Discussion Time! Are Young People Disinterested With Poetry?

The simple answer is yes, yes we are.

Well for better phrasing, I am. And looking around at my friends and family, a lot of others are as well.

Let me explain.

When I dipped my feet into the crazy world of poetry I never knew what I was getting into. It’s funny; if you mentioned or even uttered the words from a poem my mind would have automatically presumed it was a piece by Shakespeare and who can blame me? That’s all I see plastered within schools and textbooks. Well, that’s from what I can remember any way.

That really shows you something, doesn’t it?

The amount of time I spent at school studying in my English class and the only poetry I can recall is the works of Shakespeare. But in reality, there’s a whole other world of poetry out there, filled with fantastic artists who don’t get the limelight they deserve.

Okay, I went off on a little tangent there however it’s all intertwined. Stick with me.

Poetry to my youth of today is boring. Plain, bland and a whole other host of words that represent the meaning of dull. When you put it into perspective you have ‘superstars’ and ‘icons’ in all aspects of life;

  • Music
  • Acting
  • Fashion
  • Writing

The list goes on, and most people who fit into these categories they are all currently relevant. They are on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook etc, etc.

Now, name me a poet who’s on such a huge platform.

I could be making a huge mistake by saying that however over here in the UK I can’t think of any. Maybe I just haven’t looked hard enough, but in reality, how many poets take the centre stage on TV?

So, does this lead to bigger questions?

Does anyone really care about poetry anymore?

And has it become a thing of the past?

These questions are tough to answer, and I couldn’t give you a definitive yes or no. But it’s definitely not dead, yet. Take myself for example: I never cared for poetry, I once thought it was old and boring plus I presumed everything was done by Shakespeare. Now, I know multiple poets, read their works and find an understanding within certain pieces. It was all about learning. Instead of spewing out the same old text to pupils there needs to be a more diverse range of poetry being explored.

I don’t think a lot of people realise how relatable some poems can be, or how therapeutic it can be. I’ve read countless stories of how people are suffering from depression, social anxiety or day to day negativity and they decided to use poetry as a way out. It helps relieve that tension and stress that’s been built up.

Now to some it’s regarded as ‘shit’ but to others it’s relatable. And that’s what isn’t being taught, it’s not all Shakespeare, it’s pieces of work that you can take with you throughout all aspects of life, and just sit with them in the back of your mind. Once you understand poetry it’s like a gateway into another world.

My last few thoughts before I ask for yours:

I think there’s this stigma placed upon poetry that makes young people perceive it to be for the intelligent, elite and educated. It’s not relevant within our culture, I think if there is that one ‘icon’ who is relevant to the public eye and is able to educate the youth (like myself) or in fact anyone of all ages – poetry would be more respected and relatable. People would write and relieve stress and tension within themselves (like I once did) all through the use of poetry.

I think the other problem is poetry has been bundled into one genre, but in reality there are many more sub-sections of poetry to explore. It’s all about digging into the different sub-genres and finding that one section that’s just for you.

So, what are your thoughts?

  • Are young people disinterested with poetry?
  • Does anyone really care about poetry anymore?
  • Has it become a thing of the past?

I hope you enjoy your day/week!



Podcast Idea – Feedback/Help!

Monday – blergh. You either love it or you hate it. I personally hate it, so let’s kick this one off with a smile. I’m going to let you relish in my terrible little joke I have prepared for you, or should I say, Google prepared for you!

Q. What happens to a frog’s car when it breaks down?
A. It gets toad away.

Oh how ashamed of that I am.

*Sounds of crickets*

Anyway, I’m in need of some help!

Within the next month or so I’m planning to start a poetry podcast. It’s my rather small attempts to get everyday people talking about poetry once again.

From what I’ve personally experienced and seen, people tend to think you have to go to a university or college to have a respected opinion on poems and poetry. Notice the emphasis on ‘personally’ yet in reality, you don’t.

My goal is to take 5 poets and a few of their poems and let them receive opinions and critique from people all over the globe! I want them to have opinions from the average consumer (like myself) the university student, the parent, the doctor, blogger…anyone and everyone.

We all have an opinion yet we don’t broadcast it enough, that’s what this podcast is hopefully going to be about. A platform to broadcast that opinion on.

So this is where you guys come in!

First off I’m looking for poets! Anyone poetic. You can be experienced or just starting out. Be brave! If you want to take part it’s best to leave me a comment, this is still a work in progress so I don’t want to get a lot of peoples hopes up!

Next, I’m looking for people who would be willing to give an opinion! Don’t worry, I’m not the most experienced at poetry but you know what? That’s the beauty of it. However it has to be constructive in some form, no hate! Same as above, it’s best to leave a comment if you would be willing to do that!

So that’s the basis of it all, for the poets you could send your poems in via sound or text and the same goes for people wanting to state an opinion.

Of course you would all get credit. But I do want to stress one thing! This is still a plan/work in progress, nothings set in stone as of yet.

I guess I’m asking for feedback into the idea, if you would listen to it or not and then if you would, a message of some sort to say you would want to take part. But as I said, this isn’t set in stone and it might not happen, it kind of depends on the feedback I get!

Boy, that was a downer wasn’t it? If you don’t like the idea, please don’t be afraid to say – I won’t take it to heart!

Enjoy your day/week!


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Another Award?! I’m So Happy Right Now!

Boy oh boy what a week! Another award? I’m stuck for words in all honesty. This time it’s the very inspiring blog award, so cool! Now for some people it doesn’t mean a lot, especially friends and family. They’re all like “it’s just an internet award, it doesn’t mean anything” but to me, it means I’m doing something right! It makes me happy knowing someone enjoys reading my stuff – no matter how bland it is at times, to the point where they want to pass on an award to me, it makes everything worth it! Hopefully that makes some sort of sense?! I’m not insane, I promise!

I received the award from Joy over at: http://myown2sense.com/

She’s really awesome, here’s a few of my favourite posts from her!

There’s so much more awesome stuff on her blog though, definitely check her out!

The next ‘rule’ is to write 7 things about myself which you don’t already know. That’s tough as most of you already know a lot about me, I’ll give it a shot though!

  1. I can’t actually drink coffee, the taste is just horrendous.
  2. I’ve never actually had a girlfriend, how boring is that?! Forever alone!
  3. I have a very odd taste in music, I can listen to all genres – even classic. My iPod can jump from hip-hop to rock and it doesn’t faze me, I love all genres!
  4. I don’t eat the crusts on sandwiches, yeah, I’m childish.
  5. I actually swear a lot. Nothing major, but it’s like a natural reaction now, it’s really annoying.
  6. I browse eBay far too much. I’ve lost hours on that site, just searching and bidding on useless items!
  7. I also browse imgur far too much as well, if you’ve never been on the site – please take a look, it’s just brilliant! http://imgur.com/

Now to nominate the other bloggers! Joy nominated 15 but I think I’m only going to do 10, sorry to not play by the rules!

I also just want to add:

You’re NOT obliged to do anything about this!

It’s just nice to share your blogs and let others know about you! Also, the same as last time – if you’re not included, please don’t take it to heart!

I do really love you all.

  1. https://aubreysarch.wordpress.com/
  2. http://raeofsparkles.com/
  3. https://allthingsbritneylee.wordpress.com/
  4. https://whimsywriter3.wordpress.com/
  5. https://theconfessionsofdepression.wordpress.com/
  6. https://mgrace58.wordpress.com/
  7. http://cindyknoke.com/
  8. https://insidethelifeofmoi.wordpress.com/
  9. https://thesimplebeginner.wordpress.com/
  10. https://darkpink.wordpress.com/

As I said previously, you don’t have to do anything about this or even acknowledge it in fact – it’s just nice to pass the award onto others! 


Enjoy your day/weekend!


The Versatile Blogger Award!


Last night I had the pleasure of receiving my first blog award, and I’m telling you now, it feels so good! I’m still smiling super hard at the minute, I have the cheesiest grin on my face and one thing’s for sure, it’s definitely made my day, and my week! I was nominated by Emily from – https://emilysbookcase.wordpress.com/ she’s absolutely fantastic and has some really awesome blog posts, my favourites are:

All wonderful little reviews!

From what I’ve gathered, these are the rules:

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you. Check.
  2. Share 10 facts about yourself. Oh god, it’s at times like these that make me wonder ‘why am I so un-interesting?’ (That was a mouthful)
  3. Nominate some other bloggers. Pfft, easy. I would nominate all of you if I could!

So, 10 facts about me then. Try not to fall asleep through some of these!

  1. I currently carry around a ‘lucky’ coin with me. During my accident/crash the jeans I was wearing actually had to be cut off, well a few weeks back they were eventually returned to me, cut to shreds might I add, I liked those jeans as well! Anyway, I was rummaging around the pockets and I actually found a £1 coin inside them. I was so shocked! I currently carry it around with me everywhere and it probably won’t ever leave my side!
  2. I have an addiction to buying sneakers. I must have spent over £1,000 plus on them. It’s a weird obsession but at least I wear them though, a lot of people just collect them and leave them to gather dust on their shelves. My sneakers get dirty.
  3. The sneakers I get dirty, I clean. The trusty toothbrush comes out and I sit there cleaning off the specs of dirt and mud from the white laces and bottoms. I have to have clean shoes.
  4. I can’t actually eat spicy foods; I’m a huge wimp when it comes to stuff like that! Especially curry, I just don’t get it.
  5. I’m very cranky in the mornings, I get sleep but my body just feels so drained when I wake up. It’s probably stress and things weighing down on my brain, so it keeps it restless whilst my body sleeps (if that makes some sort of sense) so when I wake up, I’m just completely frazzled. Yeah, I hate mornings.
  6. I’m trying to get into poetry a lot more, I think I’ve finally found a purpose with my life. I want to inspire people through the medium of poetry! So that’s going to be pretty interesting, well for me anyway!
  7. I’m actually a regular with my Dominos delivery guys! We’re all on a first name basis now. Beat that!
  8. I have a genuine dislike for Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad. They’re just so dull. Please tell me I’m not the only one!
  9. I want to purchase a micro-pig, they’re just so cute!
  10. I still haven’t learned to drive yet, I definitely regret that. There’s always plenty of time to learn though but it’s just a daunting process.

Boy, that was tougher than it looked.

Okay, here are the blogs I follow that I’m passing the award onto! I’m not sure if any have previously received the award, if you have my apologies. It’s still pretty cool though, right?

  1. http://raeofsparkles.com/
  2. https://thesimplebeginner.wordpress.com/
  3. https://allthingsbritneylee.wordpress.com/
  4. http://cindyknoke.com/
  5. https://frecklemesilly.wordpress.com/
  6. http://swapnaskitchen.com/
  7. https://thehappytypewriter.wordpress.com/
  8. https://rebeccameyer1.wordpress.com/
  9. https://carissaprovenzano.wordpress.com/
  10. https://whimsywriter3.wordpress.com/

I’m not sure if there’s a certain amount of people you can nominate or not, in reality I would nominate all of my followers!

Please don’t feel disrespected if I didn’t include you, I still love you all! The fact you take the time to read my posts means so much!

I hope you all have a fantastic day! Until next time! :)

Photo credit - http://www.boredpanda.com/cute-smiling-animals/

Why I Need To Start Saving My Work.


My computer just crashed! :(

I’ve lost my whole blog post for today. I really need to start saving my work. I tend to just write it out on Word and then put it up on here.

I’m not going to be making this mistake again!

As a backup plan I’m offering up a few photos of Dexter when he was a puppy. Yes I’m ashamed. I’m using his cuteness to win you over…Is that bad? 





I hope this helps, hehe!

I’ll have a proper blog post for tomorrow!



Would You Like To See A Group/Community For Bloggers?

Brrr, it’s far too cold over here in the UK today and to make matters worse, it’s just started raining. Yuck. Not to worry though, I’m currently tucked up indoors with my tea in hand, biscuit in the other, slowly contemplating life’s greatest questions. Okay, maybe that’s a little overboard however one question did pop up and it’s one I want to ask to YOU. Yes, you reading this now – How would you like to see or even take part in a blogging group/community? In all seriousness there doesn’t seem to be a place where bloggers can go to. A place to promote a specific post, ask for feedback on a post or even just discuss certain topics with one another. I personally would love that! I would love to get to know my followers more, or even have the chance to discuss with them what they like or dislike then maybe write blog posts with one another. That would be awesome, right? To have the chance to network within the blogging world. (I’m still un-sure if I like the word ‘network’, it seems a little tacky to me but you know what I mean…I hope!) Although I’ve not been a blogger for a long period of time, I’ve made a few connections with other bloggers in recent months, however I can’t say I really ‘talk-talk’ with them – if that makes sense? It would be nice to see more bloggers talking to one another and discussing ideas or issues within the blogging world. I think it would be awesome if we just had a place where we can all go to and converse or promote our blogs. Obviously no spamming of promotion though. So, I was just wondering – would people like to see a blogging group/community? I mean say no if you mean no. I won’t be offended! It’s just I wouldn’t mind seeing bloggers interact more with one another.

And yes, the image was taken from the TV show Community, I definitely recommend it – it’s amazing!

Enjoy your day! :D


I’m Giving You 10 Reasons to Smile Today!

I’m shocked ladies and gentlemen. I’m slightly ashamed at myself for this as well. It’s only just dawned upon me, I actually forget to smile…A lot.

*(dun, dun, dun)*

But let’s face it – we all do.

We get too tied down within the negativity surrounding us, the stresses of everyday life soon take over and we find ourselves getting angry, frustrated and sad. We often let our emotions control us, making us forget to do the smallest yet simplest of things – like smiling.

We’ve forgotten that a simple smile can brighten someone’s day, so I’m taking a break from all the stresses and negativity of daily life to bring you 10 simple reasons to just sit and smile!

  1. Smiling often leads to laughing. I just smiled right now, I genuinely laughed. For no apparent reason either, it was just a natural reaction. I’m actually laughing as I type this! (*Whispers*…why am I so lonely?)
  2. Smiling is super contagious! Picture this, you’re in a coffee shop right now (no, not the one’s in Amsterdam, although I won’t judge you if you are!) you see someone who’s rather attractive across the room, you keep glancing at each other – go on, you both know you want to…What do you do? SMILE. If they smile back, boom – go talk to them!
  3. Please smile because of these cute puppy videos:

I mean, how can you not smile or at least giggle at any of those?!

