted in June 1889 it represents the view from his sanatorium window in southern France. It’s a magnificent painting with such deep meaning behind it. Just imagine what was going through Van Gogh’s mind when he decided to paint? 


I just love how each swirl connects with the backdrop. The bright backing just brings life to the image. It just works and blends together. From reading up, what I’ve gathered about the painting is Van Gogh painted this piece in the day time, remembering it from the night before. It’s one of Van Gogh’s best works that’s replicated all over the world. It’s funny, you see the image in offices all over the globe, it’s the perfect painting.

That wraps it up for today guys and gals! What are your favourite paintings? 

Enjoy your day!


Photographs That Changed The World!

Now, I’m no photographer or do I claim to be a photography expert, however some of these photos you’re about to witness are, to put it bluntly, rather harrowing. It’s images and photos like these that really capture the pain and suffering of one human to another. It’s heart-breaking to wonder what goes through a photographers mind when they captured these shots. They’re photo’s that have brought nations together, they show the true meaning to the word suffering and more importantly they’ve really changed my views on a few things. It’s things such as unnecessary waste of food, drink, water. Complaining about work and life that I do almost daily but in reality I have it so easy. These photos are heart-breaking. True eye openers; get your tear tissues ready. 

1.  Execution of a Viet Cong Guerrilla, 1968 – Eddie Adams. This one really captures the brutality of real life, it shows heart, courage, strength but most of all it shows two different spectrums that both connect to each other.  In reality, both men in the picture are fighting for what they believe in yet it’s unfortunate the way it ended. It shouldn’t come down to a human killing off another human, what is to gain from it all? This pictures deep beyond words, two men following orders to a bottomless pit of death. 


2.  Tiananmen Square, 1989 – Jeff Widener. Courage still lives. This image really defines the word courage, it’s really an image of great will power of the human mind and a true strength of the body. One lone man stands right in the face of death, it’s truly powerful. It’s almost as if he’s prepared for what is to come yet he believes in his heart this is the right thing to do and he just goes for it. Breathtaking, 


3.  The Falling Man, 2001 – Richard Drew. I’m seriously speechless with this one, it’s hard to capture this image with words or a description. It’s just something that cuts deep. It’s tough to really imagine what was going through the man’s mind when he decided to take the leap, I really can’t put it into words.


4. The Vulture And The Starving Child, 1994 – Kevin Carter. This photo should’ve never happened. Ever. It sickens me that this poor, innocent child is left lying in hunger, whilst being stalked by the shadow of death. The fact the vulture is waiting there just sends shivers down my spine, this one really gets to you. 


5.  The Burning Monk, 1963 – Malcolm W. Browne. This shows defiance, heart, soul and courage, very similar to the Tiananmen Square photo. It’s a true inspiration to see the rational lengths us humans will go to prove our points, to be true to ourselves. Fantastic photography.


6. The Moon Landing, 1969 – Neil Armstrong. Dare I say one of the world’s greatest achievements?…So far!…This photo really captures the phrase “out of this world” in all seriousness it’s an image that brought a country, a world together. It was a moment that time stopped and everyone rejoiced for a split second, we actually went to the moon. It’s truly fascinating! I wish I could go back in time to hear the news or see the images on live TV. I love everything to do with outer space, one of my favourites!


7.  Nagasaki, 1945 – ? True pain, true destruction of life. Should have never happened. The disgusting thing is, this shit still happens today. Haven’t we learned yet? All this death and loss of life yet we still continue to do it. I’m really beyond words, just take Gaza for an example, it’s horrific. The child that has just lost their life could have been the kid that grows up to be a doctor that one day could have saved your life. It’s un-needed death, brutal acts of humanities foolishness. 


8. Segregated Water Fountains, 1950 – Elliot Erwitt. You can make your own mind up with this. Let me ask you the question, was it really needed? 


9. Napalm Attack, 1973 – Huynh Cong Ut. I can’t find a way to put this one into words for you guys, it’s one you just witness and experience. I’ve tried to write out a few paragraphs for the photo but I really can’t describe how I feel, it’s one you just live with. 


10.  V-J Day in Times Square, 1945 – Alfred Eisenstaedt. Love is in the air! The picture captures the true happiness in life. What more do you want? 


11. Lynching, 1930 – Lawrence Beitler. Why? Just why? Was it worth it? This is an unnecessary waste of life, all because of the colour of someone’s skin as well, it was ridiculous. The problem is racism is still alive, it may not be as serious as lynching yet it still lives. It’s passed from generation to generation, it’s a disease that’s growing and in my eyes, won’t ever be stopped. It’s sickening. This picture really sums up how it was back then, I couldn’t even imagine the thoughts of a young black person at the time, to be scared to walk down certain neighbourhoods to be scared to visit or travel the world, what was it all over? The colour of someone’s skin, truly pathetic.


12. Men At Lunch, 1932 – Charles C Ebbets. Boo!…Good lord that’s scary. I think I’m more afraid for the photographer though! Just look how high they are in comparison to the buildings below! You wouldn’t catch me up there in a million years. The fact there’s no safety gear either makes it all the more terrifying! 

New York Construction Workers Lunching on a Crossbeam

13.  Uganda, Mike Wells. (Couldn’t find a date for this one) This one hits home so much, the amount of food we waste, the times I’ve complained about a meal I didn’t enjoy yet there are still people in this world that cry out for food each and every night. It really changes your perspective on life and being grateful for the things we take for granted. It’s a true shock to see how tiny the child’s arm and hand is, the next time you complain about having to eat a food you don’t like, remember this picture. 


14. Bhopal Disaster, 1984 – Raghu Rai. No real words, truly horrendous. A real tear jerker.


15. Omayra Sanchez, 1985 – Frank Fournier. Look at those eyes, the desperation that’s etched inside really hits your soul. I really need to take a long hard look at my life, the shit I complain about is minuscule compared to what is going on with the world. This picture really puts it into context; death can happen to anyone at any time. It’s such a sad, unnecessary waste of life. 


That wraps this one up. I’m not going to leave a witty line or quote, I just want to leave you with those photos. 

Enjoy your day.


Essential Albums Of Hip Hop.

Nas – Illmatic – April 1994. This is my favourite album of all time, hands down. It’s so raw; Nas details the trials and tribulations of daily life where he’s from. You don’t get the dedication to rhymes anymore, this album is exactly that. Dedication. It’s his personal perspective of life around his way, it’s an album that still turns heads today. You don’t get much lyricism in modern hip hop anymore, of course there are underground tracks and emcees that still put time and effort into creating their music but on a larger scale such as TV, you don’t get that anymore. It’s a timeless masterpiece, I just want to share a few lines and what I call gems from the album; 

  • “It drops deep as it does in my breath/I never sleep, ’cause sleep is the cousin of death/Beyond the walls of intelligence, life is defined/I think of crime when I’m in a New York state of mind”- This line just shows how raw and gritty New York at time was, others view it as this big magical place where anything can happen yet Nas, where he grew up, views it as a dark place defined by its crime. (New York State Of Mind.)
  • “But yo, guess who got shot in the dome-piece?/Jerome’s niece/On her way home from Jones Beach” - Death can strike anyone at any time, this one just shows the realism to walking down the street. An innocent by stander, it’s a dark subject yet that was the reality at the time. (One Love.)
  • “That buck that bought a bottle, could have struck the lotto” - My favourite of the whole album. It really makes you think. That money you’re wasting on alcohol could have made you a millionaire, it’s perfect. (Life’s A Bitch.)

Notorious BIG – Ready To Die – September 1994. Biggie in modern day media is more known for his part in the whole East coast/West coast rivalry. It really shouldn’t be like that, I wasn’t alive at the time however when searching it up and looking into it more it seemed to be the media that ‘hyped’ it up. He really should be recognized for his rhyming skill, very similar to the likes of Big Daddy Kane, B.I.G was intricate with his lyrics. There was this ability B.I.G had for being able to tell stories that paint these vivid pictures in your mind. The album is very similar to Nas’ where Biggie is telling his story of how he’s grew up, where he’s grew up and things he’s had to do to survive. I’ll share a few lines that I thought were fantastic; 

  • “I never thought it could happen, this rapping stuff, I was too used to packing gats and stuff” - Not the most complex rhyme however the emotion and deliverance behind the words are a huge factor as well, Biggie had this laid back way of rhyming that just flowed perfectly. The line really represents how he felt at the time, his mind state was he could never make it as a rapper because he was to used to being caught up in the violence and drugs etc. It’s a line and a song that most young people at the time could look up to. It shows that with hard work you can make it. – ()
  • “Huh, I’m doing rhymes now, fuck the crimes now, come on the ave, I’m real hard to find now”- Very similar to the first, it’s basically just saying he’s quit doing all the bad stuff and sticking to rapping. It’s not that exotic of a rhyme or line however it’s the way it’s said and delivered which makes it fantastic. (Machine Gun Funk.)
  • “I know how it feels to wake up fucked up; pockets broke as hell, another rock to sell. People look at you like you’re the user, selling drugs to all the losers mad Buddha abuser, but they don’t know about the stress-filled day, baby on the way mad bills to pay” - This one really sums up how he was living at the time, what he needed to do to survive, what he needed to do to feed his un born child. It represents the realness in his world, it’s not all fairy’s and sunshine. You have to do what you have to do. It shows how the pressures of life and this demand for needing money can bring you down and really get to you thus causing a stress. (Everyday Struggle.)

It’s really an album that’s made to be listened to, these few lines really don’t do it justice. It’s the way they’re delivered and rhymed to a beat, that’s what makes this album and all these other albums so good. 

Eric B & Rakim – Paid In Full – July 1987. If you’re looking for straight hard core hip hop, look no further. This album is the definition of hip hop, in my eyes anyway. Now Rakim isn’t your average rhymer, he’s got such a complex rhyme structure there’s times when you listen to a track and you just have to pause it because it was so good. He set the bar for lyricism within hip hop. His style and structure made full use of internal rhyming. An example of Rakim using this is in his song: My Melody. Take a look at this.

  • “My unusual stylewill confuse you a while
    If I were water, I’d flow in the Nile
    So many rhymes you won’t have time to go for yours
    Just because of applause I have to pause
    Right after tonight is when I prepare
    To catch another sucker-duck MC out there
    My strategy has to be tragedy, catastrophe
    And after this you’ll call me your majesty”

It just works so well, time and time again Rakim impressed the masses with these complex tangents of rhymes. Perfection. 

Other albums that deserve credit!

  1. Wu-Tang-Clan – Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)
  2. W.A. – Straight Outta Compton
  3. Boogie Down Productions – Criminal Minded
  4. Dre – The Chronic
  5. 2pac – Me Against The World
  6. Common – Resurrection
  7. Jay-Z – The Blueprint
  8. AZ – Doe or Die
  9. Mos Def – Black On Both Sides
  10. A Tribe Called Quest – Midnight Marauders
  11. EPMD – Stricly Business
  12. MF Doom – Operation Doomsday
  13. Public Enemy – It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back
  14. Snoop Dogg – Doggystyle
  15. The Roots – Things Fall Apart
  16. Scarface – The World Is Yours
  17. Run Dmc – Raising Hell
  18. Big Daddy Kane – Long Live The Kane
  19. Slick Rick – The Great Adventures Of Slick Rick
  20. Souls Of Mischief – 93 Til’ Infinity
  21. Gang Starr – Step Into The Arena 
  22. Beastie Boys – Paul’s Boutique
  23. 50 Cent – Get Rich Or Die Trying
  24. Eminem – The Marshall Mathers LP
  25. Big Pun – Capital Punishment 

To lots of you that list isn’t anything special; I know I’ve missed of hundreds of albums that are timeless classics but my brains in overload at the moment. Those were just a few I wanted to dish out to everyone, so if you’re ever stuck for some music check that list out! It’s for everyone! I love hip hop, it’s an art form, a business, a lifestyle. It’s what some live for and what some will even die for. I’ve recently been noticing a change within the hip hop community, there was this stigma that all hip hop is, is; violence, sex and money. To a certain extent there is truth in that statement but what people fail to realize is there’s a hell of a lot more when you dig deeper. The people who claim that’s all hip hop is, are far from the truth. 

Enjoy your day!


The Death Penalty.

Punishment by execution. How do you feel about this? I’m interested on your thoughts and opinions, it’s such a debatable topic that I feel isn’t discussed as much as it should be, I’m pro death penalty but there a few variables that don’t sit right with me, I figured I should state that automatically but I’m going to be giving you some for and against points and in reality what I would like is a conversations to start. No nasty comments, no disrespect to another members opinions but a nice, social interaction. It’s good to get different views on certain topics that are a bit ‘edgy’ it really pushes the boundaries. I’m not fussed if it’s in the comments section or in the form of a blog post, I would just love to see how everyone feels about this!  

Let me start off with a few facts; 

  • There’s no evidence that actually states that capital punishment or more commonly known as the death penalty, has halted crime in any way. From my perspective it won’t ever stop crime, there will always be crime whether we like it or not. There’s this instinct within man and woman to react a certain way to a certain thing. It could stem from all sorts as well, an emotion, receiving bad news, literally anything therefore how we react to that information can deter or set the wheels in motion to crime being committed or not committed. Self-restraint is a huge factor that can decide whether you face jail time or not. It may not be as severe as murder or a death penalty offence but crime’s still a crime. It’s always going to happen. It’s within our human nature to do so. There are times as well when it may not be down to self-control, it could be from an influence, the way you have been raised or even what you’ve seen on television. If you’re surrounded by crime 24/7 when put into a situation where a crime is about to be committed who can you really blame? The person or their upbringing. Sure, self-control is a huge factor but the influence that early childhood has had also is part of the blame, that’s not the case for all but it’s something for consideration. (That was slightly off topic but it’s really just my view on crime; if you’ve been brought up in a certain way, it may influence your future, if you’ve had an easier childhood it’s more about self-control, knowing what’s right from wrong.)
  • Innocent people have been put to death. This is one of the big problems I have with the death penalty. For the most part I agree with it, it’s easy to say ‘if you have taken a life, your life deserves to be taken’ in some ways I agree with that completely, however what if the criminal who committed the murder was under the influence or forced to commit that murder. It’s not an excuse, far from it! But there are variables you really need to look into before sending someone to die. If the evidence is 100% clear then for me, it’s a yes, life for life. If they’ve shown no remorse for the victim or the victim’s family then yes, life for life. What I’m trying to get across is, if you were put into a situation or drugged even, then commit a murder, you would want the police to sort that mess out, not kill you. Obviously you would need to face the consequence to murder however the death penalty shouldn’t be an option for punishment. It’s clearly not as simple as that and I’m really messing this section up. It’s hard to put it into words without it sounding wrong, you know those times when it’s easier to say it rather than type it? That’s this situation; I feel I could argue this point much clearer in a proper face to face debate. In most cases it’s only punishable by death for first degree murder so that point about being under the influence isn’t really relevant as much however what if you were forced to do so? Most people wouldn’t take another life in that situation but what if you really needed to? It’s quite controversial and I do apologise if I offend anyone however I think it needs to be asked, what if you were forced? You would then need to prove you were forced to a court of law, if you can’t you’re then screwed. I’m getting into so many variables of ‘what if’s’ and such but hopefully you’re seeing my point. If you can’t prove that force for murder, what happens next? Man, that point really got out of hand, there were so many probabilities and factors that you can question but I guess what it comes down to really is the evidence. The motives behind it. Hopefully you got my message; innocent people have faced the death penalty when all along it wasn’t them who committed the crime.  
  • The quality of the attorney defending the ‘criminal’ what I mean by that is; some defendants cannot afford the high priced attorneys and more often than not have to have the state provide one for them. In truth, a lot of these attorneys are underpaid and overworked; this isn’t another excuse either however it’s something that you have to take into consideration. If you were on trial for a crime you didn’t commit, how would it feel to have an inexperienced attorney representing you? Everybody needs to start somewhere but in a case where the ‘criminal’ can face death, it’s not really acceptable. When doing some digging I found this statement; ‘In North Carolina, at least 16 death row inmates, including 3 who were executed, were represented by lawyers who have been disbarred or disciplined for unethical or criminal conduct.’ Now I can’t tell you this is 100% accurate and you could call this stirring the pot or just spreading rumours however it’s a statistic that makes you think and makes you want to find out a little bit more.
  • Our society and code of life is controlled by the order of justice, what I mean by that is; if you see someone cheat or do wrong you expect something to happen to them in return, you want justice. It’s very similar to the words ‘you’ll get what’s coming to you’ essentially it’s a deserving punishment to whoever needs it. If you’ve done wrong expect some consequences back. 

Those were just a few facts I had on my mind and I felt they needed to be shared, when writing them out I understand all can be countered or argued. Some may have false facts and they tell you not to read or trust everything on the internet however in some cases you just have to go with your gut and trust it. It’s down to you as a human to decide if it’s in your moral code to accept or reject the death penalty, I won’t judge you for it as it’s your personal opinions and feelings I just ask one, well maybe two things from you in return. 

  1. Respect the views of others, sure I’m in a way pro death penalty but that doesn’t mean that’s the law. Everyone has an opinion and everyone’s entitled to it. Respect that.
  2. Take all information into consideration. Sure, you may be set on either pro or against, like I said that’s fine but if someone’s got something they wish to share then let them. Listen to what they have to say, open your mind a little. I totally understand I’ve just contradicted myself there, shoot. I guess I’m really asking you guys and gals to respect the views of others and keep an open mind, don’t make a snap decision in 2 minutes. Really think about it, then go with however you feel! 

I’m now going to list a few lines explaining; for the death penalty and against the death penalty. 


  1. For some victims’ families it can give them a sense of closure, all the pain and suffering they’ve endured they have that chance to say it’s finally over. 
  2. It can save some costs for feeding, heating, controlling a prisoner. (There have been statements it costs more to send an inmate to death rather than keep them in prison but I can only speculate with the facts and figures on that therefore I won’t be including any information on it.)
  3. It can save lives; the death penalty stops the criminal from getting out and committing a crime again. 
  4. Some people feel it can be used as a deterrent, in my eyes that one’s very debatable. 


  1. Prison is like hell on earth. Why give them the opportunity to escape what they’ve done. Death is the easy way out, that suffering day in and day out is more of a punishment. The criminal has to live with themselves.
  2. It’s not teaching criminals anything, in reality it’s just a solution to a much smaller problem. They should be focusing on other ways to try stop crime happening, like I said previously I don’t think it will ever stop but the death penalty isn’t working. 
  3. No civilian’s job should be to take another humans life.I feel sorry for the person who has to hold out the execution, you don’t know the physical and mental toll that can have on a person. What gives us the right to decide who lives or dies? It’s a form of playing God. 
  4. You can’t take it back. If you’ve sentenced a criminal to die and later on prove he was innocent, you can’t take it back. You have to be 100% certain they’re the culprit for the crimes they have committed.

When I started this I was really for the death penalty, but over the few days and hours of research I’ve put into this, my views have changed slightly. In all honesty I’m still for the death penalty but like I said there are some factors that would work better. These are my views down below, and how I feel. No one else’s, mine. 

  1. You need to be certain the criminal you are convicting is the culprit, even if there’s a slither of doubt it needs to be looked into. 
  2. You then need to decide what’s best for the criminal, death or life imprisonment.
  3. You need to find out of the criminal shows remorse or a chance of rehabilitation. If they’re serious repeat offenders then no, don’t waste the time however if they show remorse or a chance to be rehabilitated why not give them a shot? For a lot of people they will disagree with that and I don’t blame them but how about putting them back into prison, not letting them onto the streets. There’s always that chance for it to happen again. If you can stop them re-offending then why not? You just need to figure out how to stop them re-offending, that’s the key to it all.
  4. It can also depend on the victims’ families. They’re also victims in the tragedy. You need to take into account how they feel.
  5. For those who show no remorse and are likely to commit again then why waste time and money on trying to rehabilitate them, life for life. 
  6. In a way you’re playing God when you decide if someone can live or not, can you live with that decision?
  7. They need to have a fair defendant. Like I said previously, they may be innocent but have a rubbish attorney, it’s not fair. 

This one went much better in my head.

What I really wanted to achieve with this post was to understand how others feel about the death penalty, to try to summarise; we need to look into the process and get a much deeper understanding, every criminal case is different. I’m saying now I can’t decide whether I’m pro death penalty or not. I’m not sure if I could live with myself knowing I sent an innocent man to death for a crime he did not commit. I’m really on the edge now. For certain criminals it’s a yes but each case needs to be treated fairly with absolutely no bias. 

My views have changed over the past few days when researching this, how does everyone else feel? 