  1. I think my favourite reason to smile is the fact Netflix was born. Without Netflix, what would I be doing with my Sunday nights? Hell – I don’t even know what I would be doing with every other night in fact!
  2. My poor use of grammar in item number 4?
  3. These beautiful and prestigious ‘fails’ of 2014. The video starts at around 25 seconds. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IrpjOLPuxrg honestly, these videos and the YouTube channel itself cheers me up so much. After you’ve finished all 25 minutes, yes – 25 minutes! Click on the channel and watch all the other videos, how’s that for a Monday evening?! Or two.
  4. The fact I said I was going on a diet yesterday yet I’ve already gorged upon a Dairy Milk chocolate bar. I’ll start the diet tomorrow, or maybe the next day or even the day after…shoot.
  5. I still don’t get Inception. Just why? eh.
  6. My dog just stole my cushion and ran up our garden with it, that one’s gone forever.
  7. Screw it, a 10 minute puppy compilation – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zgrrjh5_7IM if this doesn’t make you smile I don’t know what will!

I hope this has made you smile or at least some point smirk!

Enjoy your day and SMILE – it’s free!

Bonus picture – this one always puts a smile upon my face.


DIY Poetry!

A few days ago I wrote a post about wanting to change the face of poetry – http://routinedreamer.com/2015/03/02/changing-the-face-of-poetry/

Near the bottom of the post I explained I was going to be handing out envelopes (once my leg has healed) which included some poetry inside, in the attempts to change people’s perception on the topic.

Well, I’m currently halfway through that project and I just wanted to share with you guys how I’m getting on. The rest of this post is mainly pictures, however I will just say – I’m open for any suggestions into how I can ‘spruce’ them up a bit. Enjoy!

Here are the envelopes I’ve made. These genuinely took me ages, my poor little fingers! I accidently ordered card instead of paper so they took a lot longer to fold!

They don’t look as appealing here however I think I can blame Instagram for that!


Here are the back covers!


I’ve actually added these little cards I had made a while ago to stick the flap down, I can’t put them on though until the inside has been filled but I stuck this one down with Blu-Tack so you can get an idea of how they might look!

IMG_20150306_130936 (2)

They do read “Welcome to becoming a Routine Dreamer” unfortunately I’m not that good as a photographer as I once thought! Also, the phrase is a little tacky however I still think the logo looks pretty badass!

Finally, here’s how the front and the inside should hopefully look: 

The front – (This is the one I’m a tad sceptical on) I would love some help with what to put on the front!


It reads – “This is just a reminder, YOU are awesome! P.S. Turn this over and open it up…:) however they do look a bit tacky therefore I’m definitely going to be rethinking these, once again – I would love some suggestions on what to put on the front!

And, finally. Here’s the inside. Also a mock up-ish.


The two pieces of paper would be the poetry, and the two pictures are actually some really old business cards I had. They have the name Routine Dreamer on the back and a quote from Ghandi. I’ve got a lot more of them with other covers, they’ll probably be included in the final design!

Like I said, this is still kind of an early draft, and I would totally love to hear some thoughts/suggestions! 

Enjoy your day!


happy sad

Being Bullied Is Not Your Fault.


You have 1 new message.

“You look like a slut.”


You have 1 new message.

“No one likes you, you deserve to die.”


You have 1 new message.

“You’re a fat bitch, you should go kill yourself.”

Brutal, right?

With tech growing each second and social sites being built by the dozen – this opens up a whole new world for cyber bullies to troll and prey upon the vulnerable. Actually scrap that, not even the vulnerable, anyone. That’s right, anyone can be bullied or abused however it’s how we deal with it that shapes the outcome from the abuse.

The problem I’m having a hard time understanding is the fact that still in this day and age, millions upon millions of children and young adults will wake up tomorrow morning with a text like one of the one’s from above.

(I actually tried to tone those down as best I could – most are far worse.)

Bullying absolutely sickens me.

The worst part is when a child has the guts to do something about it yet certain teachers and head teachers will just let it fester until it becomes a bigger problem. A child’s safety is priority, so when a child comes to you with a claim that they’re being abused, mistreated and threatened whether it’s on or offline it should be taken very seriously. But sometimes it isn’t.

I grew up in a school where bullying wasn’t too serious. The teachers could deal with it in a calm and formal manor and most issues were resolved, just as school should be. But when I searched Google for ‘bullying in schools’ the results that came up were very shocking.

The most shocking was the sheer fact a parent had to search on an online forum to seek advice because their child was being bullied yet the teachers did absolutely nothing about it. It’s horrible.

I’m not trying to knock teachers either, far from it. Many do good work, MOST teachers do good work in fact, with pressures of marking, teaching and creating exciting lessons it can be very stressful. But when a teacher brushes the priority of a child’s safety off because of the fact they’re caught up with some marking means that there’s something’s seriously wrong.

The consequences of this?

The child will wake up in the morning with a new text saying crude and revolting things, they will walk to school feeling scared and vulnerable again and again, shattering every ounce of trust they put within their teacher. The child will finish the day with multiple slurs, texts and abusive sayings hurled into their confidence. They’ll end up walking home feeling depressed, tired and worthless and over time it will eventually drain them.

They’ll walk through their front door after a long day at school and feel far too scared to talk to their parents. This is what makes the problem worse. When you’re left alone with your thoughts it’s bad enough however having your head filled with insulting and degrading comments each day must be horrendous. That’s the effects we don’t get to see, the pain it causes at home. The feeling of not wanting to talk and then being asked to “cheer up” because your parents presume nothing’s wrong.

Sure, down the line the bullies might eventually stop after reporting it multiple times to the teachers and head teachers however the long term effects can be very problematic throughout adult life. Depression is rife within each person alive today, that’s just my opinion. We all form ideas of being sad, tired and lonely at times. Negativity can live within us. Maybe some people will disagree with that but from speaking with friends I know that’s how all of us feel at times. It’s just not to an extent where it takes control over our daily lives and not to the point where we can label it as ‘depression’ but just the fact that these tiny thoughts can take over every once in a while.

Now, considering that – just imagine your daily life after going through constant torrents of abuse day in and day out. You can’t really imagine it. I can’t, I haven’t went through it however I know just how horrible these thoughts can be. So to be getting bullied and to have to deal with this negativity must be a terrifying period of time.

But just remember, to anyone being bullied – it’s NOT YOUR fault.  I seriously can’t stress this enough.

Some people can rise above it, some people just find their own ways to brush it off however I know of a few people who still struggle to make friends, feel positive after a day at work, all from a result of being bullied as a kid. The most precious moments of our life, trashed and made painful all due to being bullied.

The fact is bullying is tragic. We forget I think that bullying can kill. The words and actions you use towards another human have an effect on them that can make them feel like they’re worth nothing. The words used can make them feel stuck and trapped as if there is no one to talk to. There’s always someone to talk to. I’ll post some links below that can benefit you greatly if you’re suffering from bullying. All can be done in confidentiality if that’s your wish.

But before I do that, I just want to say this. It may not help, it may be meaningless however I think it’s something that needs to be said. We forget to say these few phrases every now and then but I’m going to write it here today and hopefully it might help.

  • You’re awesome.
  • You’re beautiful.
  • And you brighten someone’s day.

Now you may not be feeling like you do at this very moment in time but it doesn’t mean you won’t. It’s not your fault you’re being bullied. You don’t deserve to be bullied, and no one does. It’s just how you decide to handle it which can shift certain thoughts and feelings within yourself. It definitely helps to talk to someone, anyone. A stranger, a consultant, a member of your family. Heck, write it in a journal and just let it all out.

Just remember all those 3 phrases above are true. I never thought they were, when I was younger I would look into the mirror and think ‘man am I ugly.” I wasn’t though. That’s not me being cocky, that’s not me being overly confident, it’s just the truth. We all hold an inner and outer beauty and what someone may dislike is what another human will like.

Here’s those links:

Just remember, if you’re being bullied it’s NOT your fault.

You’re awesome, beautiful and you’ll brighten someone’s day.

If you have any thoughts/comments please feel free to leave them!

I hope you enjoy your day/week!



Changing The Face of Poetry!

“Poetry is boring”

How many times have you heard that? Actually, scrap that. How many times have you thought that? I know I have. Heck, I even adore writing and reading poetry yet I find myself in this state of boredom whenever I delve into the world of trying to understand it. To me, poetry feels significantly outdated, there’s no connection between poetry and creativity anymore it seems, well creativity from my youth that is. It’s like an ageing art form that’s slowly diminishing around the confines of the ever growing tech world.

Think about this. When you say the word poetry aloud, where does your mind go? Who and what do you see? For me, I always see a middle aged white man preaching about the latest tales from his new book. Is that wrong of me to think that way? Some would probably say yes and others will say no. To me, poetry definitely isn’t a thing of the past, it’s just we as a society have made it a thing of the past because it’s not the ‘in’ thing. It’s not pushed onto a platform that’s spread to the masses. Where do you go for your daily music fix? YouTube, the radio, Soundcloud…The list goes on. Now, when you want to listen to some poetry or some spoken word stuff, something a bit deeper than your standard music being released (I’m not saying music can’t be deep) there doesn’t seem to be this wide variety of platforms to search. It’s almost non-existent.

I think this needs to change.

Poetry should be respected by the old and young. We need to take the words written from the past and learn from them, but if you want to get people to enjoy poetry more, it needs to be modernised. The whole stigma and perception we have of it needs to change. I’m trying something new, I’ve got a goal set for 2015, well a goal for the first time in my life in fact. I want to change the perception of poetry, the way my youth looks at it with disgust today. If I were to ask a friend what they felt when they heard the word poetry, they would definitely tell me it’s boring, not worth the time or to put it as bluntly as they would – “it’s shit.”

Truth is, it’s not wrong for thinking like that, we all have our own opinions however it’s a tad unfair when our opinions are based on what society as a whole thinks rather than taking the time to learn about poetry and read some stuff for yourself. After you’ve done that and you still think it’s ‘boring’ and ‘old’ I’m not going to hold it against you. It’s your opinion, you can like what you like, just don’t cast a judgement on something because of the way others surrounding you do.

So how will I be trying this?

I’m starting a new thing once my leg is fully healed, I’m making these cool little DIY envelopes made from paper and on the inside there will be some form of compliment and a piece of poetry. I’m hoping to get a few of these made with my time off and stock pile them for when I go out. My goal is to hand them to the people in the streets, hoping to either cheer them up for the day and change how poetry can be used. Let the perception be seen as a happy thing. Something a little different.

I’m not sure if this will go as well as my little minds thinking however I think the idea of being given a small handmade envelope, with a piece of poetry is pretty cool. I know it would make my day.

I would love to hear your thoughts on that? If you have any suggestions please leave a comment!

I do understand poetry isn’t for everyone though. It wasn’t for me at first, I presumed it was ‘boring’ and ‘old’ all because of the way society presented itself to me. Once I began reading and writing some stuff I realised how fun it can actually be.

So join me, in my attempts to change the face of the modern poet!

What are your thoughts on this?

Enjoy your day!



No Submissions!…Don’t Worry, I’m Still Happy!

Unfortunately this whole ‘creative writing’ idea/challenge didn’t work out too well. 

I had no submissions! 

Ah well, it was worth a shot right? I’m not too sure if I’m going to try it again next Monday as I think it might be the same result. I will hopefully try re-introducing it once I have a few more followers!

A word of warning though, you’re still more than welcome to submit some writing if you’ve wrote anything out! I will still be happy to put it on my blog! - Also if you’re just reading this now and wish to take part, here’s the link – http://routinedreamer.com/2015/02/23/creative-writing-challenge-rules-ideas/

I will be back to posting regularly next week, I didn’t bother this week as I wanted any visitors to see the creative writing idea post if they somehow happened to stumble upon my blog!

That will probably wrap this one up for today.

I hope you all have a swell weekend!

Until next time folks! :D


Creative Writing Challenge! Rules & Ideas! Ends Friday!

Please excuse my dull first paragraph! The rules and ideas are a few paragraphs below!

Okay, so I haven’t had much luck with the whole ‘creative writing’ idea. I guess that’s my fault for making it so vague. I’ve spent some time over the weekend coming up with ideas and rules that will hopefully intrigue you and take your interest!

I’ve had a huge re-think and I think the whole prize idea’s a bit too difficult at this stage. That’s mainly due to me being over in the UK and most people who visit my blog are from America but that doesn’t mean there’s not some type of prize! The fact is you all get a prize if you enter!

You might be a bit confused here, but I’ve decided if you submit some work I’ll post it on my blog!

I don’t have thousands upon thousands of followers so it might not boost your stats or anything however I think it’s pretty fun. I’ll probably create a sub-section for it, a heading along the top and feature it there. Depending on the levels of interest I might even make it a weekly thing. I’ll probably pick a winner from who I think is the best or whoever gets the most likes to be featured on the front of my page.

I’ll also being doing this for poetry too. But that won’t be until I see how this goes. I hope that makes some sort of sense! Here are the rules and ideas!


  • You’re at a campfire with your friends and family (or girlfriend/boyfriend) but you hear a rustle outside your tent. You go out to investigate and see a trail leading off into the woods. As you inspect further you notice the footprints aren’t that of a human or animal, you can decide to find a place of hiding or investigate this mysterious being.

With that one it can be whatever you like. I’m talking zombies, monsters, a weird zombie-monster hybrid. Pretty much anything. You can make up the mysterious creatures powers or abilities as well.

  • You’re in a café/restaurant and the person you’re on a date with is constantly on their phone, you keep trying to push for conversation however they’re too intrigued with what’s on the screen. It’s startled them. You peak over and find a rather unsettling picture.

You can pick the characters for this one, an example; the person on the date could be a detective who’s undercover trying to get into the other person’s life for a specific case. You can make this whatever you like! I only ask it’s nothing too disgusting that’s uncovered on the phone.

  • You suspect your significant other is having an affair, you tail them and their day to see what they’re really doing.

Pretty much self-explanatory, you can even make it funny if you like!