Enjoy your day!

Paris On Monday!

The excitement is only just starting to kick in, the nerves are flowing throughout my veins and body and to tell you the truth, I love it. There’s something so strange about stepping into the unknown, it’s like when you have a fear of something you do everything in your power to stop yourself from doing it but once it’s done it seems so silly. The fear disappears. That’s like me and traveling I think, I was scared to just go out and do it, I was scared to be independent and not rely on anyone else but now I’m actually doing it, that fear I had is become a more enjoyable one. 

I know everyone’s probably sick of me banging on about going there, hell I’ve nearly wrote 3 blogs about Paris and I’ve not even been there yet! For me though, it’s a big thing, it may be a big thing for others as well who are in my situation. Obviously there’s going to be a follow up blog once I’m back but this is going to be the second to last one, I promise! 

I hope I haven’t put this trip on a high pedestal and I hope I haven’t over hyped it more than it should be. It’s been so fun to search up all the places I wish to visit, I’ve been exploring through Google maps, man it looks so magical! We get the Eurostar in roughly at 19:00 so I and my friend will go to our hotel rooms straight away and then it’s an adventure from there! 

I will be posting most of next week so there will still be blogs! I worked my ass off this week to write some good material for you guys and gals! 

Off to Paris we go!

Enjoy your day!


Wrinkles Wit & Wisdom!

Cleaning, yuck!…Dust everywhere, my eyes gushing with water after sneezing for the 20th time, clutter all around me and worst of all no end in sight. There’s a good side to cleaning though, I guess you’re thinking, what? There’s a good side? You must be crazy. I am a little, shh! Don’t tell. You get to find a few gems that have been dropped into the cracks of the abyss of the dust layer underneath your bed. You push through those dirty cobwebs armed with your hoover in hand, and then bang, out of nowhere that huge spider dashes across your room to never be found again. You’re living a nightmare, you don’t want to go to sleep for the fear of the horrible eight legged monster stalking you, just waiting to pounce. 

I think I got a bit off topic there. Back to the cleaning. Well, this happened the other day; my mum/mom (for my American readers) was cleaning out her room. She’s got a lot of really cool old stuff, back in the day we would sign our t-shirts before we left school. Not every day of course. I mean on the last day, it was nice to look back at all my school photos and re-live the memories. It’s funny all the people you grew up with, they soon become distant. I’m lucky; I’ve kept the same friends for all my life, that’s quite rare for some! 

Well she found this old book she had; Wrinkles’ Wit & Wisdom. It’s by Rosemarie Jarski Allison and Alison Rattle. Now, seeing as I have the attention span of a goldfish I wasn’t inclined to go anywhere near it at first. Then she told me it wasn’t really a reading ‘reading’ book if that makes sense. In other words I don’t have to sit there trying to get through every chapter. It’s not that I have anything against books it’s I just don’t enjoy them anymore. I think school was a main reason for that, when they force you to read books you don’t enjoy it really sucks the life out of it. What they should do is encourage you to read what you want, obviously there would be some stipulations but it would get more young people to read and obtain further knowledge. I think it’s a better idea than sitting someone down and forcing them to read a book they have no interest in.

In school we had to read this book, Of Mice and Men. I’m pretty sure it’s in most of the UK’s syllabus; I’m not sure about anywhere else. It’s a book we were made to read as we had an exam on it later that year, now for me being forced to read that book really put me off reading in general. Don’t get me wrong there were a few parts where I enjoyed it, so I’m sort of contradicting myself here but it was the way they went about it. Each hour of that lesson was spent just reading and answering questions, it really wasn’t the best use of my time. I think if I had a list of books to pick from and then choose one I would have liked to read I think I would enjoy reading a lot more. There’s more than a few problems with my theory though, the time it would take to mark each paper, making sure people would read the books, and you know where I’m going with this. I just thought having to read a book you really don’t want to read isn’t as important as having a child read a book that they enjoy and encourages to read more. 

Rant over, back to the story. This book Wrinkles Wit and Wisdom. As I was saying it wasn’t a book that requires a lot of reading it’ a masterpiece just filled with fantastic quotes. I would like to share a few with you today. 

  • “Body and mind, like man and wife, do not always agree to die together” – Peter Ouspensky.
  • “As you get older three things happen. The first is your memory goes, and I can’t remember the other two” – Sir Norman Wisdom.
  • “And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years” – Abraham Lincoln.
  • “The more sand that has escaped from the hourglass of our life, the clearer we should see through it” – Anon.
  • “The man who views the world at 50 the same as he did at 20 has wasted 30 years of his life” – Muhammad Ali.
  • “You were born an original. Don’t die a copy” – John Mason.
  • “If we were promised eternal life we would shriek for the promise of death” – A.A. Gardiner 
  • “It is never too late to be what you might have been” – George Eliot.
  • “I don’t have pet peeves, I have whole kennels of irritation” – Whoopi Goldberg.
  • “The surprising thing about young fools is how many survive to become old fools” – Doug Larson.
  • “The days of the digital watch are numbered” – Tom Stoppard.
  • “There’s one good thing about being bald; it’s neat” – Milton Berle.
  • “The problem with beauty is that it’s like being born rich and getting poorer” – Joan Collins.
  • “Don’t take life so seriously. It’s not permanent” – Kathy Holder.
  • “If not now, when?” – Hillel the Elder.
  • “If you rest, you rust” – Helen Hayes.
  • “What a wonderful life I’ve had! How I wish I had realised it sooner” – Colette.
  • “If you wake up in the morning then you’re ahead for the day” – Mace Neufield.
  • “I wanna live till I die: no more, no less” – Eddie Izzard.

And last but not least, my favourite of the bunch!

  • “What a simple thing death is, just as simple as the falling of an autumn leaf” – Vincent Van Gogh.

I’m not sure why that’s my favourite quote but there’s something that’s just real about it. No bull, just telling you straight how it is. I love it. It really captures that death occurs every day and is a similar as the simple things. I guess I may be over looking it here? You get my point though. Those were just a few quotes out of the many thousand that are in there!  

That one wraps this blog post up today! Hopefully you enjoyed a few of those like I did!

Enjoy your day!

What I Hate/Love About The Internet!

The internet’s a god send, am I right? The answer to all my school questions, the escape from boredom and more importantly it’s my little corner of the online word! I love it but there are a few niggles that over time really get to me. I’m pretty sure they get to you as well. This one’s a quick one. Enjoy! 

  1. To view these pages please insert your e-mail address! I just want to get the internet’s diagnosis of my symptoms; I would not like to subscribe to your spam.
  2. A 30 second advert for a 30 second clip, what’s up with that?
  3. Abbreviated words. Just stop, please. 
  4. Damned viruses.
  5. Music that pops out of nowhere. Not cool.
  6. You need flash player to view this website. WHY?
  7. Video needs to buffer, c’mon! Hurry up. Ah, finally. What? It’s only 240p
  8. Slow ass internet connection, I get the luxury of using the internet and we pay for this ‘high speed’ yet it always seems to lag.
  9. Password after password after password.
  10. Online dating websites. That one might be a bit controversial for some, I just don’t get it. 

So, there are the top 10 reasons I hate the internet! Now let’s get to the good stuff, the top 10 things I love about the internet!

  1. I can order food online! I think I would starve otherwise.
  2. Full box set seasons of TV shows. I’m a huge binge watcher; I’m currently on season 2 of Prison Break. I recommend everyone to watch it!
  3. Open news sites where you can view almost anything and everything!
  4. Online banking. There are days when you really don’t want to haul ass down town to get into the bank, it’s so easy online. Be careful though!
  5. Endless humour; gifs, memes, comments, everything!
  6. Online shopping! God send.
  7. Dog photos. I just can’t get enough of them!
  8. Job searching, another outlet rather than going down to each shop handing out CV’s 
  9. Creating this blog in fact! This blog’s gave me a voice, a place to share my opinions. I love it.
  10. Last but not least, killing time! The amount of hours I’ve clocked up on YouTube watching silly videos is phenomenal.  

As I said in my blog yesterday these posts are going to be short. Next weeks are much better, trust me. I guess if I can make one person laugh with these it’s better than nothing, right?

Enjoy your day!


What I Hate About Swimming!

I was in one of those nostalgic moods the other night, boy, that’s not good right? Wrong, I actually found some old notes I made years and years ago, it was about this time I went swimming. Man, I hated swimming and in truth, I still do now. I get how to swim and everything but I just don’t get it. If you understand? It’s an important skill to learn granted, however when you’re stuck in that swimming pool with dirty plasters and hair floating around you, is it really that enjoyable? I wasn’t the most confident at swimming either; it took me ages to learn how to do it properly. I still don’t get that whole floating in the deep water bit either though! I’m in a list mood this week, it’s my week leading up to Paris therefore I’m not going to pound you with serious blogs! I’ve actually all the blogs for that week wrote out and ready to go! They’re pretty serious as well. Back to the swimming, here’s my list. My list of all the things I loathe with swimming and swimming pools!

  1. Hair in the water. You can’t pin point a culprit either. What’s worse though is when it gets into your mouth, it’s making me gag just thinking of it.
  2. Those tight ass shorts you need to wear. Then once you’re in the water they cling to you like a chubby kid with his eyes hot on the chocolate cake. What’s even worse is when you try to get out but they then proceed to fall down and you have your body on show for the whole world to see. Yeah, that didn’t happen to me…
  3. Verruca’s. Man, those things are just disgusting. They make you feel all dirty and just ‘burgh’ you can’t even wear some sandals once you get those. The fear of being ridiculed for having one is even worse as well! Hate those things!
  4. Those swimmers in the lanes that think they’re pro. Just stop, I get it, you can swim don’t rub my nose in it.
  5. My wet towel. That’s not cool. I’ve just got out of a stupendously cold/ luke warm bathing pit and you’re telling me my towel is magically wet! Oh for heaven’s sake, it’s a sensation on the body that just doesn’t sit right.
  6. Water getting in my eyes, just great. I look like Terminator now. You can’t even use the goggles that you’ve purchased because they’re rendered useless, they let all the water in thus leaving you out of pocket and blurred vision.
  7. The fear of drowning, this happened to me once, I’m pretty sure this is the reason I’m not a keen swimmer; it was your classic birthday party. Me and a few friends all at the local swimming pool, they’re all good swimmers. I was around 5//6 at the time and a poor swimmer. There I was in the shallow end, having fun and then they try bringing me out into the deep part. What a silly move. Me being the daring young child, I tried it. Did not go well, I ended up sinking to the bottom and almost drowning, I got myself up in time, no more deep end for me that day. Or ever in fact.
  8. No jumping in. Seriously? Why not? Let me have some fun, please!
  9. When the life guards not looking, jumping in. Doing it wrong and then doing a belly flop. Hey, it’s your fault they told you not to jump in!
  10. That weird ass smell that just lingers around the whole place. I’m pretty sure it’s just the chlorine but you never know, it’s always been an odd place that swimming pool. I guess we’ll never know.

There we have it, 10 reasons I hate swimming! Like I said previously this week’s going to be list type blogs as I’m preparing for Paris next week. Next week’s blogs are all ready to go as well.

Enjoy your day!


Words That Make Me Cringe!

What’s that word that really gets to you? The word that is over used, unnecessary and just sounds horrible! You know the ones I’m on about, it’s these cringe-worthy words that just make your every existence clamp up, your jaw mouth’s a funny ‘O’ and your feet tense together. It’s the words that shouldn’t exist, the ones that make you stop what you’re doing, count to ten to hold back the infuriating anger building inside of you. What makes them all the more worse is when they’re accompanied by bad spelling, yuck! See that may have been on your list ‘yuck’ it’s an odd word. It’s going to be a short list but let’s say it’s going to be interesting, I will give you the reasoning to my choice of a particular word and then you can judge for yourself if it’s going to make your list!

Shall we begin?

  1. Crush – It’s actually painful to write these out! I really have it out for this word; it was used so much when I was younger, especially in my primary school. I think that really stems my dilemma I have with this one. I think because I tend to relate it back to my younger days it comes across as childish, to have a crush on someone just doesn’t fit right. In my eyes, I would say ‘I like that person’ not ‘I have a crush on them’ it just sounds out of place.
  2. Crunk – Excuse me? Crunk, what in the world. It’s a word that has a few meanings, from what I’ve gathered the first being to get excited, happy. It’s like a new word for ‘party’ from what I can tell. To use it in an example “Let’s get crunk” or “we’re getting crunk tonight” it’s so horrendous! I’m certain it’s used in a few mainstream songs as well or was a noted music genre back in 2003/4. The second meaning is it’s a form of dance, you don’t believe me? Look it up on YouTube, it’s…Just look it up!
  3. Fail – One of the most overused words I can think of, it really needs to stop. The amount of times someone’s made an honest mistake and some idiot comes up and shouts ‘fail’ is really just a prick. Remember when fail blog was the big thing as well on YouTube that really promoted the use of the word. It’s an unnecessary and useless word that really gets on my nerves.
  4. Flange – This one sounds way dirtier than it really is. People tend to use it as a dirty word where I’m from, I’m pretty sure they have no real substantial understanding of the meaning however they use it because it sounds ‘cool’ in reality it’s just terrible! This is what it means, ‘A projecting flat rim, collar, or rib on an object, serving for strengthening or attachment or (on a wheel) for maintaining position on a rail’ not something sexual.
  5. Moist – What is moist? This one’s also projected in a rather sexual way yet I really can’t get to grips with it. The word just makes me screw my fingers and fist up, not in a rage either it’s just a word that makes you do that. It can depend on the context it’s used in as well, if it’s to describe something damp such as a bathroom or whatever, sure, it’s fine. When someone sexualises the word, it really sounds horrible. It’s like a mould. A dirty mouldy word.

Those were my top 5! There are plenty others however I didn’t want to overload you with painful memories of this blog post! I do really want to hear your top 5 cringe-worthy words though! Drop a comment if you wish below!

Enjoy your day!


Answerable Or Unanswerable? Philosophical Questions! (Part 2)

“This is my simple religion. There is no need for temples; no need for complicated philosophy. Our own brain, our own heart is our temple; the philosophy is kindness.” – Dalai Lama. That quote really sums it up for me. Just let it sink in. In life we tend to over complicate certain situations, look into the past and make judgments on ourselves when in reality we really don’t need to. From my personal perspective, the quote, to sum it up is saying; Religion needs to be simple, we don’t need multitudes of religions all over the globe. We don’t need to have temples or statues to worship and there’s no need to do what I’m doing, which is over complicating things that don’t need to be over complicated. The Dalai lama’s really saying our mind, brain and body are all of the above. It’s truly fantastic, even though I am contradicting the very quote itself. Hey ho, it’s all fun right?


  1. Is our universe real?
  2. Does God exist? 
  3. What happens after death?
  4. If life is so short, why do we do so many things we don’t like and like so many things we don’t do?
  5. Why are we afraid to make mistakes? 


  1. I have a very strong opinion on this one, there are so many views that the world we see is an illusion, a trickery of the mind, the matrix even, yet I really can’t grasp that concept. If this whole world we can see touch, hear and smell is a ‘fairy tale’ surely we wouldn’t be in existence? We wouldn’t be able to feel what we feel or experience the sights and surroundings we do. We wouldn’t be able to travel into the deep depths of the universe itself, we would just be stuck, in four corners. It’s a ludicrous thought in my eyes; at night just look up into the night sky and that should give you your answer.
  2. A very tough question, it’s one that may offend certain people but frankly it’s just my opinion, it doesn’t mean I’m bashing anyone or their views these are simply what I believe. In short, I don’t believe in God. I have tried to find faith in the past but to no avail, when I read up on certain facts and theories, Science seems to come out on top for me. The first being the process of evolution, there’s clear definitive proof for certain animals and ‘life’ evolving into different forms, it gives me the impression life goes along naturally rather than having a ‘God’ needing to control the situation. The second is answering the question with another question; what or who made God? My head just really can’t get around that. I’m a big believer in the big bang theory therefore I believe everything on this planet has evolved naturally, year after year it’s slowly changing, even to this day. The atmosphere, the universe we are surrounded by is changing, only the process of nature and evolution could change that, not a God. Is it worth worrying over though? Just my views folks!
  3. This one intertwines with the one above really, I guess if I was religious I would believe in going to heaven or hell yet because of my lack of faith I’m really not sure on this one. I just can’t get to grips with there being a spiritual resting place; it’s something that just doesn’t fit right. In all honesty I just feel once you’re dead, that’s it, you can’t come back. I have pondered around the idea of re-living life, re incarnation. That’s such an interesting subject, the gift of life is so magical yet so mysterious, the surrounding of death is more dark and bleak and we tend to stay away from talking about it. I guess there isn’t a need to talk about it though, seeing as we can’t do anything about it. In all honesty this one was a bit silly, we just need to focus on living more than anything, making your time the best it can be.
  4. This one also links back to the one above. There’s these set guidelines to life we’ve created; school, job, marriage, children you know the drill. What scares people is breaking into the unknown and being ridiculed for it. We are naturally scared to break from the norm as we get so dependent on living in routine. You need to accept what you want to do in life and deep down we all know. Even if it’s the most ridiculous thing to me, but to you it’s your dreams. It’s that which scares others off, the fear of being judged by someone like me for doing what they love. That’s when we get stuck in the same job day after day because you’re scared to change. That’s it. Just do something different, it’s your life, no one else’s.
  5. We fear the consequences to those actions. Everyone’s trying to be perfect, trying to be 100% the best they can and there’s nothing wrong with that but time and time again making a mistake has been ridiculed as ‘bad’ therefore we are scared to do it for the fear of not wanting to look bad. This idea of being scared to make a mistake is what halts the ability to step into the unknown as we would rather have it easy than challenge ourselves. 

That just about does it, sorry if anyone has taken any offence I didn’t intend it, promise! Would love to hear some of your answers! This was supposed to be short and sweet, I haven’t had time to put a lot of detail into these, nice light hearted fun to get our brains going!

Enjoy your day!


Answerable or Unanswerable? Philosophical Questions

When I started this I really didn’t know what I was getting into. I Googled philosophical questions and the results are staggering, there are so many about the survival of man, the universe and pretty much everything you can think of. They really get the brain pumping. I’ve handpicked 5 of the best and had a stab at answering them! This ladies and gents is my attempt to answer the unanswerable!


1. What defines good and evil?
2. What is true love?
3. What defines you?
4. Can we have happiness without sadness?
5. What is the meaning of life?


1. I think good and evil is man made, I’m not a religious person therefore I can’t relate good and evil to things such as heaven or hell. I believe there’s this idea revolving around being good means you go to heaven and if you’re bad/evil you got to hell. In my eyes, it’s what us as humans created a long time ago to live by a set of ‘rules’ within life. It’s down to you to define what is good and evil.
2. A bond or connection between two souls. It’s this indescribable desire to feel connected to someone else, it’s the reason you are happy, sad, up, down it’s life itself. If you don’t love what are you doing? Everyone loves something, someone. True love is the bond of two people who are connected spiritually and physically. It’s what you feel when your spirits connect with each other. You can’t define it either, it’s there, existing within each and every one of us.
3. I think people look into the past far too often to define themselves, they like to criticize who they are, what they’ve become and more importantly they overlook who they really are. We like to have an opinion on ourselves through the eyes of how others perceive us but in reality the person that defines you, is you. You create who you are, who you want to be, where you want to be. We enjoy the views of others but that shouldn’t affect your thoughts on who you really are.
4. This one’s answerable. To put it into perspective it’s like asking how can you enjoy the sun without knowing what the rain feels like. You have to experience one to gain the benefits of the other. You have to have one to balance the other out, in a way it’s like good and evil, to have good and experience what ‘good’ feels like you need to know what ‘evil’ is like.
5. The concept of your very existence, why are you alive? Why are you here on this Earth today? There’s no explaining this, ever. It’s fun to debate as there’s no right or wrong to this one. You just need an open mind. There are ideas we were created for religious purposes, so many theories here there and everywhere and everyone gets their own opinion. My opinion is why bother? Just do you, live life and be happy. We are here to enjoy nature, to explore the universe, and to exist. We are minuscule in comparison to everything else within the universe, we are tiny. What is the meaning of life? Whatever you want it to be.

I really enjoyed doing this; it really got my mind going. It was short and sweet. Post your answers if you wish! Or if you want to go against one of my views please do! All are welcome!


*I created this in roughly 30 minutes, the answers aren’t supposed to be super long, it was just a quick idea I wanted to throw out there!

Are You Addicted To The Internet?