  • You find a suitcase that’s been washed up on the beach during a day out with your friends. You open the suitcase and you find instructions inside.

This one’s my favourite out of the bunch, although that won’t make any judging biased. You can take this story anywhere, it could be secret details to a mission, a leaked document, a conspiracy…The possibilities are endless!

  • Whilst exploring in the mountains you find a mysterious egg, the shell of the egg starts breaking.

Yeah I went all Game of Throney, I like that shit.


  • Only a limit of 2,000 words. Obviously I don’t mind if it goes over by a few or is under a few. It’s just a guideline really, you can write as little as you want as well. You don’t have to be bang on that amount!
  • You can submit them by comment or email. My email is – routinedreamer@gmail.com
  • You can send in two submissions, they can’t be two stories under the same idea though.
  • Not fussed on swearing or sexual themes just make sure they don’t dominate the story!
  • All I really ask is you have fun with it!

Like I said, you will be featured on my blog just for submitting so that’s a win-win.

The closing date will be this Friday and then I’ll write some more ideas for over the weekend to restart it the following Monday! Like I said, I will probably do this with poetry as well but I’ll stick with the creative writing at the minute!

Oh and you don’t need to be an experienced writer or even serious about writing for this, it’s just something pretty fun to do!

I hope you enjoy your day/week!



Creative Writing Challenge…Prizes For The Winner!

*A word of warning, excuse the dull first paragraph…Trust me, it gets better.

I figure I need to explain why I haven’t posted as frequently as I once did, truth be told my creativity is at an all-time low, and it has been for the past few weeks in fact. I haven’t found anything remotely interesting to blog about, I’ve just been sat here going through pages and pages of ideas but they all seem so bland.

Until I stumbled upon this one… A creative writing challenge!

I took part in one of these ages ago and it was really fun! Essentially this is just a small post to see if anyone wanted to partake in the challenge! I’ve already decided there will be a prize of some sort at the end. I was thinking a gift card but that could change depending on who wins and their location!

Like I said, this is just an enquiry at the moment. I haven’t got the rules or ‘ideas’ formed as of yet however if there’s an interest I will get something together. I have a few ideas already but I just want to throw this out there and see if anyone wants to take part in it!

Like I said, there will be a prize! So you can be excited about it!

I figure I should mention this is open to anyone as well, just drop a comment if you’re interested or if you don’t want to do that you can email me – routinedreamer@gmail.com

There will more than likely be a few different categories as well, so it’s not just one niche genre! If this gets enough interest I will post a follow up on Friday with rules/prize ideas etc…

Okay. Enough blabbing.

Please write a comment/email if you’re interested!

Enjoy your day!



Please Indulge Into My Rather Hectic Writing Process!

As you can tell from the title, it’s a slow day. A very slow day.

I’m not afraid to admit that sometimes you can get a lull in creativity. But this doesn’t mean you’ll be bored to death halfway through reading my lacklustre attempt at some comedy. Let’s just say you’re in for a treat today.

Kind of.

It’s a Wednesday lunch time over here, I’ve just ordered myself a Dominos to eat. I’m about 10 steps away from my kitchen and a succulent chocolate bar, yet I find myself paying £20 for a large pizza, dough balls and chicken wings – the laziness is real people.

I’m not so sure if I’ve touched on this subject before, I think I have a few times but I’ve never really gone into depth with how I write. I’m not sure I should be going in depth either, it’s a bit of a mess. It’s definitely changed over the past few months though, I used to be able to just write and write until my fingers hurt, but now I’m struggling to just conjure up a few sentences without scrutinising the text itself!

It’s funny because I tend to create a substantial amount of Word Documents with brief ideas saved into a folder titled ‘Blogging’ however they always get over looked and ‘put to the bottom of the pile’ so to speak.

Well I dug into that folder today and found this hidden gem.

‘My Pathetic Writing Process.’

I shall let you all have a gander…It was mainly just bullet points of my day and what I wanted to cover, I’ve fine-tuned some of the writing and phrases I used to make it a bit more ‘jolly.’ I’ve also added to the list so it fits my current situation, enjoy!

P.S I started this ‘draft’ around 3 months ago, my writings changed so much since then.

  • Introduction to the blog post. A poor one at that.
  • Try adding some humour within the intro – somewhere, anywhere, wherever. God I suck at humour.
  • Ramble about useless and unintelligent information you good people don’t need.
  • Make bullet points about bullet points, yikes.
  • Watch Netflix for an hour. (The Office, of course)
  • Stare aimlessly into the computer screen whilst listening to The Office, having the occasional peak. By occasional I mean constant.
  • Eventually stop watching The Office.
  • Turn to my computer screen and click onto the Word document for this post.
  • Stare at it for 30 minutes without writing a single new word before I go onto Facebook.
  • Open a new tab for YouTube.
  • Waste multiple hours on YouTube.
  • Open a tab for food ideas, Dominos obviously pops up.
  • Order and eat Dominos whilst watching Netflix.
  • Eventually attempt to type some form of words whilst I listen to the TV.
  • Have my dog bark at me for Dominos and drown out all of the other noises surrounding me.
  • Give in and let him gorge into one of my dough balls, no, not a whole one. I’m not a monster.
  • Drop the Garlic and Herb dip whilst taking the rubbish out. Lazily let my dog lick most of it up before I mop.
  • Remember I should have hovered first before I mopped.
  • Re-hoover.
  • Finally remember about this post and come back to it, after I started it 4 hours ago!
  • Realise it’s been far too long and end up turning off Netflix.
  • Write these words your little voice is narrating now.
  • Go over and try adding some kind of humour and sass to it.
  • Look over for spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.
  • Finally post it, 6 hours after I started it.
  • Repeat again tomorrow.

As you can see I’m not the most efficient person, I actually forgot to include making multiple cups of tea. That would have been repeated far too many times in the list of what I’m now calling ‘The Essential Guidlines of Blogging.’ Tea’s the brain power I need for my writing, plus I get the excuse to chomp down on a packet of biscuits of course.

For a bonus point I’m throwing in a photo of my dog, Dexter. You can see why I give in easily, right?

Here you can see the lazy beast watching me ever so closely to see if he can get the chance for a nibble at my pizza! Yes I’m eating a few of the leftovers, don’t hate me!


Tell me, what’s your writing process?

Enjoy your day!



Why Writers Block Is Good For You!

At some point or another we’ve all been there. You find yourself with a cup of tea/coffee in hand, a blank word document with no words and your head lying on the coffee table trying to conjure up some creativity from out of nowhere. It’s tough, I know.

I’ve faced this a multitude of times and I don’t think it will ever go away. It’s an annoying part of the brain which makes you over-think and excruciate every word, paragraph and post you write. The thing is, you just need to learn to live with it.

I’ve slowly started to embrace the whole idea of having ‘writer’s block’ no matter how annoying it is. This whole idea of not being able to write is actually beneficial, you may not be following me but let me allow you to indulge into my thinking.

Believe it or not, this post is actually made from writers block, this post is writers block.

As that little voice narrates these words in your head, you’re actually reading my personal mental block. People have this misconception that you can overcome writers block and magically begin to write. Maybe you do, however I’m currently going through it, I’ve got 7 word documents open with different blog ideas and all have scribbles of creativity within them yet I’m too afraid to continue. My mind just can’t get past this certain point to have the guts and say, ‘you know what? I’m going to continue with this even if it comes out terrible’ and that’s exactly what this post is, terrible.


Remember the saying ‘practise makes perfect?’ well that’s what this writers block is. Practise. I’m practising writing and pushing through my mental block to hopefully one day create some insane type of perfection. Instead of getting angry, annoyed and stressed I’ve actually began to analyse the whole situation.

I personally ask myself a few questions:

  • ‘Why are you getting angry?’
  • ‘Why are you having this mental block?’
  • ‘What do you want to really blog about?’
  • ‘Why does this suck?’

But you shouldn’t need to be asking yourself these. These shouldn’t be anywhere near your mind, you’re smart, you’re intelligent. You begin to over-think the situation and your writing and you begin to doubt yourself time and time again. I’ve been doing this for a couple of months now. It’s a terrible habit, you know when your writings bad, that’s not what I would call writers block though, that’s just a halt in creativity. I personally define writers block as not having the motivation to write something substantial. Not being able to push out words people will enjoy reading.

Yet this whole post is the product of my writers block, it’s not the best post but it’s not the worst and you know what? I’m going to look back in maybe 5 months and have a better grasp on dealing with writers block because I’ve pushed through with this post and decided to publish it. I think every time I get this feeling of not being able to write or produce something my mind perceives as substantial I’m just going to write and write, and write. I think this way it will improve how I deal with writers block, it will improve my writing and one day I’ll be able to overcome this idea of having an actual ‘block.’

Just remember, practise makes perfect.

Embrace your writers block folks!

P.s I think I’ve set the record for the most amount of times using the word ‘writers block.’ Woo! 

What are your thoughts on ‘writers block?’

Enjoy your day!


Anne Frank

“Paper Has More Patience Than People”

Anne Frank – The Diary of a Young Girl.

I finally finished the book last night! I was just too gripped and couldn’t put it down; I spent all of yesterday reading it. It’s definitely tugged at the heart strings and I think this one will stick with me forever, that’s probably a cliché you hear all the time but it’s such a terrible reminder of the past that I don’t think I’ll be forgetting Anne’s accounts of it any time soon.

My thoughts on the book?

Straight from the first few pages you can tell Anne Frank was a very deep and personal girl, she was definitely ahead of her time. She had this ability to capture each of the families’ surroundings and their minor existence into such a small and condensed diary. She perfectly described her isolation and suffering, as a child who desperately wanted to experience the process of growing up.

Her diary was a first-hand source and an insight into the emotional depths of life in hiding, the pain and anguish suffered at the hands of war. I think she would be proud that her personal diary has been shared to millions of people all across the world, but there’s one thing I still can’t shake, she was just a child. A child who couldn’t experience growing up with her friends, or experience life beyond the annexe. That’s what really gets to me. How lucky I am to be free, how easy life actually is. We take nature and our surroundings for granted, I can look out of my window 24/7, I can step into my garden and feel the wind on my face however they couldn’t. Their human rights to do so were stripped and it was if they were forgotten.

I’m surprised it didn’t drive anyone insane either. When you really think about it, they all shared each other’s lives, there wasn’t a place where they could feel ‘free’. It was a forced living space where they all integrated to become one. Just think about it, living with another family and having to eat, shower and converse with them 24/7. Well not 24/7 but most of the time.

They all had to live within fear, they had to listen to the sounds of war as they tried to get some peace. Imagine being younger again, trapped within the confines of a secret annexe where the outside world was cut off from you. As the night finally draws in all you can hear are the sounds of machine guns firing rapidly, bombs dropping over the city and the roar of airplanes overhead. It’s scary to just think about it let alone live it and as a 19 year old male this would deeply terrify me, so to be a young girl at the time, I just can’t conjure up a thought of how it would actually feel.

I think the one thing that really surprised me though was the level of intelligence Anne really had. The words she used to describe specific situations really shocked me. As a non-reader, who’s slowly getting back into reading this book will probably stay with me for life. It might sound strange to some however it really hits home how easy I actually have it. It’s the first ‘proper’ book I’ve read without wanting to put it down and it’s real. I forget sometimes this actually happened, a young child growing up with so much negativity surrounding her however managed to try keeping a positive outlook on life.

If you’re like myself and you aren’t the biggest of readers and are just looking to get your feet wet in the gigantic pool of reading I would personally recommend this, although it might make you a bit emotional, as it did me.

Favourite quote – “Who would ever think that so much went on in the soul of a young girl?”

Oh how so very true.

If you’ve read the book or are currently reading it, what are your thoughts?


20 Questions!

I’ve come to the conclusion I’m a very nosey guy, let me guess, you’re also a very nosey person as well? Honestly if I hear a sound outside my window I’m up, peering through the curtain. Often whispering to myself “there’s nothing there, you’re safe” and then closing everything up and worrying myself to sleep. Only to wake up and see it’s one of our bins which has fallen over due to a measly gust of wind! Okay, it doesn’t always (ever) go like that but you get the picture. I enjoy being nosey and I enjoy finding out new things about people, with this being said I received a notification from a rather fantastic blog to get just that chance.

The blog in handhttp://raeofsparkles.com/

If you haven’t heard of this blog or seen anything on there before prepare to be amazed. Plus there’s plenty of glitter, who doesn’t love some glitter?

Anyway from what I’ve gathered it’s just answering 20 questions about myself, which gives you the chance to be nosey and learn about me! So, here we go.

20 things about me!

What’s your nickname? Dobby, yes you read that right, Dobby. I’ve been stuck with it since a kid and it isn’t leaving anytime soon! It’s down to the Harry Potter films, my small stature and my similar second name. It’s considered as my actual name now; no one ever calls me Jake anymore. Apart from my parents! If I’m out and someone’s calling me Jake it just seems weird. No I’m not a house-elf either!

How tall are you? I’m not too sure on that, I’m pretty small though. If I were to take a stab at it I would say around 5’3. Yeah I’m tiny.

How old are you? 19. I’m still rather young, lucky for some ay!

Birth place? United Kingdom, a little town called Oxford. Well not little but you know what I mean!

Ancestral home? From what I’ve been told there’s some Caribbean in me, Trinidad and Tobago to be precise. Although I’ve not visited there before I would like to go one day. In all honesty I’ve never learned too much about where I come from, I just consider myself as British.

Favourite colour? Definitely blue, there’s something tranquil to it, why am I relating tranquillity to colours?

Favourite verse in the Bible? Unfortunately I’ve never read the Bible, I can’t answer that one!

Favourite cuisine? Definitely Italian! I could live on their pizza and pasta!

Favourite artist? I would have to say 2pac, he was a very interesting character. He was rowdy at times but most songs were for the people without voices. Well, that’s what I took from him anyway. Obviously there are a lot of his songs which are more aggressive in nature but he’s always inspired me for some reason. He created music for the masses. Music you could relate to!

Strangest talent? The ability to work my way into embarrassing situations…In all seriousness though it would have to be my attempts at creating poetry. I never thought I would like poetry in the past but I seriously enjoy it, I’m not a professional or anything of the sort but I guess it’s a small talent of mine.