Without fail, day in and day out I’m constantly finding myself searching the Internet, page upon page. Whether it is; Facebook, YouTube, Netflix, eBay it’s now wriggled its way into my daily lifestyle and it’s really unhealthy. When I think about the long hours I’ve spent just searching through YouTube watching and giggling like a little girl at ‘the best fail compilations so far’ it really shocks me. My time could be utilized so much better however there’s something about the Internet that draws me in. It’s really the silly stuff that gets to me though, I and I think many others will admit they waste a good amount of time on the social sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Here I am trying to figure out if I’m addicted or not!

What did you do when you woke up this morning? I checked my mobile for any new notifications. Why? It’s this crave we desire to be updated. We like to know what’s going on in the world, we all check our Facebook to see what’s going on with others but is that what our lives has really come to? Where the first thing we do in the morning is find out what’s going on with someone else’s love life. It’s not all bad, I’m not throwing rocks of insults at Facebook as it’s great for organizing events, talking to friends etc but I feel we depend on it far too much and we have created this bubble around it saying post whatever you want when you want. As I write this post I have Facebook open in a separate tab, it’s almost as if I can’t go without keeping it open. It’s rather shocking, I tend to always go back to it as well even if I’ve closed it down. Even when I’m on my mobile I will load it up just to see what’s new but do I really need to? The answer really is no. It’s this addiction to be connected to the world at all times, it’s really un-healthy. I’m an addict.

I guess I’ve bashed Facebook enough there, what about Twitter? I created a Twitter account a goodly while ago however I never really enjoyed the interface or the whole aspect of it yet everyone seems to rave about it 24/7 especially celebrities. Everyone loves a good tweet, but are they always necessary? From my understanding it’s really all about your Starbucks and food that gets everyone gallivanting and raving. People on Twitter really enjoy coffee! In all seriousness though twitter is more of a laugh, you’ll be glad to know I mean it in a good way as well. Take Jimmy Kimmels – Celebrities read mean Tweets. Honestly, these are hilarious. It’s essentially what it says on the tin, Jimmy Kimmel gets celebrities to read out all the harsh and vulgar stuff people post to them, these aren’t un-known celebs either. I will chuck a link at the bottom so you can divulge. I’m not an addict. Wahoo!

Seeing as we are on the topic of social sites, why don’t I just do the big one? YouTube. We have this love hate relationship me and YouTube. One minute we’re happy, we’re sat there watching the dog vine compilation of 2014 (so far), everything’s dandy. Oh, what’s this? An advert, oh YouTube’s the worst now! Tell to you the truth, I spend most of my days on there. It’s my one stop shop for entertainment, music, hell anything you can name really. They’ve really taken over as this mega brand, some of the most interesting stories are compiled on YouTube, and it’s really a fantastic platform for anyone and everyone. Some YouTuber’s, who have worked there socks off, have now became millionaires from it. It’s really a fantastic site I think we all can just really sit back and get lost into, I love YouTube. I’m an addict. 

Netflix, oh you sly dog. I shouldn’t need to describe how I’m addicted to this site, it’s what keeps me entertained when I’m all YouTube’d out. I can chuck a series up and just rip through it all day. It’s the site that will keep me entertained on a Saturday night when not much is going on. In truth even if something’s going on I may be partial to drop a little lie so I can jump into bed and just watch a film. It has this perfect interface that’s so smooth you can’t not get sucked in, okay, I’m over doing it but you get my point. The amount of man hours I’ve spent on Netflix is staggering, I’ve watched all 9 seasons of The Office, twice! Yes, twice! Is this a sing of loneliness? Easy, I’m an addict

The internet is a precious gold and a diabolical weapon at the same time, we can connect to strangers, meet the love of your life, re-kindle with old friends and just escape the daily routine on there. Hell, I planned my holiday to France on the internet; it’s not all bad right. It’s this idea of being addicted to the internet which scares me, the amount of hours I spend on either a laptop, mobile, computer it’s all on the internet. Sure some may be for this blog, which in a way is a positive however most of the time it’s really an unnecessary waste of my time. There’s this compulsive nature within us that wants us to check up on everyone and anyone’s life. I have said to myself I need to do a certain task such as walk the dog or do some housework however I end up on the internet for hours upon end and nothing gets done. I can break away from it don’t get me wrong, it’s just an unhealthy habit that needs to be controlled more.

Some people need internet for work, catching up with friends and more importantly to blog! (I had to sneak that in there somewhere!) Yet when it gets overboard and it’s all you think about, something needs to change! Try challenging yourself for a day or so by not going on the social sites, not going on Netflix but actually doing something productive outside. You may want to meet someone new, travel to a different location, and go to a restaurant. Anything apart from the internet. Just a final touch, if you’re one of those people that take someone to a restaurant however has a lack of communication and constantly checks your phone, it’s ludicrous. Talk to the person next to you who you’re eating with! It’s rude!

Enjoy your day!


Jimmy Kimmels mean tweets video – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hcmz74AaXHs

My Rather Delayed Blog Hop!

Dear lord, is that time? It’s the days, well nights like this when my blog really comes alive. In consideration all those endless hours spent researching a specific topic, the nights I’ve stayed up until 3 in the morning just to get a blog post ready for the next day and finally, the days I’ve neglected my poor dog because I needed to get a post out, it’s finally starting to pay off. I had this ‘hallelujah’ moment; some people actually enjoy my work! It’s fantastic.

I was approached by a fellow blogger named Meg, she’s the one behind this rather awesome blog http://thehalfandhalfblog.com/ she posts some really fantastic stuff! It’s well worth your time to stop by and have a look! Some hilarious posts! A true diamond in the dirt, not that she’s covered in dirt, that one went better in my head.

I guess you want the story? After checking my rather full and bloated email (mainly spam from twitter and my never ending dominos orders/receipts) I noticed a ‘real’ email for once, totally gobsmacked. I opened it up like I was 5 and Christmas day was upon me, to my surprise it was Meg asking if I wanted to participate in this Blog Hop and like the chubby lad at school who has just noticed the double chocolate fudge cake left on the side to cool down, I jumped at the chance and boy oh boy what a chocolate cake this is!

I never thought I would be approached by another blogger because they respected my work, it gives you a feeling of warmth that what you’re doing is worth it. Someone out there enjoys your opinions, it’s better than gold to me. I bet you’re thinking huh? Better than gold? Is he crazy? I damn well just might be, but truth be told I love blogging. It’s a place to voice and vent my ramblings in this crazy world!…You could say these posts are just extended tweets, I think that’s nonsense. In reality it’s my corner of the Internet where my views are spread from one reader to the next. It’s a culture of connected eyes.

After that rather never ending introduction, I’m glad to announce I shall stop rambling and present to you my Blog Hop.

Let’s get down to it folks!

  • What am I working on/writing?

In all honesty, nothing. What, absolutely nothing? Yes, nothing. I’m currently just enjoying writing, if I was to set myself a ‘task’ or a ‘goal’ it would take the enjoyment I’m getting from writing at the moment and the drain the heart and soul from it. It would become a growing hassle (like work) and I would eventually just give up. A little while ago I actually tried writing an E-Book yet my heart and my writing wasn’t prepared for the mammoth goal I set myself. I gave that idea up and just decided to really make my blog posts the best I could, so to answer the question, nothing. It’s really all about my self-improvement at the moment and making sure the readers get the best experience from my blog posts!

  • How does my work/writing differ from others in its genre?

To put it blunt, it doesn’t. I’m one that hasn’t found there niche genre. It’s rather tough to say this is my genre and I’m going to stick with it, I enjoy branching into different areas and aspects of all life therefore if I was to say ‘I’m going to just blog about dogs’ it narrows down my work completely. I mean no disrespect to anyone that owns a blog about dogs solely either, it was just an example. I guess the point I’m really trying to make is my work doesn’t differ in genre as I like to divulge into every genre! This is a lot tougher than I expected, I thought answer a few questions and that’s it. I actually have to use my brain for once, moving on! 

  • Why do I write what I do?

It’s my form of expression. One day I will wake up and say ‘you know what, such and such don’t get enough credit, let me make people aware of their work’ and that’s it for the day, my main goal is on them. Then some days, I may just want to make a list of certain topics or certain things, from what I’ve gathered people like that. I write to express feelings from my heart and the feelings of others who don’t have the opportunity to voice what they feel, hopefully that gibberish made some sense! I write for me and I write for the people without a voice. Cliché?

  • How does my writing process work?

I always give myself a time slot to write, no matter what. Some days I will say to myself “this blog needs to be done in X amount of time” and some days I will spread it out across the afternoon but it shouldn’t take longer than a day. I’m rather OCD with that. It’s a bit of a hindrance to tell the truth, some days it just flows; like a river of words and some days I end up making myself go without eating due to not having a post ready…My poor body. I do gorge on stupendous amounts of Dominos though so I make up for it, but yeah, I just sit there and write until it’s complete. It’s rather tough though because our little sprocker dog wants to play 24/7 so he’s running in and out of our garden and jumping up at me and I’m sat there trying to compile my words together. You could say it isn’t a healthy process as I don’t spend a lot of time on my posts however I always want to achieve a specific amount each week so I have no time to worry about is it good enough, I just post it. I’m focusing on quantity rather than quality and I’m pretty sure it should be the other way round. My style works, but it’s not recommended. Take your time I would say, like this post; I’ve sat here after my 9-5 and just forced myself to write it. I spent 3 stupid hours searching the internet and looking up silly stuff I need not and now I’m facing the consequence to have to stay up late tonight. I’ll keep trying to convince myself it works!

And that’s that folks! I hope you enjoyed that little insight into my world and how my brain functions, to keep this process ‘hopping’ I needed to nominate two fellow bloggers. Now, I do need to apologise here, I’ve broke the rules. I’m sorry. I only have one blogger who wants to participate. Oops. After a week and a bit emailing other bloggers I’ve really had no luck, some haven’t replied and I understand that, they may have busy schedules. In all honesty I just got tired of waiting, I guess I’m impatient. I had this blog penned the second I got the email really, it’s just been sat in my drafted section staring at me. I wasn’t in the mood to keep emailing and asking other bloggers to participate, I just wanted to get it out. One’s better than none, right? Let me introduce the blogger that will be hopping it along for me!


This blog is really outstanding! There are so many posts in each category to choose from, there’s always something to read here! I love Lisa’s writing style as well, all the posts are very well written with perfect punctuation! One thing that really hits it out of the park to me is the layout, honestly there’s nothing better than a blog that’s easy to navigate through! She brings a personality to the blog that is quite rare, it’s nice to read enjoyable posts without having to trudge through the usual generic stuff out there. There’s something for everyone here! You will not be disappointed!

Enjoy your day folks!


*I included something about writing this after a 9-5, I get it’s only 12:00ish but I wrote this one a goodly while ago, I just needed to wait to get other bloggers to participate and do some fine tuning to it.



Why Do We Chase Money?

Money, wealth, fortune, gold. Just a few of the names for this precious necessity we hold so high in our modern day lives. It’s all we think about today, it’s all we think about for the future. We have no life beyond the value of our bank balance; we end up forgetting about living and begin to chase the next pay check, but why? Why are we missing out on our one and only shot on this beautiful planet, to worry about a piece of paper or a computerized number that holds no value yet we kill ourselves for it. Are you really happy with your job right now? Are you enjoying your life? Are you following your passion? Over the last few weeks I’ve had these questions racing through my mind and the truth is no. I bet some of you have the same answer as well.

People are too scared to break from routine for fear of being judged or ridiculed. This fear is what stops you enjoying life and progressing how you want to progress. We like to play it safe and ‘survive’ from pay check to pay check rather than pushing the boundaries and limitations. I can guarantee you the guy sat in the office desk has dreams of being somewhere else, having another career. He’s got stuck doing the same job for year after year because it’s the normality, he ends up being stuck there for another ten years and regrets not changing his situation. That’s not going to be me. Why waste this precious gift of experience of living to sit at an office chair and plug away at work day after day. That’s not living! 

Why haven’t you changed your situation then? Money. That’s all it comes down to plain and simple. You need money to survive in this modern world, but why should you waste years of your life for money that doesn’t matter. Picture this; you’re 50 years old and just completed 20 years of service at the same job you’ve worked day in and day out. A job you’ve disliked year after year. A job that has only benefited you in the small fortune of money each week or each month. Sure, it’s brought you your house, your car and all the fancy materials you own but really besides that what has it brought you. Years of being un-happy, wasted opportunity to do what you want. It’s your life, why waste it working for someone else! Just do you! Be happy, and be true to yourself.

Take the jump, just do it. No, that wasn’t a promotion for Nike!…Money has this huge strain on the human body and it takes such a physical and mental toll on your emotions yet we feel the need to keep chasing it to survive. When it gets to the point where you can’t take the strain and toll of working your ass off, ask yourself why? Is it worth it? Sure you may have bills, a family to feed, a mortgage but the stress and the un-happiness you feel will bring you down. Even the nicest of people have a limit. It eventually gets to you.

Personally, all my life I wanted money that was the one thing I was driven by. Pure greed and money. It was this drive and passion I had that’s messed me up, I’ve worked constantly for pretty much a solid two years and it’s finally caught up to me. I look back now and think about all the opportunities I’ve missed; to go out to clubs, to travel, to just enjoy life. It’s time to branch out. I get what you’re thinking, you’re only 18 you’re still young. True, however if I don’t change now I never will!

For some people chasing money may be your whole success, for some it works. To me, the real wealth is being happy and being financially stable. If I can get paid to be happy, all is well. There are the times, like now, where I’m in a job I don’t enjoy. That’s part of life but it is down to me to change that, in reality my life isn’t bad. Some people will say I’m complaining about nothing and in short they’re really true. My life is easy, if I were to compare my house, the clothes on my back the food I eat to somewhere, where they have less opportunity it puts it in perspective. It doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be allowed to have an opinion on life. Sure, my life isn’t hard but when you aren’t feeling happy and it feels as if you’re being dragged down who tells you, you can’t complain? My situation is less serious, granted however I can guarantee there are plenty others in the same boat as me.

As I said previously I get some people may have bills and all that other jazz to pay, I get that, but 30 years down the line don’t you want to be happy? Don’t you want experiences of life to be your wealth, don’t you want to tell your kids you enjoyed your experience on this planet, rather than struggling year after year?

It’s time to be true to myself, I’ve decided I’m going to follow my passion. Music, more specifically; Hip-Hop. I haven’t got a ‘career’ choice in that sector but I adore everything Hip-Hop, it makes me feel so happy, I have a huge passion for it. I ask myself “what’s the worst that can happen?”  I’m not chasing money anymore that was a huge mistake. I’m chasing money through a job that brings me down however I would rather chase a passion and enjoy life than waste years worrying about my financial status. Even if I didn’t make as much money, I would still be happy. That’s what it comes down to.

I guess that’s just my youthful view on the world, when I’m older I may have a completely different opinion, it’s just how my brain perceives living. When I’m old I want to tell my children to follow where their heart tells them rather than to lead an un-happy existence with nothing to show for it!

How do you feel about all this? 

Enjoy your day!


Paris, Here I Come!

It’s all falling into place, after a few months of not enjoying my job and feeling rather crappy I finally took the leap, me and my friend have booked our tickets and we’re off! I feel so much happier already, it’s almost as if this pressure of everyday life has lifted itself from me. I’m going from Monday to Friday (18th until the 22nd) and I really can’t wait. I have 8 more days of solid working then I’m saying screw work for 2 weeks! Yeah I booked a little extra holiday, I think I deserve it!

It was rather tough getting the wheels in motion though, why is booking a hotel so hard? There are thousands upon thousands of sites each leading me into another realm of the internet. We eventually got our hotel sorted out, we weren’t too fussed about whether it was a good or bad hotel, it was more for the location. We eventually settled for a little hotel called Saphir Grenelle. The hotel is situated a rough 15 minute walk from the Eiffel Tower, it was a no brainer. I’m splitting the cost with my friend so the price isn’t that bad, it’s roughly £220 each. The tough bit is going to be getting there!

We’re travelling via Eurostar, not cheap at all. (£199) Flying is definitely a cheaper option but we just had our minds set on the Eurostar so there was no point changing it. We get into Gare du nord roughly around 18:00 and then we have to make our way to the hotel which is a bit of a trek. We’ve decided to get a taxi there but the cost is the only thing that’s unknown. The drive from the station is around 25 minutes therefore we’re expecting the price to be quite high, but screw it, it’s Paris! 

In terms of spending money I’m going to just take my credit card and around €300 I don’t intend to spend that much, but it’s there just in case. One of the big things I’m really looking forward to is understanding the culture out there and how it differentiates to the UK. We’ve decided to go clubbing as well, my brother has said that it can get quite costly out there but who cares about money when you have memories more precious than currency.  

Oh did I forget to mention the attractions, of course we’re going there to sight see as well! There’s so much history running throughout France, it’s going to be a shock to the system to see how the world works out there. How everyone’s day to day runs. It’s going to be a change from my 9-5. It’s my first holiday. 18 years on this planet and I’ve finally decided to do something with my life, it’s baby steps now but these baby steps are the stepping stones to my future. 

I still have a little while until we actually go away but I’m starting to get things prepared now. I’ve already thought about the clothes and shoes I will take. I’m a huge shoe freak! I’ve brought a pair just for this trip, I like my feet to look good. Is that me just being a bit insecure?…I really can’t wait for this adventure, the first to be crossed off my bucket list! I remember my very first blog posts about my bucket list; Paris was the first. I put something in there about wanting to visit late June or July, I’m a month or so off, who’s going to judge?

If you have any suggestions on where to visit, any tips or you just want to make a comment please do! 

Enjoy your day folks! 


Why My Life Is Like The Walking Dead!

No, I’m not a flesh eating brain dead zombie. Oh no, it’s much worse than that. As a side note I think it’s fair to say I don’t carry around a huge set of guns, looking to take people’s heads off either. Clear? Good. In reality, what I’m trying to say is, I’m really just like a zombie. My skins a little bit better than a zombie I like to think, I do like to moisturize. I’m guessing as a zombie that isn’t your main priority; however it’s what’s on the inside. Apart from the flesh, brains and eyes of course, it’s what you feel when you’re alive. To cut to the chase, I’m feeling rather zombie-ish because I don’t feel anything on the inside anymore. There’s a lust that has just flew off, I’m now a walking talking zombie. 

You can look at zombies from the show and compare them to reality in a few different ways, number one as them being new obstacles. The zombies can really represent a challenge in life. So you could really say, when you go around killing these imaginary zombies you’re essentially killing the challenges and obstacles that have presented themselves to you. This is all a bit fairy tale and fantasy. The second is like what I mentioned earlier, where zombies can actually represent your life and where it’s going blah, blah, blah you get where I’m going with that one? The final one is zombies are the people who are holding you back such as the second item I explained. To simplify, I could be a zombie to one of my friends as I tend to complain about work a lot and I don’t see progression there however for him he could see me as a zombie because I’m going nowhere an I’m holding him back. Also I’m not a very fast runner either, not sure if that makes it worse.

Rick and his trusty gang. In truth, everyone has a gang like Ricks. It’s really just your companions. Granted, we don’t go around massacring everyone or anything we see in sight but as group of friends do we go on adventures, we explore the wilderness and after a few messy nights we may end up in a prison being chased down by ‘The Governor.’

Ah yes the Governor. He’s the evil in this world, all things you love to hate. He’s what stands in the way of your enjoyment in life. For some ‘The Governor’ can present himself in many ways; he could be your fear to explore different avenues, he could be a shitty boss you hate and he could be the reason why you aren’t living. The Governor just wants his piece of the pie but unfortunately he’s got greedy and he wants to take yours as well, your mission in life is to conquer his quest for your pie and overcome his ambitious attempts. 

The last piece of the puzzle is the dangers we are presented in this world. The TV show is filled with depth and character, mainly guts and gore is what you see but deep down there’s a real hidden gem behind the show. It shows the development of characters that can be translated back into reality as the development of you. You know when people use the phrase ‘I’ve seen some bad stuff man.’ It’s that which defines who you are today. To put it in short, killing zombies and all the guts, gore and horror you go through is what makes you the person standing here today. When I relate this into my world what I really mean is; all the ups and downs I or you may have faced create the person I or you are today. Just without the head splatters and the knife wounds.

That about wraps this one up today. Try not to get eaten by a zombie!

Enjoy your day!


The Daily Gripes! Episode…?

I very rarely post on Sundays, I think this is a miracle, however I have been slacking for the past few weeks, you guys and gals deserve better! After my dog finally fell asleep, I had this hour window to crack this post and another out. I had to get up super early to do this, I have work in a little while, yikes! As you can tell it’s going to be rather short however it’s better than nothing, right?

My voice is rather hoarse after constantly repeating ‘fetch’ and ‘sit’ to my dog and boy oh boy he’s a menace. It had me thinking of a few gripes I have with him and I figured I hadn’t posted a blog about my gripes in a little while, perfect for a quick Sunday blog!

Let’s get down to it!

  1. The fact I’ve purchased multiple books that I haven’t read and are now currently being used as coasters. 
  2. Checking your bank balance after a silly spending spree.
  3. People that ignore you. 
  4. Writing a rather detailed post that you think is the bomb, to then accidentally press a button and it deletes itself. I have unfortunately done this numerous times and to put it bluntly, I have been rather annoyed.
  5. Fly’s in the summer! Darn things get on my nerves.
  6. My phone bill coming out when my bank balance is low.
  7. Not getting your change at a restaurant. No, you’re giving me my change! You may think that’s stingy or rude however if the service and food is terrible, why should I tip?
  8. Spam emails. Not cool!
  9. Those wasps that have a hit out on you, you know the ones. They just won’t stop coming at you until you cower inside the house for a good 10 minutes, yes I’m wimpy.
  10. News that is not needed. Oh, that celeb broke up with that celeb, dear lord I wonder how I will sleep at night.
  11. Smudged glasses. 
  12. Dirty utensils at a restaurant. I mean c’mon, sort it out!
  13. A drafty door or window. That high pitched whine can keep me up for hours.
  14. An early start, I hate that 9-5 grind.
  15. Dog hairs on my clothes! I love my dog but man, those hairs get everywhere!
  16. Shoes that rub. I had to purchase some new work shoes the other day and they destroyed my ankles.
  17. That cold rush from the shower in the morning! 
  18. A flat can of Coke!
  19. Working Sundays, just yuck.
  20. Wondering if I’m good enough. I know I shouldn’t however I tend to always contemplate ‘is this good enough?’ 
  21. A smelly bin.
  22. A smelly person. Is that mean?
  23. Clothes dumped across my floor. Yeah, I’m lazy.
  24. Dog owners not picking up their pets droppings. Just pick that shit up. Pun intended.
  25. Not having a balanced diet. Some days I can go through a 9-5 on a bacon sandwich in the morning and then I will come in and gorge away on white chocolate biscuits. My stomachs odd.

That wraps it up for today folks! If you have any you wish to share, please feel free to do so!

Enjoy your day!


*I’m currently posting this on my lunch break at work, I did get up super early to write this one but I didn’t have enough time to get it out for the morning!

Retail, I’m Still Suffering!

Yesterday really just took the biscuit for me, I put in a really solid 8 hours of work. Constantly repeating myself to a variety of customers, dealing with their problems and taking their frustrations on the chin. It just ends up getting to you, well to me. I guess you could counter my frustrations by saying ‘that’s my job and that’s what you’re paid to do’ I totally get that. It’s days like those that just get to you, shitty customer after shitty customer. They were constantly moaning at me about factors that I couldn’t control, it’s getting hotter and hotter over here and we have this shortage of fans, now I get where you’re coming from, it’s hot, you want a fan. The demand has been so high though therefore we sell out fairly quick. This is what happens;

“I’m very sorry, were unfortunately out of stock of that item. Would you like me to help find an alternative or find out when it’s coming back into stock?”

“No, I want that fan, can you make it quick as well. I’m in a rush.”

“I understand you would like that fan however as I said before, we’re unfortunately out of stock of that item. I totally get where you are coming from, it’s been rather hot as of late and of course you need a fan but unfortunately we don’t have any of that one in stock, I can find out when we are going to get some back in if you like or I can find you an alternative?”

“No, I want that fan now! God it’s not hard is it.” 

“Yes, I understand you would like that fan but we don’t have it in stock at the moment.”

“Well, why? That’s not very good is it? You’re doing my head in, is there anyone else that can serve me?”

*All the other staff members were busy, dang.

“Unfortunately my other colleagues are busy.” (You’re stuck with me, bitch.)

“Well, you’ve just lost yourself a sale; I’ll take my business elsewhere.”

*She storms out cussing under her breath.

(Bye bye)

This is where I really want to tell her to go fuck herself, but we have to keep a ‘cool head’ with the customers. Her tone was rather aggressive and truth be told my tone was getting more aggressive. I just had it, she was rather inconsiderate. Now don’t get me wrong, as I said I do understand where she’s coming from. She wanted a specific item and she couldn’t get it. It’s annoying, but as I explained to her multiple times she still wouldn’t get the message. This was just one example of the many rude customers I faced all day. It makes me wonder “is it worth it?” After I add up all the time spent repeating myself to customers day in and day out, doing the other tasks no one likes to do and worst of all, get a low pay check at the end of the month I can’t help but ask “do I deserve better?” and the answer is yes. Why should I be un-happy? 

I want a career, a life. Somewhere that I can walk into with my head held high and actually enjoy. That’s not how the world works though. I have to suck it up and get on. I work in retail, I’m not suffering an illness, but that doesn’t mean I can’t vent my feelings every now and then. You can’t be nice all the time. It will eat you up if you are, I know it’s rather nasty yet that’s how it works. I’m nice, polite and friendly to every customer that walks through that door even the moody ones, yes that’s my job and that’s what I’m getting paid for I get that, but at certain times you just get worn down and frustrated to the point where all you want to do is jump ship. This feeling will disappear in a few days and I’ll be back to doing the ‘same shit different day’ but I just needed to get this one off my chest. 

The world keeps changing and it keeps on spinning. The only way my world will change is if I change. As I said before, it’s not a huge deal, it’s not like I’m suffering or I’m homeless. Something along those extreme lines but this blog post was my way of venting my frustrations with retail. It’s really just a super long tweet.

If anyone works in retail, you know what I mean. If you’ve had any bad experiences please feel free to share! Or if you just want to add your thoughts, please do so!

Enjoy your day folks!


Weird And Wacky Slang!

I love the English language, it’s a rather elegant and divine combination of words that’s spoken across most of the globe. What’s even better is the ‘break-off’ language we have decided to create, I’m talking about our English slang. 

Now I see slang as a distant cousin to the English language, it’s words that have meaning in a sector of a generation, they use words that have substance between them however have no real meaning in the English language, I’m hoping that made some sense. I’ll try to simplify it a tad, slang is an extension to the English dictionary yet isn’t considered formal enough to be considered a ‘real’ word but they do have substance in the urban culture and vary from generation to generation but are passed down between families. I hope that’s cleared it up a bit. It’s a wide variety of words as well; some funny, some rude and some just down right disgusting. So sit back with a nice hot cup of tea and a few scones (I live in the UK and I’m still not sure how to pronounce that one) and enjoy, as I bring to you the dirty depths of our English slang!…

  1. Dogs bollocks – Another word for awesome. (Rather strange, right?) 
  2. Chew the fat – To chat. (Excuse me?)
  3. Cracking – Brilliant/wonderful. (What’s cracking?…oh you mean that cracking.)
  4. Cream crackered – Tired, also rhymes with knackered. (These are getting rather ludicrous.)
  5. Mint – Awesome. (Could you say, those mints are mint?)
  6. Mare – A bad situation or a female. (I had a terrible nightmare, it was a mare. I think it works like that or you could call a female a silly mare!)
  7. Mincer – A homosexual male. 
  8. Balmy – Insane or crazy. (He’s gone balmy; yes people actually use that, madness.)
  9. Bees and honey – Money. 
  10. Buggered – Worn out or broken. (Did you bugger up my so and so?)
  11. Dingbat – Idiot. (What an absolute dingbat. Not my favourite.)
  12. Totty – A female. (I really don’t understand this one, I hear it all the time though.)
  13. Pikey – A gypsy or traveller.
  14. Mug – Idiot. 
  15. Tiddly – Rather drunk. (Most would think this means to go to the loo, oh no. It’s what makes you go to the loo)
  16. Solid – Tough. (Self-explanatory.)
  17. Tough titty – Hard luck. (You have to have a little chuckle to yourself.)
  18. Donkeys years – A long time. 
  19. Butchers hook – To have a look. (From cockney rhyme and slang, Google it.)
  20. Knees up – To go to a party. (This is what happens after the party?)
  21. Minted – A rich person. (Also known as the royal mint yet we see it as a person who is minted, someone who has a lot of money.)
  22. Porkies – To tell a lie. (I can’t help but think of the three little pigs for this one.)
  23. Up the duff – A pregnant lady. (You tell me.)
  24. On the piss – Going out to get drunk. (What!)
  25. Legless – To be rather drunk. (If we took this one without its slang meaning, that would be a bad night.)

If you’re from the UK reading this, it may have a different meaning where you reside however these are the interpretations from where I’m from. These were only a small handful as well, times have changed now, most of these are still used but the modern slang we have today is rather horrible. I’ll give you a few examples however they aren’t as exciting as the ones above. They really are quite dull;

  1. Butters – An ugly female. (Isn’t butter smooth and sweet?)
  2. Bare – Lots of. (How? Just how?)
  3. Swear down – I promise. (It really sounds disgusting, especially in certain accents.)
  4. Steaming – To get rather drunk. (Words can’t comprehend.)
  5. Hench – Huge, large. (I kind of get this one but it just sounds dirty.)

As you can see they aren’t as attractive or humorous as the phrase ‘dogs bollocks’ but they’re the more common ones in our modern day lives. I have quite a few readers from over the globe and less from the UK so it would be lovely to see some slang you have where you’re from! It’s all good fun!

Have a ‘cracking’ day! Earn some ‘bees and honey’




The Relationship Between Poetry And Music!

This one’s a tough one, on one hand you have poetry; a lovers art that serenades the wings of love and can take you into gut wrenching travels deep down in the dark depths of despair and on the other hand, you have this intense tangent of full blown music; the jazz, the full Monty let’s say.

I’m only messing with you guys, it’s not all going to be that descriptive! When I planned to write this it was rather straight forward, you know in my brain I planned out the structure, certain lines and sections however now I’m actually down to the ‘nitty-gritty’ of it, it’s proving to be rather tough. There’s this connection between the two medias yet it’s a tangled line that I’m trying to un-web for you. So stay with me on this one, it’s going to be rather interesting! 

First we must define the two media’s in what Google and people all over the world perceive them to be;

Music – “vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion.”

Poetry – “literary work in which the expression of feelings and ideas is given intensity by the use of distinctive style and rhythm; poems collectively or as a genre of literature.”

There’s this saying I’ve found hanging around the Internet, “A poem can be sung but a song cannot be a poem.” (Is it me or does that sentence just seem badly written? It seems rather choppy, you could say this one was as well though, darn) To some extent the saying is true, I couldn’t turn up to a poetry evening and recite the words to ‘Michael Jackson’s – Beat It’ even though it would be hilarious…or could I?…In reality it all depends on what you’re trying to achieve, if I was trying to make people aware to say a certain situation I could rock up to a show and recite ‘John Lennon’s – Imagine’ it’s a great song but the lyrics behind it have a meaning that John Lennon wanted to get across therefore it is very similar to what a poem or poet may wish to achieve yet we still class them as different things however both include the same message, it’s odd.

We like to think of them being two different variables and to some they are. To me it’s an expression, like it says in both definitions. It’s this expression that is matched between both genres; the only difference is music has more variables of expression whereas poetry (in my eyes) only has a few. I’ll give you an example; with music I could express each and every emotion but I can do this via the form of lyrics, creating a rhythm, the tone of that rhythm but with poetry it seems you can only change the tone of your voice or the way you intertwine your words. Poetry seems to be very limited to how you get that message across.

In terms of writing there are a few differences, with music you have the different genres; Pop, Hip-Hop, Mainstream…you get where I’m going with this and with poetry you also have different genres so to speak; free verses, sonnets, riddles, haiku’s. So to try connecting the two we must get deeper into both cultures and the process of writing for one of these sub genres.

A poet has to do the same, if not more than a lyricist. They have to craft their words into a sculpted piece of work that the listener or reader can feel, a poem has to make you feel something, it has to have soul and life as there’s no back beat to hold up the strength such as with music whereas a song is doing the same yet in a very different format. A song makes you want to feel the same emotions yet you have to accomplish this by a variety of methods whether it’s down to rhythm or sound, something that stays the same though is the lyrics or words you write down, you need to have a strong meaning in both. Obviously if it’s a party song or somewhat then no, it’s different however a song with meaning needs to have the same focus and energy as a poem would. I may be going slightly off track here but take John Legends song ‘All of me’ for an example; the power in that track is just immense and it has this clear message behind it, but what makes it that more perfect? The back beat. Now, strip away that back beat and what do you have? In my eyes, a perfectly crafted poem. 

There are a few differences between the two though.

A poem can be structurally complex and still connect with a reader however a lyric to a song is created to be heard by a listener and can’t be too complex. Both need to do the same; they need to capture a listener’s imagination it just needs to be done by different formats. The problem with writing lyrics is you have a set amount of room to fit what you want whereas with poetry you get almost infinite space to scribble down what you wish. A few differences yet to me they both have the same meaning, they’re both an art form not to be taken lightly. One just gets overshadowed by the other. To try make it a bit clearer, poetry can be adapted into lyrics/music and music can be adapted into poetry. Both are one the same scales yet they are far apart, however modify those scales and they can, just maybe rejoice into one. I hope that clears it up a bit.

I feel there is something magic about poetry, it’s a true art form that unfortunately in modern day is overshadowed by the social aspect of ‘music’ in my eyes and I do repeat my eyes poetry is a form of music it’s like a distant cousin. Both have these similarities between them yet one gets more attention than the other, but why? Music can make me cry; it could be because of the roar of a back beat or the emotion put into the song but so can poetry. The guy or gal stood on stage pouring their heart out because they want to be heard is astonishing, it takes guts and courage yet it’s overshadowed and cast away.  

I think poetry needs to be appreciated far more than it really is, it can take as much time to create as music does yet because it doesn’t have this blazing sound to back the writer up it gets over looked. There’s no social dimension for poetry, it’s almost non-existent in this adult world, for some anyway. It really needs more appreciation.

I know I went off track multiple times and I didn’t really delve into the relationship between the two but I hope it may have opened up your minds to explore some poetry, it’s got all the same feelings expressed in music and is a much calmer and relaxed mood to the high volume of music out today.

“Poetry is an echo, asking a shadow to dance.” – Carl Sandburg. 

Enjoy your day folks!




First Dates

Don’t you just hate being lonely? I know I do, now I’m not one for these dating websites or apps such as Tinder however it has come to my attention I’ve never actually been on a date. Yes, 18 and never been on a damn date, it’s ridiculous!…I’m missing out on all the fun, the awkward first moments, the ambience of the evening and maybe, just maybe a little sexual tension. Exciting! I feel I should be wined and dined yet I’ve always pondered, where would I go on a first date? There’s this cliché of taking someone to the cinema but for me that just doesn’t cut it, in reality you don’t actually talk to the person you’ve gone out with, you end up sitting there for two or so hours in utter silence, you haven’t made any connection with the person opposite you. Sure you may have enjoyed the film and even got a few giggles yet for a date it just doesn’t have that ‘oomph’ so to speak. It’s a bit boring.

So where would you go? What’s fun? Where’s the perfect place? Let’s try finding out!

All these ideas are clearly from an outsiders perspective, this isn’t proven or tested!…

1. Bowling, how fantastic is that? Everyone loves bowling, it’s fun there’s energy and there’s a chance to interact. There’s always something going on around you as well so if the conversations going stale or the date isn’t going as you planned there should be something around to help give you a talking point. It’s a bit more interesting than sitting in a restaurant or a stuffy cinema. You can also joke about those rancid shoes you have to wear!

2. Brunch, okay you may think I’m contradicting myself with what I said about going out to a restaurant however going for brunch is completely different, it’s less serious than going out for dinner. When you go out at night you have to go out all dressed up, get everything perfect whereas with brunch it’s a much more relaxed and a calmer vibe, you don’t need to worry about much. 

3. Going on a walk, for me this one only seems okay maybe after the first date. In all honesty there’s something romantic about a long walk however for some, doing it on the first date it may come off to strong or it may come off a tad boring, as I said previously this is all from my outside perspective of it so it may be completely wrong there isn’t really a right answer. There are quite a few variables; it can depend on the person, location and so much more. I just feel going on a long walk for a first date might scare someone off with your intentions. I’m not completely knocking it though, there are a few benefits to it; it costs nothing, you get a chance to really get to know the person and it gives you a quiet space to be with each other.

4. Take a day trip out, especially somewhere you have never been before. There’s nothing more fun than an adventure, finding out new locations in a world you’ve never visited before. How many have you who live in a huge city really taken the time out to see the main attractions that a tourist would see? We get so caught up living this routine we actually forget the world we live in. It’s a cool little quirky idea that may lead you onto different trails and it’s something the both of you can really enjoy!

5. Trying something new, a tad like the one above except instead of travelling to somewhere, try something new such as a different food. It can be rather fun getting to know each other and gives you a huge conversation piece. Even if the foods terrible it can set you up to try a different spot for the next date. 

These were just a few suggestions that popped into my head. I want to repeat this is all from my outside perspective of dating and I haven’t actually tried these! It’s just a few ideas I wanted to share, it may be a better idea than playing it safe and doing the cliché date, you want to be remembered right? Do something different! It can also depend on the person you want to take out as well, don’t take my word as the gospel! 

So who’s taking me on a date then?

Only joking folks!…Enjoy your day!


Subliminal & Hidden Messages!

Have you ever been tempted to make a purchase because of what you have seen on the television or what you have seen on a commercial? Have you ever had a sudden trail of thought go from one extreme to the other for no apparent reason? And finally, have you ever had a feeling of ‘hypnosis’ suddenly arise when watching TV? This ladies and gentleman is the most creative thing I think I’ve learned about, I’m talking about the use of subliminal messages! You could call this evil, you can call it smart yet in truth it’s a brilliant way to get your message across to millions upon millions of people without actually telling them…I’m hoping that made some sense!

It’s this art of targeting the subconscious section of your mind/brain and having the ability to take a hold of it, no not like aliens folks but actually being able to project a different thought into your sub consciousness, it’s this power to change someone’s perception on a certain topic and to persuade them if you like, to actually harness their ability to think for themselves and change it as you wish. It’s rather devilish! Just to think all those shoe boxes piled up in my room could be down to subliminal messaging! In all honesty though, some of the stuff I have found is quite scary, there’s this odd sexual presence around Disney films that is quite common, it’s odd what they’ve tried to project to the youth but in reality it may be accidental, you can be your own judge for that one.

Before I get into giving examples I wish to point out some of these pictures aren’t mine! I have found them on different websites, I will try to link back to where I’ve found them, enjoy!

Are you ready for your childhood to be ruined? 

1. The Lion King! This one’s a perfect example of the sexual references in the old Disney films, I’m not too sure if this one you’ll be able to un-see! 


As you can see it’s a fairly normal poster however what you’ve failed to realize is the half-naked female standing right in the middle, don’t believe me? Check this one out!


It’s not the most crude or shocking photo however it just shows something a tad odd, it’s more than likely just the design of the poster however it makes you think a little, right? I attempted to re-create the photo on Paint yet I didn’t have the patience or a steady wrist therefore I got the photo off of fugly.com I’ll admit I’ve never used their website but it seems like interesting.

2. Now this is where it starts getting odd, someone actually found a naked woman, it’s quite shocking, especially in a Disney film. I’m not sure if anyone is familiar with the film ‘The Rescuers’ when this was released in 1977 an editor at the time must have put this rather cheeky photo in.


Can you see the topless woman at the window? Now I know it looks fake however in 1999 Disney owned up to their mistake and re-released the film without the topless woman, it’s quite a funny scene however that split second looking at that female may have had an impulse on some people yet in reality it was more than likely just a joke.

The last one, well the last odd one is in the film ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit’ and this is the scary one. I don’t mean scary as in ‘ahhhh’ either yet it’s truly shocking. From what I’ve gathered it appears Jessica Rabbit in one scene is actually flashing. Yes flashing. 


As you can see, for a kids film and I repeat kids film, it looks rather menacing. I’ll let you be the judge for that one. There’s a couple more that didn’t make my cut, some were rather dirty so to speak. If you actually Google something like ‘subliminal messages in Disney films’ a few that I’m talking about will come up. You will be shocked. 

Now we move onto the hidden messages, something a tad lighter to read!