Drink of choice? I don’t actually drink alcohol! I think that’s what this question was asking, but my favourite drink is definitely a cup of tea. There’s nothing better than coming home from a wet and rainy day with a hot cup of tea and a pack of biscuits.  

Biggest dream? To be able to own my house. There’s something rewarding about being able to own your own house and it’s a realistic dream as well. Although I have ambitions to travel and see the world, being able to come home after a 9-5 and say “I own this house” is a huge achievement. Well in my eyes anyway!

How do you take your coffee? Sorry, only tea for me! 

Currently obsessed with? Reading! I’ve only just got back into it but boy do I love it. If you have any suggestions please feel free to recommend them to me!

Biggest fear? I think bungee jumping or sky-diving. Those two just make me shudder! I just don’t get them!

Something you never thought you would get to do? Travel. I never travelled as a child and we didn’t really venture out of our town a lot. I created my bucket list on this blog and that inspired me to actually take my first trip, ever. That was to Paris with my friend and at the time it wasn’t as ‘spruced’ up as I thought it would be but it was an experience I never thought I could do. Now, I’m hooked!

Humanitarian cause? I always help anyone who needs it, but I tend to help out the homeless a little more. I’m not sure if that’s wrong to say but I just hate the idea of a child being on the streets with little food and shelter, it’s horrible.

Skill you would like to learn? How to cook properly, most of my stuff is basic pasta and beans on toast! But I would really enjoy getting my hands into complex dishes, it’s impressive stuff and a huge life skill!

Experience you want to have? I’m not sure if this is considered an experience, but I would love to have a child one day. Obviously far into the future of course but I would love to have a little version of me running around!

Something random about yourself? I can re-watch The Office and not get bored. I don’t know what it is about that show but for some reason I just love it!

There we are! 20 things about me.

I think I’m supposed to nominate a few people to do this as well but it’s quite hard to pick a certain amount of followers therefore I’m going to cheat, I want all my followers to do this. Only if you want to of course. I think the fact you’ve decided to follow me and my writing means something, why am I not getting to know you guys?

Thanks once again to Shauna from http://raeofsparkles.com/ for including me in this! Definitely check out her blog, I would be very surprised if you didn’t like it!

I look forward to being nosey and reading your posts!



Help Needed. I Would Love Some Book Suggestions!

How many times have you picked up a book and half-heartedly read it? Or purchased one out of stupidity, with the vain idea and hopes that you’ll read it one day at a later date? I’ve done this far too often, but something happened the other day. Something I’ve not done in years. I actually finished my first book and truth be told, I loved it. It was odd, I’m so used to being put off by reading and discouraged whenever I’ve picked a book up in the past, but the truth is there’s only so much TV you can watch. Only so many games you can play until it gets repetitive. I’ve swapped the controller for a stack of books and I’m enjoying them more than ever.

I’m wondering to myself, why did I even stop? I love the idea of escaping into a fantasy land where I can conjure pictures up in my mind of characters and their different scenarios. That’s something you can’t get from games okay, you can however it’s just not as in depth. You picture the characters in games but with books, there’s something different. You get to make your own mind up on them; I totally forgot how fun it was to read.

I think I lost touch with reading due to the forceful nature of school, they made it seem like a chore rather than an enjoyable thing to do.

I recently read some of the more ‘child-ish’ books you could say. Just to get into the swing of things and I really enjoyed them, they were: Holes, Small Steps (which is like a follow up to Holes) and 12 Years a Slave. I know, one extreme to the other. But I thoroughly enjoyed them.

So what’s my problem?

I’m at a bit of a halt on where to go next. It seems as if the world of books is so saturated and mass produced I’m un-sure where to go as a beginner. I’ve recently purchased the Harry Potter series as I’ve always wanted to read them. But apart from that, I just haven’t got a clue.

This is where you come in!

I would appreciate it greatly if you guys and girls have any suggestions for me! I’ve got so much spare time on my hands I would love a good stack of books to read. I guess it would help if you knew my preferences, right?

I mainly enjoy fantasy but I’m actually looking for a romance book to read. I know, it seems strange but I’ve always wanted to read a good romance for some reason. Not 50 Shades of Grey style though, nothing like that please!

I’m not a huge lover of sci-fi stuff either, just biographies and fantasy. Something deep, like a thriller. I was going to purchase Gone Girl but I’m a bit un-sure. Truth be told I’m happy with any suggestions but nothing too serious or over powering as of yet. I guess something that’s light hearted and fun. That went all over the place and probably didn’t help. But yeah, I would totally love to hear some suggestions if you have any!

What are your favourite books?



Why You Need a Pen-Pal!

As I sit here blankly staring at my computer screen, with multiple Pringles in hand and an open Word document with words yet to actually be written, I can’t help but wonder what do I write about next? After shovelling more Pringles in my mouth and gorging religiously on pizza, I hear the sound of a new notification!

A new notification I thought to myself? How exciting!

It was from my Gmail account and for once it wasn’t actually spam! That’s always a good sign, right? I should have realised that it was a new message from my pen-pal! All the way from Australia!

Let me explain…

A few years ago having a pen-pal seemed a thing of the past; well from my perspective it did anyway. The whole aspect of writing letters and sending them half way across the world just didn’t appeal to me and to be honest it still doesn’t.

But for some reason I completely forgot you don’t need to write letters anymore. There’s other ways of communication and it seemed like pen-palling (if that’s even a word) just dropped off the edge of the world. The way we communicate has changed vastly throughout time and it’s far easier to interact with someone in another country.

So why aren’t we doing it? I think we need to bring back the pen-pal.

I’m currently emailing back and forth someone from Australia and I’ve learned so much about their culture and how day to day life proceeds over there. It’s nice as well; the person I’m talking to is the same age as me. It wasn’t just a draw of the hat type of thing; it’s a lot easier to choose someone you want to communicate with. You can do it based on location, age and gender.

I’m not sure if you could pick and choose so selectively in the past but it’s become so much easier! Also with me being home a lot I don’t get the chance to go out and socialise as much as I used to. Until my leg heals that is. It’s given me the chance to do that again, it’s given me the chance to talk to a total stranger and learn about their life. Learn about another person just looking for friendship halfway across the world and I could safely say they’re a friend rather than a stranger now.

Word of advice though, don’t exchange any personal information straight away. You never know who you could be talking to. For the most part everyone’s normal and genuine, but you can never be too careful. Me and my pen-pal have only just swapped photos and we’ve had some lengthy conversations for some time now! Only do it if you feel comfortable!

This is where I found my pen-pal. There are other sites but I found this the easiest to use!


You’ll need to make an account but it takes about 20 seconds. You just need a username and password, no email needed! You can exchange how you would like to contact someone through PM on Reddit.

I just figured I would throw this out there to the people who are just interested in communicating with others.

Enjoy your day!


I’m Now The Monopoly Man!


Be warned, a paragraph of grumpy Jake proceeds! No need to worry though, he leaves after that paragraph. You’re in safe hands! 

As I’m currently off work, I’m looking for extra ways to earn income. Thus I’m now being dubbed as the Monopoly man as I scour for ways to earn extra cash sitting at home, interesting observation: have you ever noticed how similar the Monopoly man is to the Pringle man? Strange world. Off topic, apologies. Back to the post at hand!

Before I get into this post I would just like to say this isn’t one of those “how to” step by step guides into earning extra money. It’s just what I’ve experienced and personally learned. I’m not getting huge amounts either however from what I’ve tried it may actually benefit you! That’s the whole reason for this post, I don’t want it to take the direction of being a ‘guide’ to anything, and it’s just simply a post to hopefully benefit my readers and future readers looking back! Take note on the word hopefully there!

Okay, grumpy old Jake has gone. Woo! 

Step one.

Just messing with ya! 

But seriously let’s face it, we’ve all been lazing around the house one day and had that ridiculous thought of ‘how can I make more money?’ I’m a sucker for it, a huge sucker. It definitely doesn’t help I spend most of my income on clothes and food. I’m a sinner, I know.

But I remember one day Googling – “how to earn extra income at home” (I’ve definitely spruced that wording up for you, it was more than likely along the lines of “please help, I need extra cash” or just a general plea on a whim it reaches a billionaire who pities my existence and decides to help) Yeah ignore that last bracket! 

The problem was most sites were either scams of just looked rather shady, there was nothing solid to say ‘this site is good’ or ‘this is a great place’ well, with my time off I’ve been doing some digging! I’ve tried most of these sites and in truth they’ve helped me a bit. I’m not going to lie and say I’ve earned as much as I would working but hey, if I’ve got extra money for pizza and a bit extra on top of that to purchase the streaky bacon to put on my pizza, well I’m happy!

So here are my 5 sites that have worked for me!

As a disclaimer, I would like to warn you, what works for me may not work for you! It all helps though, right?

  1. eBay- It’s a classic. It’s a tad frustrating at times however it’s your bog standard place to go. I personally sold a bunch of old PlayStation games on there recently and received a fair amount for them. What you have to consider when selling your old items is how much they’re worth now, not when you first purchased them. I was rather silly into thinking I could get the top price for them however I couldn’t have been more wrong! The thing is I never played them as much as I used to and they were just sat there consuming dust, it was silly not to sell them! You can do this with pretty much anything as well, it’s not going to get you super rich but it’s going to bring in a little bit for something you don’t want anymore.
  2. Music Magpie- I’m not sure if this sites compatible in the US however over here in the UK it’s pretty big. It’s essentially a site to help you sell your old games, dvds and electronics. Now I’m not going to lie I will only use this site if I’m really desperate as their pricing is rather low. If you’re in a tight spot and need some cash quick you can sell your old stuff here but like I said don’t be disheartened by their pricing, if you don’t agree with it try elsewhere!
  3. Amazon Trade-In- A more widely known company, although my eyes disagree with their interface (not that I’m going to worry too much about that) they have this awesome trade in section on their site. This one can only earn you an Amazon gift card but it’s still pretty nifty. If you trade in items over £10 it’s free delivery as well, after they’ve received your product your account’s gift card section will have a deposited amount. It’s a good investment from Amazon; they get an item from you and in turn give you money to spend on their online store. I guess for us the consumers it’s also a win-win, we get rid of old clutter and get money to buy more clutter!
  4. Etsy- I personally use this site to purchase items rather than sell, it’s more focused on vintage/homemade items. You can purchase some great steals on there to. There are absolutely tons of quirky little products. As I said, I use the site more for buying however if you do have nifty little items laying around or you make homemade items, it’s definitely worth a shot trying to sell them on there! Also the fee is only a 3.5% cut whereas eBay’s is 10%. So profit wise you’re definitely getting more bang for your buck! Did I really just type that?
  5. Gumtree – Another selling site like the others however this one just seems to have it all. As well as being able to get rid of your old stuff, you can actually look up other things such as jobs, services and renting spaces. It’s essentially your all in one spot to find everything you need!

Now I understand most of these are selling sites and you have to actually put in a lot of work to get things shifted however I’ve sold a fair amount and pocketed a little bit of profit. I could talk about these pay for click sites or getting paid to review music sites however I’ve never tried them and I don’t think I will. I think sites like those will take far too long for you to see any results, they’re fantastic ideas but it’s not worth sitting on the computer for hours upon end, going through surveys and reviewing music to make a measly £5 and sometimes it’s not even that much!

One thing not to forget though: consider the delivery costs and the cost to actually wrap what you’re selling first! Then price up your item just to make sure you make a little bit of money out of it!

So my advice, search around your house for stuff you don’t use anymore or stuff you don’t need. Then search around see what the prices are like, especially the variety on eBay and Amazon and then go from there!

*Grumpy Jake realises he contradicts himself above* 

Okay, it went a little step by step at the end. At least I’m not as grumpy anymore!

How do you earn extra income whilst at home?


Today I learned!…Learned What?


It’s been a shockingly long time since I’ve picked up a text book or even conjured the thought of actually ‘learning’ again. We’ve all heard the saying ‘you learn something new every day’ and technically to some extent there’s some truth to it. But is it all really useful information?

I’m a huge geek for random facts, especially if they’re well-presented and for bonus points, listed. It’s a nice easy read and most are rather light hearted.

I hope you can see where this is going?…

So with me trying to get back into the swing of things, I’m going to present to you the 10 wonderful ‘facts’ I’ve learned today. It’s nothing fancy, purely random but I hope to spread the happiness I had when I learned these, onto you!

Then you pass it onto some else; it could be over dinner with your partner, a piece of small talk in those awkward situations or really anything!

Just enjoy! (It’s going to be all over the place)

  1. During the 1800’s there was a baboon employed to be a signal man, the most remarkable thing about this was he never made a mistake! How fantastic is that? Now obviously I could be making this up so to back up this rather wacky and yet oddly beautiful fact, here’s the original source – http://www.earthfoot.org/lit_zone/signalmn.htm it’s also on Wikipedia and other sites, if you want to know more just Google – Jack the signalman.
  2. In 1950 a man in Wales (UK) was wrongly convicted for the murder of his wife and child. His punishment was death by hanging, as it was a miscarriage of justice it played a huge part in the abolishment of capital punishment. Source -http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Timothy_Evans okay don’t tell your partner that over dinner!
  3. We’ve all heard of TIME magazine, it’s huge. But do you really know what it stands for? No me neither, I’ve always assumed it was just called ‘TIME’ it actually means ‘The International Magazine of Events’ how awesome is that? My favourite one of the day. Source – http://blogcritics.org/only-time-will-tell-time-magazine/
  4. Do you guys remember Alcatraz? Or at least heard of it! Well at the time the prison actually offered the inmates hot showers, they believed if the prisoners started to accumulate to the hot water, when making an escape attempt they wouldn’t be able to withstand against the freezing water of the San Francisco Bay! Source – http://www.wired.com/2012/03/march-21-1963-the-rock/
  5. Queen Elizabeth the 2nd doesn’t actually need a passport! I’m shocked for some reason; I shouldn’t be but man that’s an awesome fact. It’s because all passports are issued under her name therefore she doesn’t need one for herself; she simply has to say “I’m the queen” Is it bad I feel so dumb? Source – http://www.history.com/news/8-things-you-may-not-know-about-queen-elizabeth-ii
  6. Another fact for the Queen, because her portrait has been on international bank notes throughout her entire life you can actually create a timeline of her ageing process! – http://mentalfloss.com/article/52759/15-international-banknotes-show-queen-elizabeth%E2%80%99s-aging-process
  7. Vincent Van Gogh’s last words were “The sadness will last forever” how heart breaking’s that?! Source – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vincent_van_Gogh#Death
  8. The asteroid impact that supposedly wiped out the dinosaurs may have been powerful enough to actually send partial Earth rocks back to Mars therefore if we ever do find life on Mars it may have actually originated from Earth! http://www.history.com/news/dinosaur-asteroid-may-have-sent-life-into-space
  9. This one’s rather touching, an adopted man in Michigan spent 4 years searching for his birth mother only to find out she worked at the same store as him! Source – http://www.today.com/id/22340497/ns/today-today_news/t/man-finds-birth-mom-years-later-work/
  10. In 2013, when Google went down for 5 minutes the global internet traffic actually dropped by 40% how staggering is that? 40% source – http://www.cnet.com/news/google-goes-down-for-5-minutes-internet-traffic-drops-40/

There we go 10 things I’ve learned today.