3. Fed-Ex, now this one’s not really a message, well it is but it’s not, you’ll see in a moment. Now these few coming up are my favourites, they’re not crude however they’re little messages that we miss almost each and every day, it’s nice fun light entertainment. See if you can spot this one, it’s quite well known so you’ll probably get it but for the ones who haven’t, enjoy!


 Did you get it?

There’s actually an arrow between the E and the X. Who would have thought that hey? You won’t be able to not recognize it now. It’s a quirky little feature in the logo, now it’s not going to change your mind or thoughts yet it’s one that was quite nice to point out!

Another like Fed-Ex is Amazon, there’s actually a pretty nifty design in their logo where they’ve actually placed an arrow from A to Z, it’s not huge or major however its quite a cool idea to help represent their brand. Take a look for yourself!

a to z

Another quirky one is the Tour De France logo, I bet you’re stumped with this one. I guess you’re wondering what’s hidden in the logo, well it’s actually a little cyclist. This one’s my favourite! Hell all of them are my favourite!


Have a little look at the ‘R’ in ‘tour’ it may take a while and for others it may come quicker, there’s actually a little cyclist almost bent over looking as if they’re riding uphill somewhere, it’s quite hard to point out but if you can’t find it, Google it! 

Now onto the final one, as I said previously these weren’t really subliminal messages they were really just hidden gems let’s say, I think this one’s fantastic. It’s the Lion Bird logo and it really is what it says on the tin a lion bird but it’s just a really nifty design I felt I needed to share! 


How awesome’s that? I should write something here about ‘is it a bird, is it a plane’ however I couldn’t come up with anything! Rubbish!  

Well that about wraps this one up really, less of subliminal messages and more of hidden logos in this blog, I do apologise for that but they were pretty awesome though! If you want to see more just Google ‘Hidden messages in logos’ the stuff that comes up is really creative and beyond my imagination! 

Enjoy your day!



Why I Love London!

London is beyond words for me, honestly. It’s a place filled with a rich texture of history coursing throughout the city; you have the big city slickers who go day in day out and then you have the daily strugglers deep in Camden market, I was astonished by this lifestyle. It’s a completely different world out there. As I said previously I’m situated in a rather small town so I very rarely get to see this side of England but the trip down completely changed me, it’s changed my perspective on the world I see today.

London’s a vast yet majestic city, filled with tourist hotspots and wonderful sites. If truth be told it isn’t all that sunshine and glitter though, a few times in the day I actually witnessed in broad daylight someone actually dealing drugs! It was a hell of a shock to me, I couldn’t believe it. It’s their life though, that’s how it works down there I guess.

We started the day at the train station, it cost me roughly £19 odd pounds to get in which in reality isn’t that much that was for an all-day pass as well. What that is, is a pass which lets you travel all over London without having to pay again, it’s really essential. The amount of times we made mistakes getting on and off tubes was out of this world, it was an experience though. Our first stop was in Camden market, boy that was a shock. It’s a maze of shops and market stalls selling a huge variety of products, on one stand you have someone trying to sell you their paintings and their art and the stand right next to it is a guy trying to sell you some clothing. It’s a range of everything and anything, I’m pretty sure the ‘authentic’ and ‘genuine’ items such as Ray-Bans and Louis Vuitton belts they try to sell you are knock offs, it’s such a hectic place filled with madness and I guess childlike excitement you could say as you’re never too sure what’s around the corner.


After Camden we decided to make our way down to Westminster, this has all the big attractions; Big Ben, The London Eye all that jazz! Man, this was a trek we spent roughly 30-40 minutes trying to actually locate where the place was, the tubes are rather confusing at times. In the end we had to ask a few people to actually give us a definitive answer. At one point we were just hopping from tube to tube, it was an adventure. The tubes at first can be quite scary, they wiz from place to place at what feels likes ridiculous speeds however its only around 30-50mph. Back to Westminster, now this was an experience. It has such a buzz to it, there’s over 1000’s of people on the street at one time all queuing and looking at the attractions. It’s such a tourist hotspot due to it being the central area of London therefore that’s why it pours in the thousands of people at one time.


We was greeted at the station with the beautiful sight of Big Ben, Instagram here we come!…It’s a piece of history that looks over the whole city, watching the city folks back and helping them keep track of time. Obviously that was an over exaggeration but it felt nice saying it, everyone tends to use their phones now. Anyway, after the excitement of Big Ben we decided to wander on, what caught our eyes next? The London Eye, now this one was fantastic an experience I recommend fully! As we got up to the front gates we noticed the line was rather long, no surprise right yet to the side of the standard line there was this fast track area. We go over to the guy asking him to explain what the deal is with fast track and basically it’s a ticket that gets you on far quicker than your standard one! Considering the wait for the standard one was going to be well over an hour we purchased a fast track ticket, it cost £29.50 but man it was worth it. We queued up and within 15 minutes we were at the front of the line. It was happening we were actually going on the London Eye!


What I didn’t realise about the Eye is it doesn’t stop, to get on you have to be quick as it’s constantly moving. Not fast but it’s got a little bit of speed. So at the front of the line you have to dash aboard and as you do it sort of swipes your body almost as if you were being pushed to the right, hopefully that makes some sense. It isn’t bad of course yet it’s an odd sensation. As we make our way up and up the sights just get better and better, I took a few photos but they didn’t come out as good as I hoped however it was an experience I won’t be forgetting, for a very long time! We finished searching the rest of Westminster, looking at the rest of the sights, the people and more importantly finding a place to get some food as we hadn’t eaten for a goodly 4-5 hours! We eventually decided we wanted to finish off the day in Piccadilly Circus and visit the famous Planet Hollywood!



Now Piccadilly is hands down one of the busiest places I’ve visited, it was crazy. It’s probably because of the huge billboard situated right near the centre, I’m not sure which one was first New York one or London’s however they are both rather similar. Anyway after getting past the majority of people we found ourselves at Planet Hollywood! Dinner. We was greeted at the front by a nice lady and she explained there was a rough 30 minute wait, we wasn’t to fussed by that, it was a place to eat, we were starving! We sat at the bar for a little while and then our names were called, we eventually got a seat and was greeted by another nice lady who took our drink orders. We read the menu and it was a little pricey in all honesty yet it was a day out there was no point being ‘stingy’ we needed to make the most of it. I ordered a portion of fries and a double cheeseburger topped with bacon. It took around 10-15 minutes for our food to come (there was four of us) so it was good timing and man, what a burger! It was tough to eat it all but good lord it was fantastic! It cost around £14.50 (rough estimate) so much better than McDonalds.


After dinner that was it, we packed up and left for home. A fantastic day out.

*I did forget to mention our trip to Covent Garden however I didn’t feel it was that exciting, in all honesty it didn’t seem like there was that much there, it’s a nice clean little place yet it wasn’t filled with anything that grabbed our attention. That could be because we are young however it didn’t have that ‘oomph’ so to speak.

To top the day off tried a cigar whilst enjoying the view! Don’t do cigars they’re horrible folks!


Enjoy your day!


Nostalgic Movies I Watched As A Kid!

Yeah, the whole not going back to nostalgia thing didn’t happen, it wasn’t going to last very long when it’s such a fun topic!…You folks are just going to have to deal with it! This whole blog today’s going to revolve around the films I used to watch growing up and boy there was a few. I remember the times when my mum would chuck an old video tape into the VHS player and plonk me down on the sofa, it gave me hours of enjoyment and I’m pretty sure it gave her hours of peace. I don’t miss the old VHS’s though, far from it; huge, clunky pieces of machinery that got on my nerves! DVD’s are so much simpler. As I sit here listing my favourite movies I watched as a child I begin to wonder if anyone across the pond has watched the same as me? As I live in the UK we tend to get different films yet I loved the Disney ones as a child so it shall be nice to see if we shared similarities! Shall we get down to it?…I think so!

1. Home Alone. This one just smells of Christmas time with the family, it’s a film we would always watch over the Christmas period.
2. The Lion King. Everyone knows this one, I hope!…It’s been a goodly while since I’ve watched this film, I think I need to go find it again! In my personal opinion it’s one of the best animated Disney films I’ve watched.
3. Jumanji. I think quite possibly one of the best magical and adventurous childhood films I’ve seen, do you agree?
4. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. This one was around way before me yet it doesn’t mean I didn’t grow to love it. I think this film really captures my child like brain and feelings, I love a bit of chocolate!
5. Tarzan. Released in 1999 I just caught this one in time to make that 90’s list, I remember the old beat VHS I had, it was fantastic. I remember days out climbing trees wanting to be like Tarzan!
6. The Sandlot. I remember catching this one on TV, I caught it roughly half way through I think and the one thing that really sticks out in my mind is the big ass dog in the film, it really freaked me out as a kid but other than that it was a great film.
7. Hercules. I can’t really think about that much to say about this one, just a classic Disney film.
8. Toy Story. I think this one really sums up my childhood, I loved toys and they made a film about toys coming to life, my wildest adventurous were based off this film. Then they made the toys from the film, it was awesome!
9. Ghostbusters. Who you gonna call? In all seriousness this film was a little scary when I was young, I re-watched it a few years ago and I really can’t see what the fuss was all about!
10. Jurassic Park. Who doesn’t love this one? A fantastic fantasy!

Okay so that was my list of 10, in all honesty (I say that way too much) I can’t think of much to say for the others so I’ve decided to just list them! Yeah, I’m lazy!

11. The Iron Giant.
12. Space Jam.
13. Matilda.
14. Casper.
15. Rush Hour.
16. Godzilla.
17. Mrs Doubtfire.
18. Free Willy.
19. The Might Ducks.
20. Ace Ventura.
21. A Bugs Life.
22. Beethoven.
23. Antz.
24. The Flintstones.
25. George of the Jungle.
26. Stuart Little.
27. Small Soldiers.
28. 101 Dalmatians.
29. A Goofy Movie.
30. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie.

Thank god for the good old IMDB!…I completely forgot about most of these, it brings it back. I’ve missed off a good few however I just wanted to share a few I grew up with, if you had any favourite films you watched as a child please share, I would love to hear them!

Enjoy your day folks!


What’s Your Motivation?

As I lay here, drained from a long day’s work I actually find myself dreading the thought of being back there tomorrow. Something just doesn’t seem right anymore, I lack a certain lust or enthusiasm for that place now. I find myself having to persuade myself to get out of bed just to get up there. It’s a job that I’ve found myself needing a motivation for, it shouldn’t be like that though. It’s crazy when you think about all the work you put in, all the hours you spend there and for what? A sub-par salary, no career prospects and a feeling of dread and disappointment. That’s not living. I honestly don’t understand how some people can live their lives working 9-5 all day every day for 30 plus years. It’s this case of being in a routine that haunts me, I don’t want to be that one person that’s looking back when I’m 60 and understand that I live a life full of regrets, that’s not going to be me.


One thing I respect more than anything in the world is the person who hauls there ass out of bed in the morning, gets there shit together, go to a job they’ve been stuck at for years and repeat it time and time again just to make ends meet. It’s that motivation and will power to survive that keeps you going, you need to just push through the boundaries you’ve set for yourself and really work through the troubled times, whether it be for survival or for self-accomplishment nothing gets my respect more than someone taking care of their family by working a job they dislike. The toll it takes on a person can at times just feel devastating almost as if someone’s crushing your spirits and dreams. A tad morbid I know, yet I feel it needs to be said.

What is it that gets me and you out of bed each and every morning, tired, groggy and stressed? Is it next month’s rent being due? Is it that pair of shoes you’ve wanted for so long? Or is it for future endeavours? Whatever it is that motivates you enough to struggle through each week, breaking down the suffering you feel you better make sure it’s worth it! What’s stopping me from just quitting right at this very second? Nothing, yet it’s this fear of stepping into the unknown we dislike so much, we tend to live a routine life where motivation to change that perception of fear is halted and eventually we just do it because it’s the norm.

I’m slowly but surely starting to change, I dislike the situation I’m in at the moment therefore I need to change that. I need to quit this routine I’ve found myself in and begin to broaden my horizons. I need to motivate myself to change, to change for the better otherwise my fear of being 60 and leading the same life I did at 30 will become a reality.

I need to be motivated.

Now for me I take motivation in various forms; YouTube videos, success stories, reading but most importantly I love a good quote. It’s quotes that people have said that are in scribbled in history, these aren’t just any old quotes either, oh no. These ones make you want to better yourself, they make you sit back and think about the situation you have found yourself in but most importantly they get you off your ass. So, here’s my top quotes that have really helped me break through certain barriers in the past and will hopefully continue to do so in the future!

1. Nothing in the world is more common than unsuccessful people with talent – Anonymous.

2. If you are not willing to risk the usual you will have to settle for the ordinary – Jim Rohn.

3. The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones that do – Anonymous.

4. There are two types of people who will tell you that you cannot make a difference in this world: those who are afraid to try and those who are afraid you will succeed – Ray Goforth.

5. Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day-in and day-out – Robert Collier.

6. Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone – Pablo Picasso.

7. All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them – Walt Disney.

8. All progress takes place outside the comfort zone – Michael John Bobak.

9. You may only succeed if you desire succeeding; you may only fail if you do not mind failing – Philippos.

10. I find that when you have a real interest in life and a curious life, that sleep is not the most important thing – Martha Stewart.

I’m not one hundred percent these quotes are word for word yet hopefully you understand the main point they are trying to get across. Motivation is the biggest factor I’m missing at the moment, I think if I get myself motivated I will be able to achieve anything I wish. It’s finding the desire to do something you love, take the shot and not be afraid to miss.

Leave a comment on how you stay motivated throughout the day or if you just have a comment you wish to make, all are welcome!

Enjoy your day! Stay motivated!


Featured image found on http://www.funchap.com/motivational-quotes/

Superstitious Saturday!

I very rarely post blogs on Saturdays and Sundays mainly due to the high level of work I need to get through however today, you’re in for a treat! In my blog yesterday there was a part where I explained about me smashing a mirror and then carrying around this superstition of 7 years bad luck. It seems silly however there was always something in the back of my mind that made me think ‘what if’ it’s totally a ludicrous idea yet I catch myself every now and then doing silly things in my day to day routine to halt these superstitions that have found there way into my subconsciousness. A perfect example is this silly horseshoe we keep above our shed, it’s been placed there for good luck but what is it that makes us think this can actually work? It’s funny looking back, but there’s this whole mystery and devilish idea surrounding superstition, it’s like toying with fate.

After sitting back and going through all the superstitions I can remember, I decided I wish to share a few favourites I have gathered over the years, from friends and family I bring you my top superstitious superstitions.

• Friday the 13th, I’ve really never understood this one but I always have an excuse if something goes wrong on that day! I did a bit of digging but I couldn’t find a definitive reason as to why this dates so mythical, the odd thing is everyone around the world knows of this superstition, crazy right?

• The trusty four leafed clover, I spent hours in the back garden searching my ass off for one of these. After endless time spent on dirt and soil I gave up, well I cheated; I ripped one section from a three leafed clover and stuck them all together. Yeah, I was lazy.

• “Touch wood” I mean seriously, who came up with this stuff? It is supposedly based around the myth good spirits live in the roots of trees therefore when you touch or knock on wood it should awaken those good spirits and bless you with fortune. Does this mean I can knock on paper?

• Opening an umbrella indoors, I’m actually scared by this one and to be honest I’m not really sure why! If you do find yourself opening an umbrella indoors you will be given the unfortunate pain of bad luck being rained down upon you, a huge bummer! Then once you have the back luck you actually have to go out into rain, the day just gets worse from there.

• Fingers crossed for good luck, c’mon everyone’s done this one! I think I did it the other week in fact. I’ve known about that one since I was a kid, the superstitions are really quite odd, don’t you think? It’s funny how they’re in our everday lives yet we rarely stop to think and notice them.

A quick list of the common ones!

• Find a penny and pick it then all day you’ll have good luck!
• Not walking under a ladder.
• Crossing a black cats path.
• 13 Being an unlucky number!
• If the groom looks at the bride in her wedding dress before the actual wedding!
• Stepping on a crack whilst walking down the pathway.
• Keeping a rabbits foot will bring you good luck!
• If your palm itches you will come into money, I feel an itch coming in now!
• Wishing a wish whilst you blow out your birthday candles
• Last but not least, cracking a mirror gives you 7 years bad luck!

I know this one was brief but I hope it was short and sweet! If you’ve picked up any on your way I would love to hear them or any experiences with superstitions you may have had in the past! All comments welcome!

Be careful out there, enjoy your day!


What I Did As A Child In My Garden!

Yeah, I’m back with the nostalgia theme. Don’t hate!…The sun is beaming down today, why waste it indoors? I’m currently sat in the back garden writing this post, sipping an ice cold coke and living it up. Only joking, my dog has just gone for a wee on my foot, yuck. It’s funny as he runs around frantically enjoying himself I sit back and reminisce about all the time I spent in this garden, it was my own little playground I guess, it was where I became a demon child for my mother. What I have decided to do is compile a list, all the activities I would do in my garden, take a look you’ll be surprised how similar we may have been!…

• Used a microscope to burn grass and unfortunately ants, those poor ants.
• Rolled in a ton of dirt.
• Making my mum mad because I was rolling in the dirt.
• Rolling in the dirt again.
• Enjoyed nature, I used to love seeing spiders, caterpillars, ladybugs you name it. Present day is a different matter, creepy crawlies really creep me out!
• Run until I couldn’t breathe and then fall over.
• Doing cartwheels! I’m ashamed that I can’t do these anymore. Blame the fast food takeaways for that
• I miss doing the ‘roley-poley’
• My swimming pool! We had these two inflatable toys, this shark and a whale. At the time they were humongous, now thinking back they’re tiny!
• Ruined my mums plants.
• My bumpy and lumpy ‘slip-n-slide’ boy oh boy that hurt when you slipped down.
• I tried planting a seed of some sort once, I’m actually pretty sure it’s still there.
• Falling out of our tree house, grazed my knee pretty bad. Sucks!
• I smashed a mirror out there once actually, could that be why I’m failing so much? Only joking, yet that 7 year superstition does make you think!
• Camping out in the back! It was rather uncomfortable as it was a hot night, it was like I was in an oven!
• Spending years on the trampoline out back.
• Doing handstands. Yeah I can’t do these anymore, same as the cartwheels, blame the fast food!
• Burning marshmallows on bonfire night!
• Watching snails, is that sad?
• Not worrying about anything, just playing. Just having fun.

So these were just a few of the lighter things I did in the back garden, did you do the same? Leave a comment below if you wish to add any at all!

Enjoy your day!


Updating My CV, I’m Job Hunting!

No, I didn’t tell my boss to stick it where the sun doesn’t shine. I didn’t get fired in a blaze of glory. In short I just really want a new job. I’m tired, down and out with the one I have now and now is better than ever to find a new one, it’s tough though, real tough.


Cup of tea, check.
Motivation, check.
Microsoft Word, check.
A new job, erm well…

I’m updating my current CV, and good lord this ones beginning to get tougher by the minute. I re-read my other one I wrote a few years ago and boy oh boy it was shocking! Under hobbies I put meeting new friends, if you have that on your CV I apologise, but to me it just seems ‘child-like’ if that makes sense? It doesn’t sound as professional as I thought it did when I was younger! It’s hard to list the things I’m actually good at as well, I always hated taking compliments however deep down I do secretly like them. It’s hard to enjoy those compliments and share them with the world because of this nuisance of not actually enjoying them. That’s all over the place, I shall break it down; I like compliments deep down however never show it on the outside, so when it comes to talking about what I’m good at and telling others it’s quite hard. Hopefully that’s cleared that mess up!

Why am I doing this then? Simple, I’m sick of my current job now. I’ve been there two years now and theres no real career prospects. I’ve never had this ‘dream’ job that everyone cracks on about, I’m the person that just knuckles down and gets on with it. I feel the interview process is much more important than the actual CV, sure you could be fantastic on paper but you may rock up to the interview and have no social skills, this doesn’t mean the CV isn’t important though! Theres this stigma surrounding it that makes it more than it should be, your ability to do the job you’re going for should me more important than telling someone what grades you’ve achieved in say speaking French. That’s just how I feel.

Writing the actual CV. Why’s it so hard to find a template of some sort? All I want is something with a bit of structure with an actual example yet I can’t find anything!

There’s so many possibilities to creating a good CV; text layout, font choice, structure of sub sections, god theres so many factors that go into it! Why is it so hard to just tell someone I can do that job!…I’ve been sat here for a goodly while (2 hours) going over certain sections of the CV, deleting stuff and re-typing, all I need is a new job. When I look back, not going to college seems like a really bad idea. Sure I got work straight away however now I’m looking to move into different sectors, under the ‘grades’ section it just doesn’t seem that good. My work experience section is mildly average aswell seeing as I’ve only had one real job. I’ve been able to progress into certain sections of that job however it just doesn’t look professional, I’m 18 with only 2 years experience in retail, no college grades either. Fuck.

I remember first time around job searching, man that was worse! I had no work experience or anything, the place I work at now I had to apply over three times before they got back to me. Why? It was more than likely because of my lack of experience and my average grades however my consistency I guess over shadowed my CV and showed I was willing to get a job, it showed I was dedicated. What worries me is, I’m going to get stuck in this routine once again. It will be a goodly while before I find a new job and I’m prepared for that but I hope I don’t lose my motivation for it. I tend to pick things up and then just put them down. I’m not talking about an actual item such as food either (that gets scoffed down) I’m talking about ‘things’ in my life. In all honesty this blog is the only thing I’ve really stuck to.

I’ve spent countless hours plowing through these job sites, everything is so niche though! I really just want a change and I’ve been wanting it for a while but I’ve never got off my ass to do it. Hell, my first ever blog post was ‘why I hated retail’ so you can see it’s been going on for a while. I feel like my life’s wasting away at the moment and I’m just dragging along down this endless road. It needs to change, I need to change, I’m not in this bad mood of being depressed but it’s just a reality I need to face. I really wanted to check those trips off my bucket list but I never got around to it, I need a ‘life experience’ rather than living in this same shit different day mentality.

If you’ve ever been stuck in a job and wanted to move positions or just want to make a comment please do, it’s more than welcomed!

Enjoy your day folks!


The Art Of Persuasion

Have you ever brought the insurance on an electrical item you really shouldn’t have? Did anyone ever have to do a set challenge or task before getting a reward? Have you ever goaded someone to do something for you in the past? Well this ladies and gentlemen is the art of persuasion. You may not notice it at the time but there are many factors to getting someone to do something for you. It’s a topic I want to talk about because this happens in our everyday life yet we take no notice towards it. If people were more aware it creates a better understanding on how certain ‘things’ work.


1. The most common tale hanging around persuasion is that it’s a manipulation of some kind. It’s really not, to put it in words; manipulation is the art of getting someone to do something by the act of force sometimes against their own will. In short you’re forcing someone to do something that won’t benefit them whereas persuasion is getting someone to do something that’s in their best interest (most of the time) and will also benefit you. Sure you get the odd salesman trying to con you, the other day I brought some insurance on a pair of headphones I didn’t need it but the way he came across and his whole ‘persona’ was what persuaded me, in reality I didn’t need it. From his perspective I guess it benefits me as he’s helping me insure my item and in a way it benefits him as he may or may not have received commission from it, it can go both ways.

2. You actually need to be committed to persuade someone. You can’t go at it half hearted. People can always see through it, a common example is when you go shopping and you’re at the checkout the cashier more often than not asks “how’s your day?” when in reality they don’t care, obviously you get some that do but more often than not they don’t. Believe me I work in retail, it’s a filler for the transaction and gives you a talking point…back to the subject at hand! As I was saying you have to be interested, everyone can be persuaded but you need to focus on the person you’re trying to persuade. If you consistently talk to people about that person you’ll capture their attention immediately. It’s like if you hear someone talking about you, you stop what it is you’re doing to be a little nosy. It’s like that with persuasion, if someone’s talking about you or talking to you about you, you’re going to be captivated and listen.

Touching back on the whole being interested and committed thing, a common trick is compliments. When you compliment people sincerely they often feel indebted to do it back to you, how many times have you said something nice to someone and then they automatically do it back? It’s this art of being indebted to someone else to make them feel as if they owe you a favour, so when you ask them to do something (persuading them to do something) they often feel as if they need to help you because they ‘owe’ you. Hopefully that makes sense!

3. Be confident! Like many things in life confidence is key, you don’t just suddenly gain confidence overnight either. You need to consistently work on it. Confidence is an attractive trait in a person, I learned that years ago. I used to approach certain situations such as meeting new people with 0 confidence and it just didn’t work. We wouldn’t gel, however when you meet a person with confidence oozing from yourself in and around your bones it becomes like a bonding experience. If you really believe in what you do and you speak in a clear and confident manner you will always be able to persuade others into doing what you wish, it sounds like manipulation however it’s different, believe me!

4. It’s not just being confident, body language plays a huge part as well. You have to have an open personality, you can’t just stand there with your arms crossed and slouched over. You need to be open, arms unfolded and your body actually facing the other person. The person who sold the insurance to me had this on their checklist; they kept a good strong eye contact with me and wasn’t jumping or fidgeting around. Add that to his confidence and his excellent service I felt I needed to make a snap decision and because he was nice to me, I grabbed it up, it was like he was helping me. I guess I fell for it.

Another form of body language is mirroring, essentially you just mirror what the person in front of you is doing. So to put it in example if you were leaning on your right arm, I would notice, then after a couple seconds do exactly the same. The problem is trying not to make it obvious however if you’ve built up rapport with that person or are having a good time with them this act of mirroring should begin to flow naturally.

So the next time you need a favour off someone think back to what I’ve explained and give them a try or alternatively if someone’s asking a favour from you, step back and look at the situation!

Do me a favour, enjoy your day! ;)

Only joking, you’ll do better than that!


*favour and favor, same as my other blogs it’s spelled differently in the UK! & the photo I used isn’t mine I found it on here http://iliyanastareva.com/

Nostalgic Items Found In My Room!

Nostalgia, yeah we get it! I know you must have had enough by now!…I’ve been sticking with this whole nostalgia and reminiscent ‘theme’ for a little while now and you will be glad to hear this is going to be the last post on it! Stick with me on this one, I have saved the best until last!

That fringe though. Barney, the best.

spring 1998

So the inspiration for this blog really was down to my rather messy room!…I was doing some spring cleaning you could say (which is a first for me) I was just really trying to get my bedroom a bit more cleaner and presentable, not that I’m going to be holding meetings in there! I just wanted it less dusty, whilst cleaning under my bed, my filthy nuclear site of a bed, I stumbled upon my old school books.

I spent years of my life writing endless notes, equations, mathematics and quite naughty doodles inside those pages. I pulled all the ones I could find and flipped the bed back up, sat back and flicked through them. God those were the days, I remember looking at the front page with all the teachers names, and it brings it all back. I was rather shocked in all honesty at the hand writing more than anything, I couldn’t believe how terrible it was! I must have thought to myself this was really good handwriting at the time yet in reality my teachers would probably strongly disagree. I even struggled reading through it and it was MY handwriting!

So after sitting through and reading my ‘works’ so to speak, I started to explore a bit more…I found lots of my old stuff hidden away, tucked and crammed inside drawers and stuff that was just lobbed under there. It was a huge surprise to see some of the things I once cherished. So I really want this blog to be just me showing you readers, some of the old stuff I grew up with. Even if you don’t like it, it gives you an excuse to be nosy, everyone likes to be nosy and don’t try convince me otherwise!

I want to see if others get involved as well!

Hopefully after reading through, it inspires you to dig through your old stuff and share with the world some of the items you grew up with!…I think this is a pretty fun idea that everyone can jump in on (is that a little cocky?) it would be nice to just see all the different toys and stuff everyone once grew up with.

A little taster.


The problem I faced though was I threw a lot of stuff out a little while back so I only hold my most treasured items! Some are nifty and some hold more sentimental values instead, with each photo I shall leave a little description of how I gathered the particular item and what it means to me! Like I said if you want GET INVOLVED! Let’s get started…

The Tech!

1. My first phones.


All the embarrassing texts, the phone calls with girls and terrible videos are held on these two phones. I did have the old school Nokia with Snake however that got lost down the road. The one on the left unfortunately wouldn’t start up, I searched endlessly for the charger however had no luck. I had the phone for a good 3-5 years, I wasn’t really a ‘tech’ person back then so having the latest phone didn’t really bother me. Now, that green monster on the right was and still is my all-time favourite. At the time it was the latest ‘cool’ phone to have, after 3 months a new phone came out and then another and then another, my phone soon became the un-popular one, but I adored it. I attempted to start it up and I honestly thought it was going to be dead and would only be useful as a paperweight but I actually got it working, only for 3 minutes but I got the chance to read my old text messages;

- “U out 2day?”
– “Wu@”

Yeah, it was texts like that. Not my proudest moment. It actually reminds me of MSN chat and Bebo. I’ll let you sit back and remember those sites on your own, we all have our own demons.

2. My Gameboys! Boy this one brings me back.


Whats in the handsome (yet rather dusty) looking bag you ask? Only this gem!


Look at it and all its beauty. I’m over doing it aren’t I? In all seriousness though, this stunning device took my life, not in a bad way though. I spent hours upon hours sitting and just playing with this thing. I can single handily hold that Gameboy responsible for my bad eye-sight and my ever aching fingers. I wouldn’t trade it in for the world. I’m not sure if this one was a Christmas present or a birthday present all I know is I loved it. The games as well, boy oh boy when I found this one I had to get it up and running asap! I found a few of the old games left hanging around and they surprisingly worked! These things were definitely built to last.
I’m guessing you want to see what games I found, right?


This bad boy, my first ever Gameboy game itself. Years were spent on this one, 2001 as well! It’s funny how time just passes by, I remember opening this one up for the very first time! A game with motorbikes, yikes how I was so easily impressed. My mother and father must have worked their socks off for me and my brother just so we could enjoy our childhood and for that I’m forever grateful. I remember these games like it was yesterday. After that golden oldie I bring you this all-time classic!


Mario and Luigi, my friends. Does this make me a loner? And last but not least…


Who doesn’t love The Simpsons?! They made a game of it as well, you know that bit about being easily impressed, and well that was it.

So after my childlike excitement and overall shock from my inner child breaking through the feelings I had begun to calm, until I found my Game Boy Advance SP! All those feelings came rushing and gushing through once again! I actually remember getting this one as well. I’m pretty sure it was Christmas time, I opened up this tiny present thinking it was going to be some sort of colouring book however it was the actual case for the Gameboy. I was confused and a little excited, I found the next present in that exact same shape and opened it up in a fluster, a good fluster though, if that’s such a thing? Any way you can imagine my joy when I opened up the Gameboy SP!

I should be ashamed, look at all that dust.


Lets open him up!


Ah he’s in there! Let’s wake him from his sleep!


Omg. It’s a Christmas miracle, he works! I spent a goodly while playing this one when I found him. It brought back the days of just lying on my bed and playing Pokémon all day! Pikachu was my favourite, I remember getting this Pokémon VHS and getting this Mew-two card with it. God, my Pokémon card collection I completely forgot about that. Dear lord, the amount of money I actually wasted on the cards is phenomenal, I say my money but I really mean my mums money! I got rid of the video ages ago but I’m pretty sure I had two Pokémon VHS’s, the first was something along the lines of being called “Pokémon the movie” and the other was “Pokémon Mew-twos Return” don’t quote me on that but it was along those lines. Classics.

3. VHS’s.

Speaking of the two Pokémon films actually made me remember my old films I used to have. See Spot Run, Power Rangers, A Bugs Life, The Jungle Book and so many more. My most common memory is watching See Spot Run with the family for the first time, we had this old sofa that was made from this odd cotton type texture and all I can remember is if you scratched your nails along the top it would almost mimic the sound of nails dragging on a chalkboard! It makes my body wither at the thought. Anyway, I remember sitting there and laughing my head off with my mum and dad, they were probably wanting it to be over and just laughing for my entertainment but at the time I didn’t know any different, I was living in the moment, I lost all my VHS’s ages ago, I think I actually gave them to a charity shop. Wrong move! I remember my big old TV it was this 20 odd inch one with a slot for VHS’s I watched the hell out of that thing. It took a few bumps along the way as well. I remember some nights chucking a film in and falling asleep with the dialogue playing in the background, it may sound sad to some of you but it’s those little things I guess I miss.

4. Sega Genesis.

Now I don’t remember this one very clear at all, I remember little snippets of my childhood playing it. Games such as Altered beast, Sonic the hedgehog and Alex the kid. Just to name a few. This console resonates with my brother more probably as he was old enough to remember it I guess, I do remember Sonic though, I don’t think I could ever forget him! It was a clear memory playing that game but the others are a bit of a blur, I recently dug it out of our loft, it’s all there as well. Pristine condition!…I grabbed the controller and it just has this feeling that a PS1, 2 or 3 couldn’t give me. There’s something retro and classic about the Sega!




5. Old ass tapes!

I was young when these were around, mum and dad would always be playing music of some sort. It’s something I think I will grow up doing when I have kids, there was always sounds of music. In a way it shapes the music I listen to today, they would play all genres but at the time it was roughly 1995 onwards so some of it stuck in there subconsciously. Now I remember having this cassette player I’m pretty sure it was Sony, the only tape I can remember having is the Baha Men – Who Let The Dogs Out. I played they hell outta that song! I found a few old tapes left hanging around, now these aren’t ones that I really remember I just remember the sounds, if that makes sense? My mum would always say I used to love ripping the tape reel out of the tape itself, she hated that.




The Sentimental Items!

I only have a few items I hold quite close, I did get rid of a few a little while ago when I was doing a clean out. In hindsight I probably wish I didn’t but you have to move on I guess, I had this alien toy from the film Toy Story, as a child I would always go to bed with that, it used to light up and make noises, I drew on the poor sucker once actually! I think I got rid of him for the fear of not wanting to look ‘baby-ish’ a wrong move folks! I used to love Toy Story, I had that on VHS as well. We would watch that on re-run every month. Who didn’t? It was the film for my youth I think. Anyway, the first sentimental item I wish to share is my first video camera. It isn’t really the camera I want to show it’s one of the photos I took on there years and years ago. It still exists to this day, I couldn’t believe it. So here’s the camera!

Camera or paperweight?


Wait a minute, what’s that on the internal memory?



Strongbow! My very first fish! Wait…didn’t we flush him down the toilet?

I honestly forgot about my fish! There’s a story behind this one, it’s not that entertaining but it’s one quite close to my heart. It was our town’s street fairs, now with all street fairs you have the odd competitions. This one me and the family was at was a competition where you have to throw 3 darts at a target to win a fish. I tried and failed, horribly. I wanted to cry, I always wanted a fish. Now my brother stepped up and said he will give it a go, he did…he won! Wooo! We now owned our very first fish! I couldn’t believe it. I carried him around with me in this little plastic bag for the rest of the night, now this is where it gets a bit interesting. We stopped off in a pub for a bit, my parents knew the owners for years and were really good friends, the night got rather lively. Things were getting tense between people and tempers were wild and all of a sudden this humongous fight broke out, I ran out of the way into where the kitchen was. I should have stayed there and kicked everyone’s asses BUT being a kid, I couldn’t. As I ran in there for safety I noticed I was missing something. I left the fish on the floor! As we were waiting in the kitchen I told my mum I had left the fish, instead of worrying about hurting herself by going out there she goes out and retrieves it for me! He died a few weeks later, I cried. Boy what a night.

The last one I wish to share is this book, the books more a collection of poems. It’s unknown to quite a few however this was like a bible to our family. I spent nights with my mum and my brother picking out random pages in this book and just reading the poems inside, I guess the words in the book shaped my words today, if that makes sense? I remember nights just letting my mum read to us, I knew some off by heart, and I loved every minute of it. This is the book.


Big and beautiful. As you can see it’s been read time and time again, he’s aged over the years with us. It’s a timeless book I won’t ever forget! I took a few pictures of other items but I don’t think they were worth sharing, I had PS2 cards, my weightlifting medals and a game of Geo-mag; those little magnets and balls that you could stick together and make shapes. I just felt the ones I selected had a much deeper meaning! As I said in the first section I would love to see some of the stuff you grew up with! It’s odd looking back on all these items, I never truly appreciated them at the time but as I’m older and understand more, the value means less to me and the meaning and experience I had with them holds a much richer bond. I miss my old toys and games, yet we can’t live in the past, sure we can remember them but the good times are still to come!

Join in with the fun and post some of your old stuff!

Enjoy your day!


The Ebola Outbreak.

Why is no one talking about it?

Honestly, why isn’t this making headlines across the world? It’s one of the most terrifying and deadly diseases, causing chaos and destruction across western Africa. Men, women and children are falling victim to this incurable disease yet no one seems to care and I don’t understand why? There have been reports that there’s over 759 cases of the disease which including a staggering 468 deaths, in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia as of June 30th. The outbreak only began in March. It’s truly sickening no one’s bothering to report this, to spread the word, to help give aid. As humans we are to infatuated with the World Cup and other social events. Yes I get it’s the World Cup but a mother has just lost her child due to this disease, why isn’t this being reported? It’s honestly quite heart-breaking.


So what is Ebola?

The definition on Google is “an infectious and generally fatal disease marked by fever and severe internal bleeding, spread through contact with infected body fluids by a filo virus ( Ebola virus ), whose normal host species is unknown.” In other words, it’s really the devils work. To simplify Ebola spreads from person to person causing each human to suffer from internal and external bleeding which unfortunately leads to loss of life in most cases. As the Ebola virus progresses and spreads an infected person can spread the disease to another through bodily fluids such as diarrhoea, vomiting, and bleeding. It has no known cure, the chances of survival are slim and as many as 90 per cent of its victims die. I know you probably don’t want to be reading this on a Friday but it’s information I think we should all be aware of. The scary part is that the virus is still infectious even after the person carrying it has passed away, what this essentially means is you can’t bury your loved ones for the fear of contamination. A father has just out lived their son and child will grow up without a father, it’s horrible to think how natures evolved and these diseases are passed throughout generation to generation.

The history behind the virus.

On July 27, 1976, the very first person to contract the Ebola virus was documented. He began to show symptoms such as; fever, headaches, sickness and a sore throat (also can be mistaken for malaria.) Ten days after becoming infected he was soon pronounced dead. As time went on the virus must have been spread, no one knew anything about it at the time, it was the first Ebola outbreak. It was an un-documented virus, loss of life was inevitable. From what I gathered the first victim to contract Ebola was a cotton factory worker from Sudan. Soon after contracting the virus so did his co-worker. Then the co-worker gave the virus to his wife causing her to become sick. The outbreak spread like wildfire after that from person to person.


The next serious outbreak was in Zaire, a school teacher had just recently returned from touring northern Zaire and after having suffered malaria like symptoms he went to the Yambuku Mission Hospital and received treatment of an anti-malarial drug. It wasn’t malaria, it was Ebola. The treatment came in the form of a needle shot, at the time the hospitals very rarely used sterile needles and didn’t properly dispose of the used ones, unfortunately after using the needle the remains on the end was passed onto another human and as we’ve seen before it spread the virus throughout the hospital. To the doctors, nurses and patients.


This picture is of a nun who’s visiting the graves of the Zaire outbreak, shocking.

How did the outbreak start?

I don’t think there’s a definitive answer for this one, usually an outbreak would start when a human gets in contact with an infected animal. This could be from cleaning their waste or just from their general bodily fluids. It’s a common virus found in chimps and fruit bats proved fatal to us but for animals it doesn’t effect them, after you’ve caught the virus it unfortunately will begin to spread as you get in contact with other humans unless you are quarantined.

Timeline of events.

Here’s a timeline of the outbreak, I got this one from BBC news, I don’t tend to put other sources in my blogs but this information needs to be shared!

• February 2014 – Outbreak of a haemorrhagic illness in south-east Guinea

• March 2014 – Outbreak of Ebola confirmed in south-east Guinea. There are 86 cases, including 59 deaths. Later that month, tests confirm Ebola has spread into Liberia.

• May 2014 – Sierra Leone confirms Ebola has spread to the Kailahun district, in the east of the country.

• June 2014 – MSF declares the Ebola outbreak is “out of control”

• July 2014 – Death toll: Guinea, 302. Liberia, 67. Sierra Leone 99. Total number of deaths in West Africa 468.

As I said previously the source is from BBC. It’s shocking to look at these numbers and see the destruction being caused. A whole family, a whole generation could be wiped out from this disease. It’s a thought that makes me respect what I have today.

You don’t have to shout this information on the rooftops but just letting people know what’s going on may make a change.

Enjoy your day! Respect what you have!


For The Love Of Sneakers!

Okay I have a huge secret to tell…I’m a sneaker freak and if I actually totted up the amount of money I’ve spent on sneakers over the years I think I would actually cry. I don’t have a clue when it started or how it started yet I know I have way too many than I need. I’m like a secret hoarder! There’s something about the boxes and boxes piled up against my wall that I love, even if my bank balance doesn’t. I still have the first pair of sneakers I purchased. My beloved Nike Air Force 1’s. Some people won’t get this blog, I guarantee your reaction to reading this will be “they’re just a pair of sneakers” for some that may be the case but for me, it’s more than a shoe. It’s my persona; it’s how I style myself.