This wasn’t going to be the best post but it was nice to get back into the swing of things!

Now I’m not going to lie, I didn’t think of this idea myself. I’m a bit of a cheat like that, first week getting back and all (I’m sticking to that excuse by the way) but I got the idea from browsing Reddit! Here’s the link, there’s so much more ‘things to learn’ but I picked out my favourite 10. Hopefully you can find some to share as well!


Apart from the above, what did you learn today?



My Final Bus Crash Post, Back to Blogging on Monday!

I should be in Amsterdam right now? *Grumpy face*

I’ve had a rather ghastly string of bad luck as of late; this painfully annoying bus accident/incident and I later found out that my bank account has had fraudulent activity since I’ve been in hospital. Definitely not what I needed! Things can only get better, right? It’s a shame I couldn’t cross Amsterdam off my bucket list this year, but there’s bound to be other times. It’s just a bit tiring after hyping it up so much, shelling out ‘x’ amount of (non-refundable) money and then not being able to make it. It’s just one of those unfortunate events I guess. As the title says it’s my final post on the incident, I just want to get back to regular blogging now, there’s only so much Netflix you can watch. Plus my brains going idle. I’ve rambled on about this crash for a few posts but haven’t gone into detail about it; I figured this post is going to be all about that. Then once this is over I can move on to my regular ramblings you’re all so used to!

In truth there’s not a lot to go into, it’s just been bugging me I haven’t wrote it down. This blogs like a diary I guess, I’ve shared all my experiences with you so far so this is obviously going to be one to include.

I’m skipping all the huge boring before bits, it’s useless information that I don’t need to share, or am I just too lazy to go into huge detail? I’ll go with the later. (Just kidding folks!)

Also before I go any further, to the people who think I’m over-exaggerating or over-doing it, fuck you. A few people are guaranteed to say “you’re definitely over doing it” (some have) but considering it was a huge lorry that hit into the back of the bus it could have been far worse. It was also a huge shock to the system and a huge shock to everyone else included so please refrain from being a jerk. I guess for my American readers the lingo is a tad different as well, a lorry over here is a truck out there. I figure I should mention that considering I have more American readers than English, not that I’m complaining!

It was a bit of a shock when I found out the bus broke down, no one was panicking though, and everyone seemed rather calm. I personally thought we were safe, I think most of us thought we were pulled into the side lane. It was quite a filled bus though and most had just come from some gig so everyone’s spirits were high. I was sat in the back right, my usual seat with two of my other friends sat on the back left. There was a guy who sat next to me, a bit of a large guy, not fat but definitely not thin.

Considering we were broken down a few people decided to get off of the bus to go for a few cigarettes, then after a few minutes passed and they then got back on the bus, unfortunately that’s when the lorry hit.

I don’t remember the feeling of being hit in all honesty, considering it was a huge ass lorry that came into the back of us. I’m starting to remember partial feelings and noises now that sometimes make me judder but my traumas not been too bad, it’s just remembering how to walk again and getting my broken bones back to normal. I must have blacked out for a few seconds but I do remember the motion of the bus swaying sideways. My head hit the window but I genuinely didn’t feel it. When I came to which was only seconds after I thought we had just spun around. We were actually tipped and resting on the lorry itself, essentially we were pretty close to the ground. It was lucky I was in that position otherwise I think I would have gone through the window and my head would have hit the ground, god only knows what condition it could have been then.

The guy who was sat next to me was actually laid on top of me, man did that hurt. Like I said he was a big guy and me being rather small didn’t help. I told him he had to get off me as I couldn’t move. At the time I thought I just had a dead leg, I didn’t even know it was trapped. It was like my body hadn’t accumulated to the pain or my surroundings. My friend and I eventually pushed him off and that’s when I looked around and saw pretty much everyone else was off the bus.

Like I said my head went through the window leaving a rather bloody mess (so my friend says) I can only remember my leg hurting at that point. He said there was a pile of blood on the floor but obviously I wasn’t focused on that. The window was where I was trying to exit but as I reached to find my phone and things I felt my right thigh. I thought it was my phone but that was flung out somewhere (I got it back thank god) and soon realised it was my thigh bone. It was broke, I was in a lot of pain then, it was feeling rather numb. Then every time I tried to move the pain got incrementally worse.

It was obvious that as the lorry hit into the back of us, my chair was pushed forward. That meant the bottom of my leg was pushed into the seat in front, trapping it but because my thigh had no space to move it’s snapped on impact. Total bummer. As I’m trying to get free and my friends trying to help me get free a few others realised what was going on. Most people realised I was trapped and proceeded to help.

Now, I’m not going to mention names as I’m unsure if they even want to be in this blog post but they know who they are. I genuinely can’t thank them enough. If the guy who didn’t grab me by the shoulders to hoist me out and get me to safety I would have been there in much more pain, he even sat with me until the ambulance came and just chatted with me. Obviously to everyone else there; my friends and just people in general putting blankets on me it was a huge help. But words can’t express how thankful I am.

As they pulled me out I saw the bottom of my leg flap around everywhere, that’s when I knew it was broken. I just laid on the floor until the ambulance services came and took me away. I can’t thank them enough either, they were rather helpful when dealing with my situation and were very professional. They’re very unappreciated in today’s media, all you tend to see is the bad stuff being published but in truth the amount of lives they save on a daily basis is remarkable and all that good gets constantly put down by negative press, it’s really shocking.

It was surreal and an experience that will live with me forever. I’m lucky as I didn’t face the trauma of actually seeing the devastation; I only was worrying about myself. But for my friends and others it was much worse. My closest friends had to see me in a fair amount of pain just laid there; it was a huge shock for them and I’m grateful they were all okay.

The odd thing was I worried about someone getting a hold of my parents more than anything, I think the shock just over took everything and I wanted them to know as soon as possible. I couldn’t really do much as I just laid there, staring up at the bus. I thought it was going to fall in all honesty, but it was buried quite deep. It’s odd to know I was sat where the lorry hit, I’m not a spiritual or religious man but someone or something definitely saved me that night.

I hadn’t broke any bones previously either or even been in that much pain, so to break 3 in one night was a way to kick things off! Not that I want to break anymore! Considering what happened I was so lucky. There was another injury, far more serious than mine. I’m not sure of the details but from what I’ve gathered from friends and such, someone was in front of the bus when the lorry hit. It sent them into a ditch and caused major internal injuries. I remember we were taken to the same hospital but I was out from the drugs and medicine to even recall their name. I’ve been told they’re recovering well now but their injuries were far more serious, I’m glad nothing more happened though. It’s a tragic and unfortunate event but that’s life I guess, you’ve just got to plod on.

I’m doing physiotherapy everyday now and it shouldn’t be too much longer before I’m up and about properly. I’ve been told it could take up to 4-6 months until I can do so but I’m hoping it’s much quicker. I’ve probably missed things off but I’m not going to fuss too much, it’s in the past now and it’s time to focus on the future. Getting back to walking and running is my main priority and working off the biscuits I’ve gorged from Christmas, however it has taught me one thing, you’re definitely not invincible and death can happen at any time.

I could insert a witty and cheesy quote about life here but I’m not going to do that, I would just rather say enjoy each day as it comes.

Is it wrong I’m happy that I can finally say that and add to the end – I’m speaking from experience? :)

Back to regular blogging Monday! Yay. :D

Seeing as I missed it, what was your New Years Resolutions?


Bus Crash Update/Late Happy New Year!

Well first off I guess I should start by saying Happy New Year right? Yeah, I’ll stick with cliché; Happy New Year! This goes out to all you wonderful people, and to all of you who have stumbled across my page in the past 6/7 months its been running, it means a lot! I guess 2014 was a hell of a year for me, I had the courage to take my first trip abroad with a friend! Considering I’ve never been on a holiday with my parents, to book all of it by myself felt fantastic. I quit the job I hated and boy do I mean hated! I had a multitude of tiring interviews and finally found myself a job that I enjoy and after I’m healed will continue to enjoy!

I guess the last thing was obviously surviving that crash! It’s crazy to think it only happened 3 or so weeks ago but man it feels weird, I’ve never broke any bones so you could say 2014 went out with a bang! I’m still not going to be posting for a while however I will try to get back to posting once a week. It sucks because I used to post twice a day pretty much and things were really starting to heat up, but I guess that’s how it goes! I would rather be here today than, well…

I will probably follow up this post with my account of what happened, I guess I haven’t really gone into detail with you guys about it but I just haven’t had the time. For one thing though it’s definitely changed my outlook on life, how we really have no control over life and death. I hope that’s not to ‘sinister’ for you guys but it’s still quite raw and quite frankly it scared the hell out of me. At the time I didn’t think much of it but now I’m back home and on the mend the shocks finally hitting me a bit. It feels odd still not being able to walk as well, it’s not a nice sensation not being able to do things by yourself! Even the little things such as getting comfy to sleep I can’t do as I can’t put weight on my right leg. It’s still needs to re-learn how to walk and bend again!

There’s so much to go into I guess but I don’t want to drag you guys down too much, but the next few posts will be about the crash as there’s a few things I want to share with you and a few things I would like to get off my chest! Don’t worry it’s nothing bad! I can’t wait to get back to writing properly again, I miss it so much! I thought it would be nice taking a break, boy was I wrong!

Thanks to all the support from you guys and girls! It’s quite touching knowing that there’s people out there that really care for me! Obviously my friends and family do as well but it’s just a nice feeling!

I’m blabbing too much, my grammars off as well. I should start posting late this week or early next week! I’m so tired of not writing! Okay, that’s enough!

Enjoy your day/evening!


My Bus Crash Update!

Just a quick update! I’m back home now! :D My leg is in tremendous pain but I’m alive! If most of you didn’t see my previous post I was in a bus crash, and unfortunately we were struck by a lorry, however I was sat right where the lorry actually hit! Like I said before, once I’ve recovered I will post in detail but I’ve found some pictures I just wanted to share!


I was sat where the huge dent is! I’m very lucky to be alive!


My leg was crushed in the accident, as you can see the bottom half is pretty snapped! My thigh bone also broke which you can’t see but man did it hurt!


My bloody head where the glass went into it!

Another angle!



I haven’t got permission from the 3 guys in the photo however you can see where the bus was over turned, what happened was my leg was trapped as I was sprung forward so I was dangling from the window with only my broken leg holding me there, so painful! I feel like I’m moaning too much but I just want to keep you guys updated! I used to post pretty much every day so it’s a bit of a shock to my usual readers!

There’s not much more I can go into as of yet however I just wanted to keep you all updated! I still feel so thankful for everyone who helped me in the accident and the hospital staff members who treated me with so much care and attention, I’m forever grateful as it made my stay far easier!

I will keep you all updated however I won’t be posting like I used to for a while, hope everyone has a good Christmas and New Year! Stay safe!



The Voices That Changed The World!

It’s time for a change people; we need a voice and not just a regular voice, a real one. I’m not sure if you’ve noticed but the world has been at unease as of late. Take the tension building in America for example or the NHS crisis over here in the UK. It makes me feel uncomfortable, I’m not sure if it does you. I obviously understand there’s always going to be a crisis wherever you go but it gets quite serious when race is involved or an entire health system is involved. It makes me think, there’s no one who stands up and speaks out any more. You don’t get any one giving speeches or anyone trying to motivate and help others. We need to bring back the power of a good old fashioned speech!

I’m not talking about public speaking either, admittedly a speech is public speaking however you need someone with flare, someone with that ‘it’ factor. Someone who can hold an entire crowd captive with the power of words, it’s a true art form that’s slowly died out. Not that there’s anything against public speakers of this day and age, I have tremendous respect for them but there’s not that one male or female that is captivating enough for the whole world to see.

Sure you have politicians and spokes people giving speeches but they just don’t have a driving force behind them. A speech is a deadly weapon; it’s not to be taken lightly. Take Hitler for example, his speeches motivated and rallied enough power to have a driving force to go into World War 2. I’m not condoning his actions in any way however that’s the serious power a speech can have. It’s a memory stained within your mind, a voice that repeats itself when you’re lost. It’s something you can relate to.

But we don’t have that anymore, we have de-motivated teenagers, bored of life adults and lazy humans who do nothing to change themselves or change their ways. I’m not trying to knock them either; I’ve been de-motivated and stressed with life. I think we all have. I guess the point I’m trying to make is we need someone with that voice, someone who can motivate an entire nation to the point where all their energy is positive. Speeches of today are light hearted and de-fused; we need someone with raw passion who genuinely wants to help improve the lives of others.

I can’t say who that voice is, but we need one and soon.

But I can ask you to listen to the previous voices of our generations and hear the sheer power and determination they had. The hunger within them is truly powerful to motivate and captivate your mind. I hope you enjoy as much as I have.

There are so many other fantastic speeches out there; these were a few of my favourites!

What are your thoughts on this?

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Who Taught You To Hate Yourself?

It’s daunting to think that the importance of looking good and living up to a false expectation of what being beautiful is has slowly crept into our daily lives and began to take form of how we live day to day. The worlds slowly changed over the past few centuries and with sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram controlling our whole social activity, image plays a huge role in how we operate.