So, as I said previously it’s all about the Nike Air Force 1’s for me. Now, this isn’t just your normal shoe; theres a deep history inscribed in urban culture which has a deep connection with the sneaker. 1982 Bruce Kilgore a designer for Nike created the Air force 1 shoe, little did he know he ended up creating a sneaker worn far and wide all across the globe. A sneaker made for basketball, featuring a timeless air sole (a pocket of air in the heel to help give extra cushioning and support) to help the basketball players play on all types of grounds, your hardwood court or your rough street playground. It was a shoe for basketball players such as Moses Malone but soon became a shoe for the people.


A little bit of history, after the design and release in 1982 Nike soon after decided to discontinue the line. I’m not sure why they decided to do this but at the time sneakers had what you would call ‘run’ where they would come out for a while and then go away, ooooh a mystery. Everyone was still looking for the shoe, you would get people of all ages searching in sneaker shops all across different towns asking where the Air Force 1’s were. It was a high demand product. You had 3 retailers otherwise known as the 3 amigos and they had a few meetings with Nike and asked them to bring back the shoe. The 3 were; Cinderella shoes, Downtown Locker Room and Charley Rudo’s Sports. They took 1,200 pairs of two colour ways, you had a white and royal blue and a white and chocolate brown. The demand was so high, they sold out. The Air Force 1 was re-born. Soon after they began doing a programme with Nike where they would introduce a different colour each month. You had people asking for different colour ways for different parts of the shoe. This was un-heard of at the time. The I-95 played a huge part for the global success of this sneaker, it links up three cities Baltimore, New York and Philadelphia. You had people catching drift of the sneaker in different cities and you soon began to get people travelling up and down just to get their hands on the shoe. This was all before advertisement and internet as well, it was magic.


As I said previously it was a shoe predominantly for basketball, but back then basketball and the hip-hop community were so intertwined and connected with each other each culture would spill into its own. So when you saw someone with the Air force 1’s the sneaker just looked crazy, it was ‘fresh’ and in the hip-hop community you wanted to look the best. The Air Force 1 went from being a basketball sneaker to a sneaker worn by everyone. The relationship between hip hop and basketball is deeply connected, the people involved with hip hop at the time would also be playing ball therefore the sneaker was interwoven between both cultures spilling into the streets.

You want to look the best. The Air Force 1 had a variety of colours and styles, you had your low top sneakers, your high tops and then your mids what you wore on your feet defines your style. The youth of then and still the youth of today wants to look fresh. There’s over 1,700+ floating around today, no other sneaker holds that title today. If you’re hip hop and ball you know about the Air Force 1’s. It’s not all about the sneaker though, with all those colour ways you have to be matching. You can throw on a pair of sneakers and it may look crazy but you throw on the same sneakers with a matching colour t-shirt, it’s on another level. That’s just the culture we live in. The culture I love to live in.

Air Force 1 advertisement

In my eyes and a few others hip-hop really elevated the shoe, hip-hop speaks the urban culture, it speaks the streets and what is evolving around you at the time. The streets made the Air Force 1’s what they are today, hip-hop promoted that. When you saw your favourite rapper at the time rocking a pair of Air Force 1’s what do you do? You go on down to the store and buy yourself a pair of Air Force 1’s and why? Because you wanted to be like that rapper. It’s this cycle of promotion within the youth that really rocketed Air Force 1’s to what they are today. You can’t hold a single person responsible though, it was the streets and youth who really created the hype of the Air Force 1.

The classic, white on white. A pristine shoe, pure white. No creases, no scruffs, no dirt it’s just a clean shoe. You can throw that on with a white shirt and you’re rocking. A canvas of drawing for artists, it’s still selling to this day. The variety and customization options that have been introduced are so wide and vast it’s hard not to buy a pair. You get different leathers different colours it’s a shoe tailored for your needs. I spent over a good £1000 plus on sneakers yet the one I will always go back to, my beloved Air Force 1’s.


As you can tell from the history behind the shoe, for me it’s not “just a sneaker” it’s who defines me.

Enjoy your day, love your feet!


*Colour and color, I know, I know. Its different over here!

Nostalgic TV Shows!

After doing my blog about all my childhood memories I started thinking, the amount of time I wasted in front of the TV must add up to years. So I’ve decided to create a list, everyone loves a list right? It’s all the classic TV/cartoon shows I watched as a child. These shows shaped the way I view the world today, a tad of an over exaggeration yet you get my message! Whilst compiling this list my heart sorts to drop a little especially when I find a show I completely forgot about! It’s heartbreaking, is it wrong to actually want to watch some of these now? I will try to add something witty to each show, for your entertainment and in reality to stop me from remembering how good my life was back then compared to now. It’s funny the old TV shows actually beat these horrendous TV shows we have now!…Let’s begin!

1. Arthur (Even though he looked like a weird creature, I still loved him)
2. The Powerpuff Girls (Yes, I’m a male, I was in touch with my feminine side)
3. Barney and Friends (Friends…I was his friend! Well that’s what I thought anyway, forever alone!)
4. Rugrats (A baby watching babies, such beauty)
5. Goosebumps (This show held me living in fear for years)
6. Yu-Gi-Oh (Nerd alert)
7. Blue’s Clues
8. Art Attack (Morph was the best on the show, my final art grade stems from this show)
9. Recess (How I pictured my life at the time! So, so wrong.)
10. Dexters Laboratory (I thought I could do science to)
11. Tom and Jerry! (Man, I miss that one so much)
12. Drake and Josh (The original pranksters?)
13. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Yeah don’t mess, I learned all my moves from them)
14. The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron (Insert witty comment here)
15. Ed, Edd, ‘n’ Eddy (Classic Cartoon Network!)
16. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (Every Sunday, my family would sit down and watch the re-runs, happiest days of my life)
17. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (I’ve always wanted a turtle, is that a bad thought?)
18. Johnny Bravo (Slick, smooth talker. Like me, yeah right)
19. Bananas in Pyjamas (The only reason I eat bananas to this day)
20. Road to Tazmania (Ermmm, yeah)
21. Teletubbies (Fat giant babies, who wanted more as a kid?)
22. Biker Mice from Mars (I got the re-runs of this, but I remember it so vividly, bad ass’)
23. Jackie Chan Adventures (I’m an expert in fighting now because of Jackie. Any one else remember the comics as well?)
24. Inspector Gadget (Dr Who. Who?)
25. The Simpsons (Years upon years my eyes have been glued to that one)
26. What’s New, Scooby-Doo (Shaggy, as a kid the name always made me giggle, explains my immature mind now)
27. Lizzie McGuire (Dare I say first girl I was attracted to?)
28. The Flintstones (Um, I like rocks?)
29. Thomas and Friends (The reason I enjoy a long train ride, good old Thomas!)
30. Postman Pat (I hope the cat’s still alive…Not to morbid folks?)

There we are, a list compiled of my childhood. Now I sit through episodes of Breaking Bad and I just don’t get it at all!…Ah my childhood was so easy, I think I’m going to go cry now after all this reminiscing. Why does TV suck nowadays?

Enjoy your day!


Why I Don’t Drink Alcohol!

“C’mon it’s just a sip”


It’s that statement which causes the youth of today to give in to peer pressure, and before you know it, it’s 30 years down the line and the fit liver you once had is now looking like a shriveled up piece of peanut! All because they succumbed to the art of peer pressure and gave in. Shocking.

The act of making it seem minuscule is what sends some people over the edge. What that opening statement really means is ‘man up, it’s just a bit of alcohol’ yet the truth is I’ve never succumbed to peer pressure. Time and time again my friends say for me to try it, it won’t do me any harm but in reality I’ve seen the destruction it can cause. It’s like the forbidden fruit, once you take a bite you want more and then more and then more, you get the picture…I choose not to drink for a few reasons, the first is because I’m scared. I’m scare of how my mind would react to this new beverage. It’s horrible to see how the people around me have reacted after drinking beer, there’s a story I will share later on, it includes a near death experience. It’s funny looking back now however I would never wish to experience that shit again. The second is money. I’m a tight ass with money, it costs a ridiculous amount for a single pint of beer roughly around £3 in some places. I can get a bag of cookies and a whole litre of water, for half of that price! A bag of cookies is much more fun than a bitter tasting beverage? I guess so anyway, I’ve never actually tried alcohol so really I’m just spit balling but you get my point. Last but not least is really ‘what is the point?’ In my eyes it’s not necessary to drink, I can still go out and have a good time and wake up the next morning feeling fresh! With money still in my back pocket! It’s ludicrous that some people go out with the intention every weekend to get drunk, what for? My mind just can’t get round the idea of enjoying being sick, dizzy and waking up the next morning not remembering a thing! It’s insanity!

Now we move along to story time! I’m not a story kind of guy but I’ll put a bit of effort into this one. It was New Year’s Eve, I decided to invite my close friends over just for a mild evening, nothing hectic. We have a shed at the back of the garden with a pool table and ‘manly’ stuff at the back so we was just messing around up there having a good time. Then, this is a big then, one of them pulls out a bottle of whiskey. It all goes downhill from here! You ever heard of the game Beer Pong? Yeah, it’s meant to be played with beer! Not Whiskey. So what do they do? Decide it’s a silly idea and move on? Oh no, my friend pulls out some cups and starts to pour the whiskey into each of them. They weren’t small amounts either, far from it. From what I can recall nearly a third of the bottle was gone. So they’re playing, I’m laughing, they’re laughing and the nights in full swing. All of a sudden my friend starts getting a little rowdier, a little rougher and a little more ‘ditsy’ so to speak. He’s stumbling around, shouting out songs for a good 10-15 minutes (mostly captured on film for his embarrassment when he sobered up) then BAM he just hits the deck. We thought he was playing around, he was out of it. My friend had taken this emergency course a little while back so he put him in the recovery position. He was getting worse. It went from being funny to a life and death situation. He started puking up and spitting everywhere, it was scary because I didn’t want him choking on his vomit so we held him up as he proceeded to be sick over our hands and clothes, utterly disgusting.

After he began to lay back down, in a pool of his own vomit we started to notice his eyes go a bit more red and his cheeks soon began to fade with colour. Now for two 18 year olds never been placed in this situation, it’s a worrying time. He had his phone with him so we thought we would do the decent thing and try to get a hold of his parents, he keeps a lock on his phone! We tried for ages to un-lock that darn thing but it was worthless. As time went on his ‘state’ was worsening and he began to get purpler in the cheeks almost as if he was losing breath. We only had one option, to call the emergency service. My first time I ever called them, it was a weird situation we were placed in. Earlier on before the beer bong I forgot to mention we actually ordered a Dominos! In all honesty I completely forgot about it. So I’m on the phone with the emergency services as they kept talking to me until the ambulance arrived and as they pulled up another car did as well. Dominos. There I was trying to sort out my friend and worrying about paying for this pizza that’s turned up, utter nightmare. They rushed through and done some tests, they told me and my other friend he would have to go to hospital. Just great. They strapped him up in this wheelchair and took him off. Oh you think the story ends there? No. We still needed to tell his parents where he was. So we took our cold and rancid Dominos and trekked up to his parents’ house. I was more scared about how they would react rather than his safety, as we approached the front door we just had to go for it. With knots in my stomach and my head racing miles far from where it should have been, they opened up the door and we began to reveal what had happened. Rather than being angry with us they were very understanding, it was such a relief. Did we make it to midnight as well? I ended up going to bed around 11 o’clock that night. Plus I had work the next morning.
What a night.

That’s not a huge reason why I don’t drink though, alcohol seems to bring out a inner demon inside some people. I know a few people that have got rather viscous over the years with drink, it’s a horrendous sight. A liquid that can cut someone down so much and affect their rational thinking just amazes me. I vowed I would never touch a single drop and I’m sticking to that, it’s tough with all this peer pressure of people almost frowning down upon you for not drinking, making you seem less of a man but I don’t know, I just don’t get it. My livers happy for certain!
Know I’m not knocking anyone for drinking, I totally understand there are many reasons for doing it but for me I just don’t get ‘it’ if that makes sense?

Enjoy your day! Drink responsibly!


Nostalgia, Back When Life Was Easier.

You know school doesn’t really prepare you for the big wide world, the stresses that come with it. It all comes as a big shock as day by day new responsibilities become more apparent, whether it’s in your personal life or work life. New boundaries arise, feelings become more everlasting and close bonds are intertwined. Remember the days when you could swap your girlfriend or if you’re a female reading this your boyfriend each week. It seems silly now yet those days were magical. We had it easy then, life’s a bitch now. I was so un-prepared for the reality life presented me. After school was over I was in this odd state of emotion, I didn’t know what to do or where to go. I was so used to having it easy life grew tougher by the day. Job searches began, that’s what they don’t teach you in school. Successful interview techniques or a well written CV. Useful tools that could have prepared me for ‘real’ life. Christ, I remember the days coming in from primary school unloading my bags, laying on the sofa (couch) chowing down on some chocolate and watching Takeshi’s Castle. It was this schedule I created for myself, first was That’s So Raven, next was Lizzie McGuire (yes I watched that show, don’t hate) and last but not least the classic Takeshi’s Castle! Best days of my life.


The toys as well! Anyone remember those Furby’s? Those devilish creations that would go off in the middle of the night. That used to drive my parents insane, yet it was all for my enjoyment. It’s crazy how children these days sit and stare at iPad’s and phones, that’s NO fun! Give me a box of Lego any day. It’s odd to think how much I’ve grown and developed over these years, I mean the days where I had nothing to do back then seemed boring, those were the good times though! I was free. Have you heard the saying ‘you never know you’re in the good times until you’re out of them’ it goes something like that anyway yet it’s so true. I had no responsibilities back then, I would love to feel that weight off my shoulders once more, just for a day. Sadly I have to make do though! It’s a shame how things change, take TV shows for example; you had your Malcolm in the Middle, Arthur, Rugrats, Goose-bumps! God that one used to freak me out!…These TV shows were my childhood. The messages these TV shows presented shaped how I respond to modern life, even if it was sub-consciously. Does anyone remember Recess as well! There should be a petition to bring that back…Powerangers as well! I could go on for ages with the TV shows I miss!



It’s a huge learning curve after you finish your school years, you don’t get to jump up on the sofa and sit around all day anymore. You actually have to get a job, go to work and become an adult! One thing they never taught me at school was taxes! They suck!…I remember starting my first job, working my ass off and what happens when I get my first pay slip come through? I got taxed! At the time it was only emergency tax so I did eventually get it back, but no one prepared me for this! It’s a huge shocker. I miss the days where I could go out at the weekends and just play in the park, all day. God, thinking back to the park I spent my years in, it just doesn’t feel the same anymore. The horrendous broken down rides were adventure and excitement to my childish being yet now it’s just a field filled with sadness and quite frankly boredom. The funny thing is though me and my friends would be down there 24/7. Homework took a backseat when it comes to a kick around down the park! When we go down there now though it just doesn’t have that ‘feeling’ it once used to. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a good feeling just being down there but as a child it was a world of mystery!

I didn’t have this much technology when I was younger either and I’m not that young! The only reason I would find myself going on a computer was to mess around with a floppy disk or to simply play on Paint! I’m pretty sure everyone else used to do this; draw random scribbles and shapes and then uses that tool to fill in the colours? No, just me then and I wouldn’t take it back for the world! As far as technology goes it was all about the Game-boys! I still have my very first one as well; it’s this see through case so the wiring comes through! As a child back then this was big! Like super huge, you could actually see the wiring, how awesome is that! Then we’ve got your Sega games! I was always terrible at these yet I could sit and watch my brother play for ages. Sonic got played, big time.



What do I miss the most about my childhood?

The one that got me was having to stop playing with toys, as you get older having toys become almost un-acceptable in our modern day society. I had tons of toys but I was growing up, I couldn’t play with them anymore. I still kept a few of the ones that hold the most memories to me but all those hours I spent putting in, letting my imagination run wild with excitement only to have to get rid of them because I’ve aged a few years. It’s tough but it needs to be done…I guess? It’s odd because it I lost my ability to be creative, it seemed to just disappear or was overshadowed by my growing nature. I miss that Christmas Eve feeling as well!…I was a kid giddy with joy, eagerness and excitement! As you grow older it just becomes another day, it becomes more about the money rather than enjoyment with friends and family. I cherish those memories so much, my mum and dad always worked their ass off so I and my brother had what we wanted, and I guess I never really showed appreciation for that at the time. I was over infatuated with the toys and ‘jazz’ of Christmas. Last but not least, summer! Oh that 6 weeks off. Boy oh boy. I had to just take a pause there, I would do anything to get that time back. Best days of my life, without a shadow of a doubt. As you get older you miss the little things they say, now that is true but the big things such as a 6 week holiday would come in handy right about now!

I guess I’m just reminiscing, we all grow up yet we don’t want the responsibilities that come with it. Alternatively, when were younger we wish to grow up. I wish I knew what I do now back then! I wouldn’t have thought watching TV all day was boring! I just found my VHS collection! Time to go!…See Spot Run how I’ve missed you!

“If growing up means it would be beneath my dignity to climb a tree, I’ll never grow up, never grow up, and never grow up! Not me!” ― J.M. Barrie.

Enjoy your day! Pull out your old scrapbook and re-live those memories!

If you have anything you wish to share such as a favourite TV show or a childhood moment please do!


*These are none of my images!

Acne, The Horrors.

A tad late on the blogging side for me, yet work has been overwhelming these past few days, it’s been hard to sit down and write. I’ve just finished up my work now! Thank god, so here I bring you my latest post! Acne, the horrors!

I’ve always suffered with spots/acne, ever since the tender age of 12. It used to be a huge problem for me, I absolutely hated it yet it was all a part of growing up. The biggest fear was the silliest. I was always worrying how I looked to others rather than wanting enjoyment from myself, I hope that makes sense. I’ll try to simplify, I was too scared to look ‘ugly’ rather than enjoying my youth. I eventually grew out of the worrying and was able to enjoy life, spots are a natural process yet the person suffering from them tends to over think the whole situation and make it more dramatic than it really is, I can tell you that for a fact because I used to do it all the time. I was scared how people would look at me, what they would think of me and most importantly at that age was, how girls would react to me.

I think we have been almost programmed with a set guidance of what beautiful and attractive really is; in my eyes it’s what you like but the media has set it out to be something more different. They have generalized beauty so much throughout media, news and other sources it makes the youth worry if they look ‘attractive’ enough which tends to overshadow their childhood they’re missing out from. Take Barbie for example, slim, blonde hair and perfect in all the right places. That has been pushed on girls for years, it’s almost as if they want to say ‘if you don’t look like Barbie you’re ugly’ yet the truth is everyone’s different. Everyone has their own beauty. I remember the days of not wanting to go to the park for I was too afraid I would see an attractive girl and she would think I was hideous, a monster. It took me ages to get over it but something just clicked, why worry? Honestly it hit me like a brick wall, why was I worrying about what others thought? If my friends are happy around me and I’m happy with myself who has the right to judge me based on my appearance.

No one really cares if you have a spots or not, it’s how YOU react to them.

I ended up wasting years using all these ‘magical spot clearing remedies’ to rid myself of this pain yet none ever worked! What a surprise…The truth is it’s all about diet and getting healthy. If you continue to do what I did and still continue to do, which is shove these fatty foods inside of you it’s only going to get worse. Not only for your insides but for how you look on the outside. I used to eat an un-healthy amount of chocolate, sweets, sugary foods, really whatever I could get my hands on. It was my own fault, yet I was happy to do that because I knew the consequences. Obviously time to time I complained about feeling ‘ugly’ yet who was to blame? Only myself. If it affects you so much you need to be the one that changes it’s, not Clearasil or these other brands, it’s YOU.

If you’re struggling with spots and acne it can feel terrible, I suffered for years and have outbreaks all the time; mainly because like I said previously I love a bit of junk food! But that’s not the point, what I’m trying to get across is everyone suffers! It’s a natural process that occurs in the body and the only thing to help prevent them is to eat more healthy, very rarely will someone judge you based on spots, we like to make the situation worse than it really is. I remember starting my first day of work with a face full of acne, did anyone care? NO. It’s a regular process to everyone else but to me and you suffering it feels like the whole worlds staring at you. It really isn’t!