But what I can’t help notice is, as these sites have improved vastly and everything we do now is shared from peer to peer, we’ve slowly began to learn how to actually hate ourselves. Yes I said it, we hate ourselves. You may not think you do it but trust me, you have and you still are. Probably this morning in fact.

Think about it…

We wake up every day, look in the mirror and think to ourselves “Oh, I wish my hair was better” or “I wish I had clearer skin” I even do it, surely sometime in the past you have as well. It makes me wonder why? Why do we always complain about ourselves and the way we look? Can’t we just be happy living in our own skin?

With the media focusing hugely on looks within the whole ‘celebrity culture’ it plays a significant part in wanting the right traits and features within ourselves. My generation have grown up with this false idea that if you don’t have the ‘perfect’ hair you’re wrong or ugly. If you don’t have the ‘perfect’ skin you’re wrong or ugly. That’s not the truth. The truth is you need to learn to love yourself for who you are.

It’s shocking to know some people go to extreme lengths just to change their personal appearance all because they want to fit in with society’s needs. Or they want to get that right Instagram photo. Is social media that important to you? We need to face the facts, everyone has traits they’re not going to like about themselves, but you know what? Who cares? It shouldn’t be that big of a deal to you or to anyone else the fact your skin isn’t that clear. Why is it such a big deal?

You need to stop hating the fact that your skin, at this moment in time isn’t as clear as you want it to be. Sure if it bothers you that much you go do something about it, but to tell you the truth everyone at some point in their lives has suffered with spots. Someone in another location is waking up at this very minute thinking “Oh why am I still ugly?” but the fact is they’re not, there’s someone out there who thinks different. It’s because of the media and what everyone else is saying around them that are making them think that way.

They’re thinking that they’re not living up to the expectations of what’s going on in the ‘celebrity world’ when in reality, we’re all different. We’re born in this skin, born with these features. We need to start learning to embrace them, rather than hating them.

You’re not ugly; don’t listen to what others say. You are who you are, there’s nothing wrong with that.

*featured image found on http://www.dirtyandthirty.com/the-confessional/cripplingly-self-conscious/

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Enjoy your day folks!



Who’s Your Hero?

As kids we’re entranced with Television, magazines and just regular foolishness. As we grow up we always have that one person who we look up to, for some its superheroes, their parents or even their teachers. But as we get older this idea of having a hero parts and it’s almost seen to be rather childish.

I remember as a child my hero would always change, it could jump from a wrestler to Spiderman. I was a wild child. Not naughty! But I was adventurous let’s say. In light of my recent blog post about being inspired and wanting to inspire, I want to help bring back the hero. It’s not supposed to be childish. Okay, maybe it is a little, but we all have a hero we look up to, am I right?

Before I tell you mine, I want to ask you the question; who’s your hero? I’m asking before because it gives you a chance to think, it can literally be anyone you think of. Anyone who inspires you motivates you or even gets you through the day! (It can be more than one folks!)

So who’s my hero?

Obviously my parents, they work their ass off all year round to put shelter above my head, heat in the house and food on the table. Don’t get me wrong I help out when I can however for all the years they worked jobs that they surely didn’t like but pushed through because me and my brother needed the essentials to live, they did so. I will never forget that. I grew up in a happy home and still continue to do so, to be able to work day in and day out a job you hate so your child can survive really means something. Working a 9-5 in a job that drains you physically and mentally can eventually take its toll; my parents haven’t shown that yet. I’m forever grateful.

I think my other hero would be Nelson Mandela, I’m pretty sure most of you know his story however the sheer determination he had to push through the pain he suffered just amazes me. The amount of power he gave to people, the amount of inspiration he provided to millions across the world and the amount of problems he personally overcame amazes me. He was a true inspiration, one of my many heroes.

Who’s your hero?

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Enjoy your day folks!



What Are You Looking To Achieve Through Blogging?

Someone asked me the other day, “What are you trying to achieve through blogging?” and to put it bluntly; I just want to inspire and help motivate people, I want to create a voice for those who go un-heard. It’s a very ‘out-there’ statement however when I think back to the speeches and the vast amount of power people had such as Martin Luther King J.R and Malcom X it really motivates me, I understand times are different and speeches and protests aren’t as they used to be but there was always that one person who had a voice. There doesn’t seem to be someone who stands up for the people anymore. There’s not that one person who wants to present change to the world and help others.

This blog was started for reasons I’m still unsure of. At the time I created it I was perplexed with these wild ideas of starting businesses and doing all sorts (as a fresh faced 18 year old does) but then that fizzled out, but the love that was created for blogging didn’t. Up until now I wasn’t too sure where I wanted to take it. I would post about my stories and various other things but I’m starting to gather ideas where I finally want it to go.

I want it to be a voice for the people.

I want my blog to help others, to motivate them and get them through tough times. I want them to come to my site looking for help, looking for poetry, looking for stories or even just a general blog post and leave feeling satisfied. I want it to reach out to the world and gather support for everyone who needs it. I want to promote the views of the people whose voices are un-heard.

Essentially I would love to be able to keep doing what I’m doing now but reach out to a much wider audience. I want to cover controversial topics and get opinions from all over the globe. But I would love to keep my generic posts about taking trips to other countries. I don’t want to lose what I’ve created, I’m rather proud of myself for sticking this out and creating this gathering of followers I have at the moment but I feel that I can do so much more. This blog gives me the power to do so.

Obviously I’m no Martin Luther King however I want to have just a minuscule of the ambition he had so to answer the question, what do I want to achieve through this blog? I want to achieve the power to help and inspire others. I want to help promote worldly change and be able to influence others. I want it to be a voice for the people too scared to speak out. It’s a very long way off, but one day I will sit back and remember writing this post and be amazed with how far I’ve gone.

What are you looking to achieve through blogging?

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crying-doesn't-does-not-indicate-that-you-are-weak-since-birth-it-has-always-been-a-sign-that-you-are-alive-you're-quotes-inspirational-crying quotes-motivational-sad-sry-tears-wallpapers-picture-thats

Why Am I Not Allowed To Cry?

There’s this terrible and quite frankly disgusting stigma that has been floating around for a multitude of years, centuries in fact. It’s like an unwritten rule within our society that men can’t cry. What bull crap. I apologise for the crudeness with my words but it’s something that really pisses me off.

Why can’t I cry? Is it because I’m stereotyped to be perceived as manly? Is it because I’m too scared to let it out? Or is it because I don’t want to be seen as weak?

I just want to clarify one thing, crying does not make you weak, in any way. The thing is we’re very similar to girls up until the age of around 10. We do all the same things; play in the playgrounds, run, laugh and more importantly, we cry. (Overuse of comma’s there, I’m sorry. Still love me) But then we reach that age of 12/13 and we head off to secondary school and all of a sudden it’s seen to be “weak” to cry.

You’re told to “man-up” if you cry.

You’re told “it’s girly” if you cry.

Well the fact of the matter is it’s not weak or girly. It’s a human emotion, if you need to cry you have to let it out. Otherwise you end up bottling inside you for years and years which only makes the situation worse.

It’s horrible to think that if I’m having a terrible time or a terrible day I can’t cry just because it’s not seen as manly. What defines manly? Someone who is afraid to let their emotions show? Someone who’s strong and doesn’t get fazed when they’re stressed or angry? You can’t define manliness or even put traits to it. But crying doesn’t make you less of a man, in fact it makes you stronger.

I was having a conversation with someone the other day and they said to me “men are supposed to be strong, they’re supposed to provide for the female and not show any kind of weakness, crying is a form of weakness” and to tell you the truth I was totally taken aback by this statement. I understand everyone is entitled to their opinion and I respect that however when we get down to it, we’re all humans. Genetics and genes may differ slightly but we’re humans, we’re programmed to feel emotion.

Surely crying can show a person has a deep passion and an understanding within themselves. They’re not afraid to be labelled by anyone else and are happy with the idea that crying is perfectly natural. Bottling up your tears just because you don’t want to be seen as weak is a terrible idea. Stop trying to portray the ‘tough’ guy look and just let your feelings out, who cares if you’re crying. If anyone judges you based on the fact you cry, they’re not worth it.

Now I get the whole ‘macho’ thing. I’m not someone who cries easily, it takes me a lot to get going. Films and things of that such just don’t set me off but for some people it really chokes them up. That’s understandable. What gives you the right to judge someone because they’re feeling emotional? It’s this terrible stigma we have now that men can’t cry. I don’t know where it originates from however it needs to stop. We need to get males and females talking more, rather than making everyone bottle up their thoughts and troubles to the point where they contemplate suicide.

If crying helps me express my emotion who are you to tell me I’m weak? I’m not afraid to admit it, as a human being and more specifically a male, I cry. Does that make me less of a man?

What are your thoughts on this?

Enjoy your day! :D

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Planning A Trip To Amsterdam!

I’m not going to lie to you guys, right now I’m like a giggly little girl! Lately this new job has been rather stressful but I’ve been sticking it out! The pays good and so are the hours but the work itself is very tiring and doesn’t excite me in the slightest. I guess all new jobs are daunting but I’ve had a bad streak with them as of late, I thought this one was going to be different. But I figured out something; that’s life. Just stick it out and see what happens.

My new manager is great though, he told me I have some holiday time to use up otherwise I will lose it. Two of my other friends have booked some time off in January and were thinking about going to Amsterdam, I told them yesterday I’ve got that time off and we’ve all decided to take the leap and do it! It’s nice not having to wait months upon months to book it all as well, were doing it this Sunday and we’ll be on our way in January!

I will update you guys tomorrow on where were going and all the plans! I remember my first blog posts were planning trips to Paris, Amsterdam and NYC. It’s fantastic to think one of those has become reality and now the second is also happening. It’s as if this blog’s gave me the confidence to do it!

Sorry it’s such a short post today, I’m at work and on my break at the moment. That’s also why the grammar’s off! Please still love me!

Enjoy your day!

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Ferguson – From the Perspective of the UK.

What did you expect? This one was never going to go away lightly.

Before I get into this I just want to note I hope this doesn’t offend anyone, it’s a very touchy subject. Coming from the UK it could be seen a bit judgemental however it’s such a controversial situation that really needs to be looked into and discussed, I would love to get your thoughts and ideas on this but please be respectful.

We all know the story, there are two sides. We may never know what ‘actually’ happened but we’re talking about what’s happening right now.

The grand jury have decided Officer Darren Wilson will not be charged.

From what I’ve gathered in the news, it’s like a ‘war-zone’ out there. In some ways I respect their actions but it’s hard to come to terms with the route that’s being taken. Images I’ve found from BBC and CNN show cop cars ablaze, smashed and looted stores and a pain and anguish upon the communities face.

Was this the route to take? Yes and no. I can understand the protests, there’s this sense of being screwed over, a cover-up and more importantly a dis-trust within the police. I can’t talk for all police officers but most are good, genuine people. They’re doing their jobs, why should they be the ones having bricks hurled at them because one officer’s views were completely outrageous.

Having said that, that’s their jobs. This was surely to be expected.

But why destroy your community’s livelihood? That helps no one, sure it can show you’re serious, you’re prepared to take action into your own hands but surely you need to devise a simpler plan rather than destroying stores. Destroying cars that people need to get to work. Doing damage to the place you live in, it just seems silly.

One quote I’ve found from BBC sums this up perfectly: “You can’t just go shoot an 18-year-old who’s unarmed on the street, despite what the story may have been, he was unarmed and you are an armed law enforcement officer who’s been trained in combat. So I think people are rightfully upset.”

That’s the truth. There has to be justice for that, a young man’s life has been taken. A mother goes to sleep without a son. It’s not fair; life isn’t fair you could say but surely there needs to be justice. But putting innocent members of the public lives in danger is not the way to go about it. Emotions are going to be high; of course violence will be rife however one person’s actions are not the same for all.

I think one of the best points in this situation was made by the victim’s family. “Answering violence with violence is not the appropriate reaction.” They also asked everyone to “campaign to ensure that every police officer working the streets in this country wears a body camera.”

If the officer was wearing a camera maybe none of this would have happened, it’s a ‘what-if’ statement but there’s some depth to look into having officers wear cameras. It stops fraudulent activity, it brings hard evidence to their cases and more importantly it can save lives.

Statistics show at least 25 fires were started, 13 people were injured and 29 arrests were made. 25 fires, is such a shocking statistic, it’s tragic to think this is all caused from anger, hurt and dismay. The public have their right to be frightened, scared and shocked. They’ve lost all trust for the police force. From the community’s perspective they assume the police can get away with anything, they can go around killing people and have no repercussions for it.

Michael Browns killing has spread a further thought into the minds of the public; race starts to become a huge play into the situation. It’s sparked the thought that if you’re a young black male in America your life isn’t worth that much. (Not my opinion but has been spoken widely in the news from the UK) it saddens me to think this is what is happening in 2014.

Like I said I hope this hasn’t offended anyone, I never wanted to do so. I just wanted to get the viewpoint of someone from the UK, who’s safe in their home out there. It’s truly horrible what’s going on, I can only image the distraught within the community but fighting violence with more violence isn’t helping. It’s worsening the situation.

If it has offended you in any way, please tell me via the comments section or via email.

What are your views on this situation?


Should University Be Free?

Before I start this I can only apologise, my work schedule changed last week and I had to go in much earlier. I usually have more time in the day to write a post but I was called in so early I just didn’t have the time! I vowed to do a post a day but it was just impossible, I’m sorry!*Hangs head in shame*

After my grovelling apology, we can actually get to the question at hand:

Should university/education be free?

With the cost of tuition fees and the ever crunching cost of living rising, it makes you wonder should our right to learn be free? Should students have to pay thousands upon thousands of pounds to learn a skill but then be crippled with debt afterwards? On the 19th of November thousands of people in the UK were protesting this very question. It raises some interesting points.

This argument is very debatable; it can go two different ways. What’s the best way to go about this? Of course a pros and cons list!