Stay away from those products that try to convince you they have skin clearing ingredients. IT’S ALL LIES! I’ve spent silly amounts layering my face with these healing remedies yet nothing worked like water did, nothing worked like eating my vegetables and fruit. DON’T PICK THEM. Trust me, bad move. I used to pick mine and now have these tiny scars on my face, they aren’t noticeable yet it’s not worth it. I read a fact the other day, eighty percent of teens suffer from spots to some degree. The amount of people I went through school with who had spots was enormous yet no one judged each other, everyone just gets on with it.

Don’t worry is my main message I wish to get across, why waste a memory created with friends because you was scared how someone would judge you. Just do you. You’ll be fine!


I’m Fine.

I’m Fine. The biggest white lie uttered throughout history.

It’s days like this where I just want to shout from the rooftops, dash away from all my problems and just live for the moment. You get tired of repetition, it’s always an uphill struggle yet life seems to be going no where. You get out of bed every morning to go to a job you despise, work your ass off for very little pay and repeat this for years to come. What for? A house, to put food on the table, to create a home. That isn’t living to me it’s just surviving. All these magical places far and wide across the globe yet we, well, I am stuck here living through that ‘same shit different day’ motto and I’m sick of it.

The ambitions gone, there’s no dream anymore. This lust I once had for life has dried up and I’m stuck here. Yes you could tell me to get on with it and quit moaning, there’s people out there worse off than me but does that not mean I’m not allowed to have problems. There’s nothing I want to achieve or strive for, I think that’s the main problem. If I had something there I could begin to plan out life. Everything seems to be moving yet I’m stuck in the same position of just plodding along, it really sucks!

I guess I need to start telling people my problems, starting to get it off my chest. Some people will be able to relate and understand but I don’t want it to put a downer on some people’s mood, so what do I and many others do when asked ‘how we are’ we simply respond ‘I’m okay’ or ‘I’m fine’ just because it’s easier.

Quite a few people would have been in this situation before, yet many hide their problems like myself. I guess for now I just need to push through, I probably need to get out of my usual surroundings and environment and experience the world. What’s stopping me from getting up and going to a different country tomorrow? In truth, nothing yet it’s this fear and perception that’s been placed inside of me which halts where I want to go. This constant feeling of being stuck has made me feel tied down, it can get rather stressful yet rather than telling someone how I really feel I only have to courage to tell them I’m doing just fine, even though deep down it’s a battle.

If you have any suggestion on how you have dealt with this or have experienced this please suggest them! Or if you just want to make a comment that’s also welcome!


Racism, Will It Ever Stop?

“I have a dream”…All that pain and suffering, years of relentless abuse and turmoil to create a safer world yet racism still grows deep inside the minds of a society that accepts and rejects equal opportunity. Racism still lives.


We have to be honest here, I don’t think we will get rid of it. Not for a long time anyway. Discrimination of another race is now a common function of everyday life. I’ve experienced a few racist comments myself (I’m mixed race), nothing major yet it’s the disgusting remarks that cut you down as a human and make you feel worthless.

Before I start I shall give a true definition of the word; Racism – “The belief that all members of each race possess characteristics, abilities, or qualities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races”

When you think of the word racism, what imagery pops into your mind? For every person it’s going to be different. For me the images of black slavery are ingrained into my mind. It’s a history we should never forget. I’m glad I can only learn about it, back then, living in that horror would be like a living nightmare. My mind finds it tough to perceive the sickening punishments men, women and children had to take. What they had to go through can reduce anyone to tears.


The first piece of history I’m talking about is the Atlantic Slave Trade. Roughly around the middle of the 15th century, Africa entered and partnered up with Europe in a rather strange way, a trade that would benefit Europe in a rather large scale, creating wealthy rich men and women yet it came at an almighty and unforgivable cost. The depopulation of Africa. It was the transportation of African men and women to be forced to work all across Europe. When the Africans finally reached their destination the crew would often clean them up; washing them, covering up any wounds from the shackles they were bound to and shaving them down. The captains would then proceed to sell the slaves, more often than not via an auction method. It’s heart breaking just writing about this yet we often forget. Families were often taken and sold separately, a child lost without the protection of their mother and father forced into a life the need not to have known. They were often sent to work on plantations, crops and farms. It was a brutal life to live, often made to work gruelling hours in horrendous conditions with very little rights.


After being sold the slaves were taken to their new working and living conditions, they were forced to learn the new ways of life of slavery and the new language. They didn’t have a life anymore, they were unfortunately almost non-existent. This routine of slavery continued for over 400 years, it was the African slaves that shape the land many walk on today. They changed the landscape clearing down bushes, buildings and shaping the fields. It was a home for the wealthy built by the slaves. It was harsh conditions, the slaves got very little time to rest and had very few essentials.


I just want to share this extract from Olaudah Equiano an African abolitionist and a freed slave. This really gets to you.

“It was very common in several of the islands, particularly in St Kitts, for the slaves to be branded with the initial letters of their masters’ name; and a load of heavy iron hooks hung about their necks. Indeed on the most trifling occasion they were loaded with chains and often instruments of torture were added. The iron muzzle, thumb screws etc. are so well known as not to need a description and were sometimes applied for the slightest fault. I have seen a Negro beaten till some of his bones were broken, for even letting the pot boil over. Is it surprising that usage like this should drive the poor creatures to despair and make them seek a refuge in death from those evils that render their lives intolerable? This they frequently do.”

It makes you think how lucky we have it. The ending of slavery in 1865 did not improve the slaves lives, the African-Americans still lived in segregation for over 70 plus years.

The next piece I want to touch upon is, the hearts and souls who broke down the barriers of modern segregation in America; I’m talking about the civil rights movement. It was the movement between African-American men and women to help secure equal rights to gain the basic yet essential privileges took for granted. It can be traced back to the 19th century when the movement started to turn the wheels in motion, no action was really as decisive until the 1950′s and the 1960′s. The movements were successful and secured citizenship rights for African-Americans across America.


The movement at times were known to be violent, yet the most courageous thing I wish to point out is far down deep in the south, at the time white’s outnumbered blacks by four to one. To gain power instead of using violence or having an aggressive nature the African-Americans used calm tactics very similar to the ones used by Gandhi. The movement tried to make the racial segregation less confined, less of a routine and they used these tactics to try change the way the world worked at the time. The tactics often used were called ‘sit-ins’ so in a white cafeteria or diner the African-Americans would go in peacefully ‘sit-in’ the whites only section and asked to be served. At the time it was a huge no-no. They faced racist abuse, violence and it would often end up with the police intervening. They had food chucked at them, they were spat at and more often than not had everyone against them. It was a hard battle, but the outcome and struggle was worth it. After months and years of doing the same over and over again, facing the same suffering, they began to shake things up. The African-Americans were becoming more acceptable, it makes me think all that time ago and we still have ignorant people that can’t look past the colour of someone’s skin.


In short everyone faces racism. You may have not had racism pointed towards you directly yet you would have heard it sometime in your life, witnessed it or been accustom towards it. It’s a pain etched upon journals, diaries and newspapers all across the world. It lives in our hearts and sleeps in the back of everyone’s mind.

It has definitely become less malicious yet it still breathes in the heart all over the globe. The stereo-types portrayed throughout the media and news creates this phenomena and almost creates a blank wall that a certain race can’t walk through. As I’m writing this I wonder if the 13 year old black child has just been called the ‘n’ word in school because he couldn’t do a certain maths question. Why? Why was he called that? It’s become so common in our culture it’s almost seen as acceptable to use the word. The fact also remains he could have been called it by anyone, the dirty slur and remark has been modernized in our media. The word has a history carried behind it, it’s filled with a passion to hate another human being yet we use it in everyday language and talk. In my personal opinion the use of the word in musical culture such as hip hop and rap creates a cover up for its real meaning. The word is used all over social media sites such as Twitter and YouTube yet no one seems to remember the meaning of it.

It’s the constant put down, the comments that destroy your soul, it crushes all your respect and that takes the toll on the human being. It’s devils play. I can’t imagine the mental effect it had throughout the slave trade, the constant abuse and then the shackles and chains degrades a human even further. It cuts your mind down to become meaningless, to make you feel worthless. As I said previously racism can happen to anyone. The 10 year old Muslim at the train station has just been called a “terrorist” right now because of the backpack he holds and the way his skin looks. This isn’t everyone’s view, but it’s this stereo-type that’s shaped the views of many. It’s these words that have been used year after year, yet time and time again the meaning stays the same to the recipients. Nothing’s changed, it’s just subdued as times passed. It’s the stigmas and stereo-types that are pummelled into the youth of today’s minds we need to change.

Some people will say not to look at the past but look towards the future and I totally understand that however when it’s such a deep painful story how can you not forget it? I touched quite a bit on the past however I feel it is relevant as racism is still rife throughout the globe, it makes you wonder after all that suffering and all that murder and blood we still put another man or woman down because they look a little different. It really sickens me someone can be so blinded by skin colour they decide to bring hatred to another. The truth is racism isn’t born it is taught, it goes from one to the other and spreads like a plague, it’s a corrupt full consciousness built in the back bone of Europe. We live in a rich world built on the bones of slaves. We must never forget yet we should be looking towards solutions to halt this threat and suffering as it will be mankind’s greatest downfall.

“Racism is still with us. But it is up to us to prepare our children for what they have to meet, and, hopefully, we shall overcome” – Rosa Parks.



*I do understand some people will disagree with this blog and I hope my views haven’t offended or upset anyone if they have, drop me a message if you wish me to remove something!

What Is Love?

What is love? No, I’m not talking about that classic haddaway song either, baby don’t hurt me…don’t hurt me…no more. No I’m talking about ‘real love’ but then again, what is real love? Is it an emotion? An instinct? A gut feeling? You just can’t put your finger on it. In truth, love has existed from the birth of time, I’m not a Christian or don’t believe in religion or God yet I know a little bit about the faith, the story of Adam and Eve is a perfect example of the start of love. It can differ from person to person, you have different stages. It’s something that I feel develops over time, you don’t just love however the whole ‘love at first sight’ sort of contradicts that. It’s a confusing subject.


In reality, love is what you want it to be. It can be lust, it can be friendship, an emotion. Love is for everyone. There’s different stages to love though, different depths; I may love my closest friend yet I wouldn’t give them the same affection as a girlfriend. Love is a special bonding between us humans it’s almost as if we’ve decided to connect with each other. We like to use the word love to describe one thing; many moons ago love meant a different thing. It wasn’t always about romance and sex.

The Ancient Greeks used to describe love with a few meanings;

1. “Philia” this one is all about friendship, it’s a bond that is created over time. A common example is when the soldiers would go into battle, you create a trust with one another and put your life in their hands, it’s a love without sexual affection.

2. “Agape” from what I’ve gathered this one’s about giving your love to someone even if they do not return the favour. So in modern terms say you like someone you try to show your true affection towards them yet they give you nothing back yet the person giving the love still continues. (Hopefully in a non-creepy way)

3. “Eros” this one’s a little bit saucy. This one’s all about sexual passion. Sexual love was known as a tad out of the ordinary in Ancient times and was considered a little bit mad otherwise known as “theia mania” in Ancient Greece translating into a divine madness. Eros is mainly the sexual component in our life’s and the sexual energy and tension that’s created when two people meet.

Does your brain hurt as well? That’s enough learning for the moment!…The truth is love isn’t all flowers and sunshine there’s a much darker side to it.

Love can actually blind you from the reality of the world we see, we end up being over powered by the person we feel affection for and eventually end up wanting them to love us back so much we tend to go crazy. Love can burn itself out, the person you met 10, 20, 30 years ago may not be the same person you met in your youth. Things change, situations change yet if the love between each other is strong you should be able to ride through the storm. You end up putting so much time and energy to re-kindle the love that once was, your body would eventually just get drained. Way too many people rush into getting married and settling down, they don’t let the overall sensation of love subside. They’re over infatuated with being in love and candy coat the whole situation, then a few months down the line you see the real person and you don’t like what you see. The love finishes and the marriage breaks up.

There is no true definition for love, it’s what you feel. It’s what you want it to be. It’s a mystery of stepping into the unknown; it could one day be your future. It’s ups and downs and most of all it’s a craving we wish to desire.

These were just a few thoughts I had on my mind, We seem to have lost the true essence of love and modernized it to be all about lust and sex, now that isn’t a bad thing yet were missing out on creating a deep bond with someone to eventually settle down with and create a family. A question I ask though, are those the rules? Who said you have to do that! Love can be a variety of emotions and feelings ranging all across the spectrum, some people maybe looking for a quick hook up whereas others are searching for someone to spend their years with. Someone who can brighten their mood on a bad day, someone who loves them for who they are. It’s each to their own though…I shall leave you with one of my favourite quotes;

“Where there is love there is life” – Mahatma Gandhi.

Enjoy your day!


Homeless. Giving A Helping Hand

Homeless, bum, tramp. Just a few of the awful and degrading words used in our modern day society. We treat the homeless as if they’re from another planet. We see them on the street yet what do we do? We simply walk on by. We have no thought for anyone else, I’m not having a go at anyone to be honest I’ve done it countless times. It’s a mistake we have made as humans, to decide not to help the homeless, but somewhere along the road it became un-acceptable to be in that situation. This must change, it’s surprising as homelessness can strike at any moment, at any time to almost everyone.


I remember being young and travelling through the city of Oxford to go shopping with the family, it was a tranquil time where I was almost blinded by the folk sitting on the side of the steps. My young mind a plain canvas for thoughts, I had no idea of what being homeless was when I was 7!…Who can blame me? I was a child just enjoying life yet now I have grew older the streets I once travelled with the safe protection of my parents grew to haunt me. I travelled deep into the wild of real life, the truth was far more than I expected. One man begging, pleading for change. Another on her knees praying for help. Buskers working their socks off to make penny’s, yet what do we do? We walk past, we sweep it under the rug. Our minds forget. The street performer working, no, slaving their ass off to make a measly £12.70 and then have no warmth or shelter for the evening just needs a helping hand.

This needs to change.

I have become more aware off the homeless people surrounding these joyous streets. We tend to walk past and giggle at the man selling the big issue. You laugh at another mans anguish because his journey’s in a different spectrum to yours. The safety and security of your home surround you yet the homeless man/women begging for food has nothing. Do we lend a hand? Do we offer them food and water? No. We walk on once again, then again, then again. It becomes an endless cycle of human segregation. There needs to be a change.

I decided to start that change. Well get the ball rolling at least. It may be small to us but for a homeless person it may mean the world.

I went to Oxford a few days ago, we went out for a shisha/hookah night. On the way back I was feeling rather hungry and took advantage of the McDonald’s nearby. Long story short after a few people budging and cutting in line I eventually ended up getting my 3 cheeseburgers. Yes I said 3, deal with it!…One for myself, the other was supposed to be for my brother but I ate it and the third was for the homeless women sat outside. It’s crazy how busy they were yet no one bothered to give her some food. All together it was a very affordable £4.75. In reality that’s nothing.
It’s funny when I put it in perspective, my train journey snack was her dinner for the night. It’s shocking; how passers-by just looked at her as if she was from another planet because of the situation she was in, we like normality, we like understanding. Throw me into her shoes, I couldn’t tie the laces let alone experience what she has been through. That one act of kindness lets her know there is still hope. She could be the lady that cures cancer (a bit of an exaggeration I know but you get the message) yet what do we do time and time again? Walk on by. This must stop.

So this is what I ask to all the readers, whenever you see a homeless person, give them a helping hand. It could be you one day!…

*Spelling mistakes? Traveling and travelling, I know. I’m from the UK and it’s spelled a bit differently over here.

A Case Of ‘The Man Flu’

As I lay here, one hand clenching my snotty rag and the other taking a pill in the vain hopes to cure this un-desirable cold I can’t help but wonder, why isn’t there a cure for this yet? I have to search through endless pages of Google to find some old wives tales that may or may not help me. Everyone’s been in this position before, your whole body just aches and you have the worst of headaches. You just want a treatment.

I’ve ended up spending the main part of my night going through a whole roll of toilet paper to try stop my nose from running. It’s the usual symptoms, hot and cold, runny nose, sore throat, you get the picture. A sight for sore eyes…The worst part is definitely the sore throat though. That’s what drains you the most, you can’t eat, talk or even drink a sore throat remedy to help because it hurts so much, there’s very little to help soothe the pain. It’s the sharp knife feeling you get when you open your jaw, the sandpaper texture when swallowing the dry saliva. It’s a nuisance, one that’s been around for many moons yet there’s still no defining cure.

I guess you just have to ‘man up’ which is a lot easier said than done.

After having enough of this god awful pain I decided to do some research, at 4 in the morning. It was a quest to find some home remedies, some actually made it worse but a few worked! I’m now half way recovered, the nose is still snotty but the main part, the sore throat is nearly gone! So if you’re reading this in desperate help for some relief of your cold, or you just want to better your knowledge for when you do get a cold, or you wish to laugh at my pain these may be worth your while.

(Please try these with caution as what may work for me and my body may have a total different reaction for yours)

1. A cold bottle of Lucozade. Now this one worked a treat, mainly because I poured it into a glass with mountains of ice!…The cold sensation made it slide down the throat more easier (a perfect that’s what she said moment?) whereas when I was trying to drink water it felt like I was drinking chunks and lumps.

2. The classic salt water gargle. This one was terrible, for me anyway. It ended up making my throat feel much worse. My eyes watered with pain, it was like someone was clawing at my throat. It’s supposed to reduce the swelling in the back of your throat and help loosen all the snot and bad stuff hanging around there. In the past this one has worked before but this time it felt far too severe.

3. Tea. I missed drinking some tea that evening. If you’re going to try it though it’s herbal tea folks not your regular stuff you flush down every morning. A nice warm cup can help soothe the sore throat, giving you that important time to just relax for a bit. If you don’t like the taste what you can also do is add a little bit of honey, it includes antibacterial ingredients to help with the healing process and tastes really nice!

4. A good nights rest. This has to be common knowledge, surely? It does help, even though I had very little rest the small hour or so I did get to sleep definitely helped. My immune system is terrible so being ill just drags me down and I feel out of sorts. I get tired and my bones begin to ache, it’s going to be the same for some so getting a good sleep in can definitely waken your senses up and help fight off that nasty cold!

5. Steam tent. This one cleared my head so much! Essentially you fill up a bowl with boiling hot water and you hold your head over the top and over your head is a towel to surround everything else. What this does is almost ‘sweat out’ the bad bacteria inside your body. If you have a runny nose have tissue at the ready, it soon starts to drip out of you. Yuck!

I have it easy though, there are people out there suffering far worse! It’s nearly out of my system, I have to suffer at work later on as well. It’s one of those days where I could sit in and sleep all day, I can tell it’s going to be a bad one.

Enjoy your day!


Facts! & Maybe Some Fiction…

I’m slacking, I know. I’m job hunting though so spare time is tough to get as of late. That’s facts. Actually speaking of facts, that’s what I’m presenting to you lovely people today. I found this website (http://kickassfacts.com/) a little while ago and it’s honestly fantastic, I actually think they’ve managed to create a cure for boredom. I visit this site every now and then and it’s filled with so much fantastic stuff, no they haven’t asked me to write this either it’s just a genuinely awesome website. It’s really just filled with interesting facts covering all spectrums within this universe.

Why keep it to myself?

There’s a variety of sub sections you can pick from, I chose to share with you guys a small percentage of the ‘picfacts’ section which is essentially what it says on the tin. I just want to point out none of these are mine, I wish I could take credit but I’m not that sort of person! All love should go to http://kickassfacts.com/ I’m simply just the messenger! Enjoy these gems!

720ToyStory21090-Mir-Mine368Lawns932-Teddy-Roosevelt 871Spider-Silk-Violin-String816-Hashima-Island-Google933-Kate-Winslet1065-Spider-Sleep-Mouth1067-Michael-Jackson306USS-Midway1069-Steve-Flaig-Christine-Tallady1070-C.-Dale-Peterson1123-Muhammad-Ali1129-Bugatti-Veyron1167-Foldit-Game1262-My-Friends-Place1285-George-Vera-Gun-Between-Folds1286-Team-America-Matt-Damon 363WeibertreuCastle  872Dutch-Police-Teddybear  301Charles-Floyd 302RamsesII 303XNAV 307Venus531UrbanFoodForest 532MobyDickWhale 539Cunning-cunnilingus 540ChatroomCheating 574ZombieCDC 575PizzaDelivery 576JapaneseHomless 711Checkmate 712John-D.-Rockefeller 1222-Programmers-Smoking-Marijuana 1224-RL-Stine 1226-Third-Rock-Radio

I can’t guarantee if these are 100% accurate however I’m pretty sure most are, I guess you can be the judge whether you believe it or not!

Enjoy your day!