Pros to free Education:

  • A greater equality, free education can give anyone and everyone the chance to learn. Obviously you need specific requirements however it just widens the aspect to everyone being able to partake in university. If someone has to pay a vast amount of money to study it can deter them and lead them into another path that they didn’t want to go down. We have the right to experience university and to be able to access the knowledge and experience it offers. It gives us the right to understand that aspect of life, gain crucial knowledge in a specific sector and teach you a life lesson. Why should we have to pay substantial amounts for that?
  • For the more financially disadvantaged individuals it gives them a chance to experience university and pursue a career they want. The crippling loans and debts can take its toll on a person. Especially after university when you have rent, bills, food and all the essentials to get as well. The vast amount of pressure placed on an individual can halt a person’s performance. The repayment of the loans can take decades however with free education we can go to a university without a crippling debt weighing down on us and we can leave with an education and degree to benefit us in years to come. (Obviously there’s a lot of cons to these so stick with me)
  • Higher education can often lead to a more productive work ethic; it can lead to a more educated and cultured country and will produce a much higher performing leadership. With this free education it gives people the chance to study a subject in depth and it gives them the chance to dedicate their time to it, helping them make much more crucial decisions in the future.

Cons to free Education:

  • The education itself is free, the qualification isn’t. You don’t have to go to college or university to educate yourself on what you wish to learn. You can even look on your mobile nowadays and find what you want. You pay the fees to get the qualification itself. I can go out right now and learn all about science; sure I would have to pay for a few hundred books, however I can still learn the essentials of what you’re learning. The only difference is you would get a qualification at the end of it. You get that piece of paper saying you dedicated your time to learning it. You should have to pay for that, it’s not a free ticket.
  • The cost would be far too high. In regards to primary and secondary education, yes it should be free. That’s where you learn the essentials and the skills to survive in life. University on the other hand isn’t a necessity; it’s only a necessity for some. People can live without it. University can’t be viewed as an entitlement that’s provided to everyone, if you wish to attend you should have to pay. That sounds fair right?
  • The quality of education will eventually suffer. With an increased size of students and classes, eventually the lecturer who’s educating the students will surely become dis-heartened to teach. Now that’s not the case for everyone but without proper funding from student fees the class begins to suffer. You get a vast majority of people studying one subject but they can’t connect to the students who’re having a hard time with it. They’re so focused on teaching the others, the people who need help will get over-looked.

There we go! 3 for each. I could have gone into depth substantially more however it would have been like an essay, also there would be a lot of ‘what ifs’ rather than actual facts. It wasn’t fair. I’m not going to say my stand point on this however I would love to get your views! Drop a comment below!

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Enjoy your day folks!


*Featured image taken from: http://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/thousands-of-students-protest-in-central-london-over-university-tuition-fees-9870619.html


Why I Love Poetry!

I’ve always liked poetry; it started around the age of 13/14 when I stumbled upon the great works of William Shakespeare. Ever since that I’ve been hooked, however I’ve always fell away from revealing it to anyone, there’s this certain stigma within our youthful culture that poems, poetry and poets are ‘odd’ it’s almost unacceptable in our culture.

Poetry gives everyone and anyone the chance to express themselves. I’m still an amateur however there’s something fun and almost addicting to it, you have the chance to craft and sculpt words however you want. Poetry can empower people, it can motivate them, help them through tough times but most of all it gives you the chance to relate to someone and express yourself.

It doesn’t have to be complex either, it can be simple. I always thought you needed the longest of words and the most intelligent vocab, boy was I wrong! Some people express themselves through a diary, through talking to friends but for me its blogging and poetry. I’m not afraid to say that anymore, boy does it feel good!

A short and sweet one today! I’ve posted a new poem as well, tell me what you think! – http://routinedreamer.com/2014/11/19/dreams/

Also don’t forget to send in your poetry or blog posts, I will be able to promote them on my blog! Send them to my email – routinedreamer@gmail.com here’s my blog post about it, http://routinedreamer.com/2014/11/17/blog-and-poem-submissions-rules-all-that-jazz/ it’s much easier to read through that than for me to explain it all again!

Enjoy your day folks!


Tumblr? Porn?

I mentioned this rather briefly in yesterday’s post but I didn’t bother to touch on it too much. I just can’t grasp Tumblr. It just feels so messy; there’s a multitude of posts everywhere, gifs that just appear on my ‘feed’ and then, to top it all off I really can’t get my head around the navigation of the site.

One thing that I really disagree with though is the vast amount of pornography on there. I just can’t believe it. I have nothing wrong with pornography or the people who view it; it’s now part of our lives and is so accessible throughout the internet however I was very shocked when I saw it on there. It’s such a worldwide site for people of all ages and to have pornography on there seems so inappropriate.

It makes me wonder about a bigger question. Is pornography too accessible on the internet?

This shouldn’t be too explicit but be warned there is talk of sex and pornography here, if you’re easily offended please refrain from reading. Although I’m going to try make it as less sexual as possible but don’t feel embarrassed, we’re all humans, sex happens.

Like I said previously, there’s nothing wrong with viewing pornography (my personal opinion) however when sites aren’t monitored and it becomes accessible to minors and even young children it can and will slowly effect their teenage to adult lives. You could say I’ve experienced it first-hand.

I’m not going to sit here and lie to you all; I’ve watched porn in the past. I’ve been viewing it since my early teenage years (roughly 13 currently 19 now) and I’m not going to go into much detail about it, I don’t want to ruin your mornings however it has affected me in a few minor ways.

I guess the first one is the way we perceive sex and sex as a whole. In porn it’s really a huge ‘lie’ as most females and males are just acting. But viewing pornography changes the way we perceive sexual activity and you often think it’s going to be this fairy-tale of sexual desire and fantasy; it’s more often than not, completely different. It’s far less romantic at times and can be rather embarrassing for both parts however porn makes it completely different. It alters your views and ideas on sex, porn is for fantasy but we often let it drift into our personal lives and sex can become a much more enjoyable thing however it can be rather uncomfortable for some. It goes both ways but trying to live out a porn fantasy with someone who doesn’t can and will take its toll on a relationship. It’s all about control of your desires.

The second is the sexualisation of females. I hate to confess this and I’m almost sickened that I used to actually do it, please forgive me. I was still going through that kid to teenage phase at the time, obviously viewing pornography but it changed the way I saw females at that age. This actually makes me feel bad writing this, but whenever I was out with friends I could see a female and I would look at her in a sexual way rather than a human being. Don’t worry it was more often than not older females but it was still wrong, how was I to know? I think porn helped with that change of perception, if I didn’t see sex as often as I did would I have viewed those females in a sexual way? You could say yes or you could say no either way we won’t know. It’s such a vulnerable age as your mind and body is changing, it damaged my views in a way but I’ve grown up, I’ve matured and no longer view females in this way and I haven’t in a very long time.

The question is though, what happens when males or females don’t stop seeing the opposite sex in a sexual way? Some people say it can lead to rape, some say it can lead to an addiction. I’m not going to touch on those as they need to be researched in depth but I would love to hear your thoughts on those statements. I didn’t make those statements either, it’s been widely speculated and debated but like I said, I really don’t wish to offend anyone with this so if it does, please drop a comment or an email I will be happy to take certain parts out or edit it.

The third and final part I wish to touch upon is the violence within porn. Some pornography is absolutely disgusting; the way some females allow themselves to be treated is beyond my belief. There’s videos of women being slapped, spat on and it’s just vile. I don’t understand as to why some people would enjoy viewing this or why some women would actually do this for money, to let themselves be degraded as a human for some cash but you know what? Each to their own. I just couldn’t do that as a man, I couldn’t treat a female that way, and it’s just way too far out of my comfort boundaries. But if you were a young child viewing this multiple times a week, it’s surely going to damage your perception on sex and will surely halter your sexual performances. I can’t say it will for definite but surely it needs to be looked at.

The fact pornography is widely accessible to young and vulnerable children needs to be looked at. It’s a problem that can affect many young men and women, I was lucky enough to have matured and change my views on sex and porn, they are two separate things but when I was younger I thought they meshed into one. I was able to access these sites at the age of 13, with tech advancing and more children having smartphones and access to the internet, who knows what they will stumble upon?

This wasn’t supposed to go this way, I was writing a blog post about Tumblr however when I mentioned the point on porn something just clicked, it’s odd but it’s definitely worth a discussion, so please join in!

Also don’t forget to send in your poetry or blog posts, I will be able to promote them on my blog! Send them to my email – routinedreamer@gmail.com here’s my blog post about it, http://routinedreamer.com/2014/11/17/blog-and-poem-submissions-rules-all-that-jazz/ it’s much easier to read through this than for me to explain it again!

What are your thoughts on this by the way? I would love to know!

Enjoy your day!

Blog and Poem Submissions – Rules & All That Jazz!

Today’s the day ladies and gentleman. It’s this very Monday where I’ve put my mental state on the line and I start to work my socks off! I’m working like I’ve never worked before. Okay, maybe I’m over exaggerating, just a tad.

You can now officially start sending in your poems and blog post submissions (will explain further down*) as the first set will go out on Saturday the 22nd and Sunday the 23rd. If I get any submissions that is! I will be editing my homepage as well so it’s going to be far more user-friendly. I know at the moment it’s just a mess, by Saturday I will have everything categorised for you!

*You can send in your blog posts if you wish if it’s good enough I will put them up. It’s just another form of sharing your stuff, I do explain further down about all credit going to you! Please don’t feel like I’m going to steal your stuff. My blog posts and poetry will be separate to yours! It’s almost going to be a space for you guys really! It’s best to just read the rules down below as it explains everything!

I’m still not sure on how many posts I will put up from your submissions! Like I said it’s going to be like a sub-blog for you guys. It sounds odd here but you’ll see on Saturday!

So when will it officially start? As of now! You can send in your stuff this very minute but please read the rules below!


  • You can send in your poems and blog posts to my email – routinedreamer@gmail.com
  • Please do not overload my email, just send one email for the week. It helps the work load!
  • Please don’t email me on Saturday or Sunday! Cut off point is on Friday!
  • In the email you can include up to 5 poems and 3 blog posts. Please send it all as one. Hopefully that makes some sense. Example; Just lay out at the top of your email ‘Poems’ and then underneath send the ones you want. After that if you want to add a blog post or posts just leave some space and then put the heading ‘Blog Post’ and then put them underneath. I’m not fussed which way it goes round but please, PLEASE don’t send 5 separate emails with poems and 3 more emails with blog posts. It clogs up my Gmail folks! I hope that’s not too nasty!
  • You don’t have to be based from WordPress! If you’re on another blogging platform or you want to submit some work anonymously I don’t mind! Say you’re from Blog-spot or Tumblr and you’ve got some work posted there, that’s totally fine. It just gives everyone the chance to share their work on another site and gives us all the chance to connect more!
  • I don’t mind your post including swear-words just as long as it’s general ones, not vulgar words.
  • Obviously no racism or anything of the sort.

I can’t think of anything else to add, if I do I will update you guys!

Extra Info!

  • This is my first time doing anything like this; please stick with me for the first week!
  • The first post, if I get enough submissions will be on Saturday the 22nd and Sunday the 23rd.
  • All credit goes to you.I’m not going to steal your stuff guys! I just want to create a blog where on one side I can post my things, thoughts and poetry but on the other I can create a platform where I can share your stuff! It’s giving you the chance to reach out to more people, get more feedback and more importantly ‘network’ with others.
  • I will get back to all of you. That’s a promise I’m making to each and every one of you reading this, you guys and girls are honestly fantastic. So if one week it’s not included, I will email you as to why but I might post it the week after!
  • I like controversy! Stuff that gets people talking, the more of that then the better!
  • If it spams your feed or clogs your stuff up please email me, I will try to work around it.

There we have it, you guys are all set! I just want to add I will share your stuff on WordPress but if you give me your permission via email I can also share it on my other sites such as G+ and Tumblr although I’m still figuring out how Tumblr actually works!

For the first Sat and Sunday it will probably be me selecting 5 poems from all your submissions and 5 blog posts. We’ll see how it goes I guess! I’m excited though, it’s something new and challenging, just what I needed!

Any questions drop a comment, or an email I don’t mind! It’s some fun for us all where we can connect and network with each other! Any problems as well email or comment!


Much love to all of you! Enjoy your day!



The Exciting News!

I’m going to keep this one short and sweet for now, I didn’t write this yesterday as I previously stated I would in last night’s post. I’m lazy like that! Essentially I’ve noticed that my poetry and spoken word posts have been getting frequent hits, I’ve noticed my I’m fine post (http://routinedreamer.com/2014/10/13/im-fine-2/) has actually surpassed my top blog posts! It’s quite surprising, but me being the rather blind fool that I am, I haven’t used the opportunity that it’s created and just let it fizzle out.

With my poem I posted yesterday I got a huge influx of new readers and a fair few new followers. I made the decision yesterday to start doing daily posts of poetry as well as my daily blog posts! Now I know as of late they’ve not been coming in daily but they will be, starting from next week! I just need to settle into this new job for the rest of this week and then I’m good to go. It’s going to be a mammoth of a task with 9-5’s and 12-8’s but it’s going to pay off.

How does this news benefit you? You have the opportunity to be featured on my blog! Woo, right?

I won’t just be posting my stuff; I’m giving others the chance to feature their poems on my blog! Exciting right, all free of course! The only rule is I will post them on Saturdays and Sundays, the days which I never post really. Now to tell you the truth my follower count isn’t into the thousands however I do have a good solid number of 205 at the moment, it’s taken me ages to get there and I haven’t fell out of love with it as of yet.

I guess it just gives everyone the chance to get their poetry featured elsewhere and gives you guys and girls the chance to get it read by some of my followers, a huge benefit; am I right? I’m not going to lie; it will benefit me as well as I will have posts for the weekends and get a few new followers hopefully myself.

We all win!

I will write a post with rules and guidelines but for now just embrace it in and if you can, please do share! I wrote this after my 9-5 today, I’m shattered. Please do forgive me if there are any mistakes with grammar or spelling!

Enjoy your day, well evening now I guess!



Some Spoken Word! & Exciting News! Well…

I’ve just finished my first proper 9-5 in a what I shall call a hectic few months, and boy oh boy does it feel great! I haven’t had time to write a ‘proper’ post for tonights blog however I’ve got some spoken word I wrote a few days ago that I wish to share. It’s been a bit up and down I’m losing one friend and I can tell another one’s going as well. It’s a bit of a nightmare to be honest, I’ll get over it though I guess! I’m back on 9-5 tomorrow as well so I best get writing tonight so I’ve got something for you guys tomorrow! Enjoy and I’ve got some big plans coming for next week! All shall be explained in tomorrows post, it’s something that will benefit us ‘bloggers’ I can’t give to much away as of now but I shall write it all up tonight and post it tomorrow! Like I said enjoy and if there’s any comments you have, good or bad I don’t mind! It’s all love! Can you tell I’m in a much happier mood now? I’ve finally found a job I enjoy! Right enough rambling, here we are;

It’s funny, I remember the days that we walked the same path and we crossed the same roads,

But today I’m lost, crossed, intertwined as each of our souls,

Have departed and dispersed and the feelings of friendships are immersed,

Within the depths of previous thoughts and feelings we once un-earthered.

Do you remember the days where we could conversate for hours upon end?

But when I saw you today it was as if we were strangers again.

I know you have work to get done and really, so do I

But we’ve lost our connection and now I wonder why?

I’m feeling like there’s a sense of hostility building inside this serenity,

The friendship and bonds we had and have is now the enemy,

My thoughts and my previous tendencies,

Are rendezvousing with a lost entity,

But this friendship is sick and it doesn’t seem as if there’s a remedy.

I meet up with you even though a few years have gone past,

We still chat via text but it just doesn’t last,

See we chat every other week but it just hasn’t got that same buzz,

Remember we used to chat everyday, but it’s gone now, I’m lost and feeling stuck.

Words and verbs, metaphors that I used to use,

Are now not spoken as they’re overly used.

We say the same things but format our vocabulary,

This feeling sucks and I’m losing my sanity.

See we used to have the strongest of bonds that didn’t match anything else,

You might of saw it differently but really that’s how I felt.

I guess the reason we become so distant is because we began to grow up,

That was the fact we parted and the buzz fell into the rough.

You gained new friends and I’m not mad at that,

I’m just glad you’re enjoying life and I can deal with that.

But is it wrong I want my friend back, even though we’ve both changed?

Is it strange that things deep down just aren’t feeling the same?

It’s funny as we walk the same paths where we once laughed,

But all we do now is smile and walk graciously past.

The connection and tether of friendship just broke off and it’s blowing into the wind,

Almost as if that bonds been trashed and it’s thrown in the bin.

As I sit here and the rain stumbles upon my glass frames,

I’m imagining a life without hearing your name.

Is it odd that I speak of you so high and mighty?

Is it odd as friends I want to hold and hug you and feel so tightly?

I’m never going to stop loving you as we once were,

But the fact of the matter is it’s not as it once were.

You’ve got a boyfriend and you’re acting different trying to think that I want to get physical,

Truth is I’m just respecting you, trying re-kindling our friendship why you acting all cynical.

Don’t flirt with me and expect me not to do it back,

I wanted to chill for the day you were the one who introduced that.

I love you for who you are, deep down as a friend,

But if it’s going to be this way I think it might have to put it to an end.

You see me as someone who’s trying to flirt and wants to be something else,

Truth is I’m not, I’m always a friend if all else fails.

I’m always your friend don’t ever forget that,

I’m sorry for the way I acted; I hope you can respect that.

I just want to re-kindle those feelings we once had,

But if you want to call it a day I won’t get mad.

What you think guys? I wrote this a while ago and it relates to the post from yesterday but to tell you the truth it hits home even more, as I stated earlier I’m starting to lose another friend. Our bond has just gone it seems and it’s almost as if we’re strangers now, but I’m not going to kick up a huge fuss, that’s life. The post yesterday was just me venting it all out, I’m in a much happier mood!

Any thoughts please comment!

Enjoy your day! *ps I write this on my mobile so if there’s any spelling or grammatical errors please point them out!


When Friends Start Turning Into Strangers.

It’s rather tough when a friend or a close friend starts turning into a stranger. It’s as if all the feelings you once un-earthed with each other start to disperse, the jokes you used to tell become an un-funny part of your life and it feels awkward when you’re around them. It’s tough, it’s not like you’re losing them it’s as if you’re losing someone who you can count on, someone you can explain specific feelings to and someone who you seek out for guidance. In a sense you’re losing a companion.

I’m quite lucky because I have a fantastic set of friends, it’s a small group of friends but they’re truly genuine people. The problem I’m facing though, I feel as if I’m losing one of them and it’s quite an emotional roller coaster. I’ve let other people interfere with how I interact with them and it’s taking its toll on the friendship. I remember the times when we used to talk and text for hours, and days in fact but as time went on it’s as if all those memories and the bond we created has begun to snap.

I figure I should reveal it’s a girl by the way, I think it’s because she’s a female we have a much different relationship than my male friends. Sure we can joke in the same way but it just feels different.

I’m happy though, they’re getting on with their life and I feel as if they’re in a happy place but I just don’t want it to feel as if we’re strangers anymore. It’s as if we went from being rather close to the point where we hardly know each other. Maybe I’m just being silly but it certainly feels a lot different. I’ve never experienced it before either, sure at times I will admit I’ve been a bit off with them but who hasn’t with a friend?

I think we’ve been at such a vast distance for a long time we haven’t got the chance to hang out as much. It’s definitely not an excuse but I don’t know, it just feels as if that plays a huge factor and I’m not blaming them for that either I guess that’s just how it goes sometimes but I just would like that same ‘vibe’ to be back, the same vibe it once had.

It’s crazy, I was just talking to them the other night and I compared it to the level of conversation we had when we first met, it’s such a substantial difference; we tend to repeat ourselves but word it in such a different way, it’s got to the point where we talk about the same stuff over and over again and I’ve often wondered is it worth it? Is it worth me trying to push through so we can connect again? Or is it just going to stay like this forever?

I’m sorry if this has dampened your mood but I just felt this was the best way to vent my feelings. Sure I have other friends who I could have confided in but I just can’t express myself in such a vast way with them, I don’t want them to feel obliged to help either. But as of late I’ve just seemed to have been giving and giving to everyone and being nice and making sure everyone else feels good to the point where I don’t have that one person who I can vent to.

Maybe it’s not best airing my personal problems out there like this but I just wanted to get this off my chest. I’m a nice guy, that’s not me being cocky or arrogant either, I know I’m a nice guy. I’ve helped numerous people with countless problems over and over but when I have a problem they seem to run away or have other things to do. It gets pent up inside where it comes to the point where you either snap or just breakdown.

I haven’t broke down as such but I’ve just decided to say screw it and let these feelings go free and to tell you the truth it already feels a million times better. If I had to give advice to anyone going through anything similar I would try to tell them to express their feelings to someone or even put it in a diary. It’s almost as if this weight has been lifted from my shoulders, cliché I know but that’s how it genuinely feels. After being nice to everyone and helping sort out their problems it’s nice to tell someone how you’re feeling for once, it’s nice to just let loose.

I met up with another old friend on Friday, we had a day out. The problem was I felt so mentally drained and shattered from all the bullshit and negativity it definitely effected the day. I felt so bad afterwards and in a way still do. They wanted to spend their time with me but I seemed to be in such an anti-social mood so they mustn’t have enjoyed it but I couldn’t help it. I mean I did try at one point but I just felt like crap, I want to make it up to them and I have apologised via text but it just doesn’t seem right, I’m not going to include their name but they know who they are. On behalf of the world to see, I do apologise but you’ve got to understand you can’t be happy 24/7 and the one day where my feelings began to break through was the day we met up, so I’m sorry.

You could counter all of this with telling me to push though it or even tell me there are people out there feeling much worse and that I need to get over myself and guess what? I completely agree, it’s a minor problem to be complaining about but it’s something I needed to get off my chest, hopefully this will help me move on with a decision to wait it out or just let it go. You can only take so much as a person and the fact people moan about you moaning just doesn’t help the situation. You need someone or something to vent to every now and then.

Sorry to put a downer to your day, it’s a Monday I know you want something to cheer you up but you just need to vent sometimes and today was that time!

Enjoy your day folks!


Words That Annoy Me! Example, “Bae”

From Internet memes to vine compilations words such as ‘bae’ and ‘yeet’ (don’t worry I’ll explain later) have worked their way into our daily lives through the power of the ever un-controlling social media. I’m not sure if Vine and Twitter are to thank for this or just some idiots coming up with words in their back garden in the vain attempts to make their video or tweets go viral but you know what? It’s the slang of our generation.

Words come and go but then there are some words that annoy you to the point where you need to blog about it, this is that blog ladies and gentleman. Here are my top 5, well 6 annoying words from Vine and Twitter.

  1. Bae- The cool new way to say babe. Even though I never thought the word babe was cool in the first place, bae just makes it so much worse, am I a bad person for this? No. Well I hope I’m not. If you let the word ‘bae’ slip into your daily vocab please give yourself a punishment, it just sounds so terrible and hopefully it’s not just me who thinks this but it’s a rather cringe-worthy word!
  2. #Squad- Friends, a group or gathering of people. An everyday word turned into slang for my youth of today. I’m not saying you folks reading this are old but I would be surprised if a 30 year old reads this and actually uses the word squad. It’s mainly used on Twitter and Instagram. Common examples include someone taking a photo with a group of friends and then using the hash tag squad hoping for the whole world to witness there finesse at being beautiful. #Squad yo.
  3. Turned up- No someone’s not turned up; they’re not a dial you can switch up and down people. If you’re ever turned up or had someone say you’re turned up they’re deluded. It’s the new way of saying you’re being wild I guess. If you’re at a party, drunk and having a good time apparently you’re turned up. Makes sense but it’s just horrendous!
  4. Friend zone- Now this one really pisses me off to the maximum. If you’re friends with the opposite sex and let me repeat, just friends; people automatically assume you’re doomed to ever have a relationship with that person, but you know what? What if I never wanted a relationship in the first place? What if I’m happy with just being friends? Never thought about that did you? Honestly folks, don’t look at everything in a sexual or relationship type way! Two people can be friends without wanting to have sex all the time! I’m not in a zone, we’re friends!
  5. Yeet- This word was made famous by a classic vine clip, it features a little kid on a race track dancing in one of the most peculiar ways possible, take a look at the vid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UDXgTGUxo8g odd right? Well essentially this went viral and everyone began doing crazy stuff such as smacking food from someone’s hand, pretending to slam dunk over someone’s head and tripping people over. All were videoed and all had the phrase ‘yeet’ shouted somewhere along the lines thus creating this phenomena called ‘yeet’ such an odd term.
  6. Thot- I was going to stick with 5 but right before I posted this I found a gem. A rather nasty word but best described via Urban Dictionary:

A Thot is a hoe. Plural: Thotties

Marquan: Yo that’s my main girl
Deshaun: She yo main girl but she my main thot.

There we have it, a rather small and quirky post from me today but hopefully it’s kept you entertained for a few minutes!

What are some of your annoying words?

Enjoy your day!



Street Harassment…

I just want to state before I get into this whole crazy mess of a blog post, if my words or opinions anger or annoy you in any way, I’m sorry. It’s my opinion and mine only, I’ve stated my views on this video and the whole ‘vibe’ surrounding it and a few people have been angered by it, to the point where there tone of voice was rather aggressive. It’s funny, we all think we’re a civilized and mature generation yet when someone gets angry because you have a specific opinion on a controversial topic it makes you think otherwise. Before I get into my thoughts and feelings I shall link the video, it’s only a few minutes but it has caused quite the viral stir.


Watched it, good? I’m pretty sure it’s stirred your emotions as well.

It’s a mess, I’m unsure as to where to start this one in all honesty so I’m going to just talk about the facts and state my opinions and why I feel that way, I hope that’s cool with you guys? And if you disagree with my thoughts and ludicrous opinions please feel free to comment! I won’t hate you, don’t worry!

So after watching this video I had mixed-emotions. Everyone knows YouTube, the comment section is a war of verbal abuse and a torrent of hatred, some of the stuff on there is so vulgar it’s disheartening to read. Comments such as;

  • “People are straight up retards for such a ridiculous video even to exist.”
  • “You sound gay.” – This even got 6 likes people, I mean seriously sort your shit out.
  • “Compliments? This bitch can’t take fucking compliments?” So disgusting. If you’re going to make a comment on such a controversial topic, do it in a professional way without the offensive language. Just think about that comment for a moment, this persons called the woman in the video a ‘bitch’ just because she has a certain opinion on something. It’s wrong on so many levels.

So yeah, this was just on the first few comments I browsed through, most people are generally commenting “oh it’s just compliments” or “she’s brought it on herself because of the clothes she wears.” Now these are the two main areas of debate I wish to get into. I’m going to chuck in my two cents on the general remarks as well such as the “damns” and the people who stare and whistle. Ready? Let’s discuss!

  • “Oh it’s just compliments.” In all honesty this was my first opinion when I saw the video, I watched it and then re-watched it and some of the stuff people are saying to her can be passed as compliments. If I was to go up to a girl and say “hello, you’re pretty” is that such a crime? I don’t think it is. BUT for some females or males might I add they may not want some random stranger coming up to them and trying to spark up a conversation, it may place them in an uncomfortable state where they end up feeling harassed because of it. And I don’t blame them. It all comes down to the person at the end of the day, but it shouldn’t be publicized as harassment just because you see a girl who you find attractive and try talk to her. That’s how I’ve met friends in the past, that’s how friends started relationships and that’s how people ended up getting married. All because someone, in this case the male went up to the female and simply complimented her. The best example of this is at 00:38 seconds into the clip. I believe it’s the guy sitting down and he simply asks “how are you this morning?” It’s just a simple question I understand there’s no compliment but there’s no malicious tone to his voice, like I said some women may respond and react to the question others may not. It comes down to the person. But it shouldn’t be classed as harassment, there’s no real harassing in that statement. Can’t one human ask another human how they’re doing? Is it so wrong to want to interact within our cultures and cities?
  • The cat calling. Why’s this still around? Media and films really helped changed societies ideas on cat calling and whistling, but put yourselves in the females shoes. If a man, who’s slumped against a wall, staring right at your body ends up whistling it’s definitely going to make you feel uncomfortable, but like I said some girls may enjoy it. But for the most part, in my eyes it’s just rude to do that to someone and it makes you look sleazy.
  • “Damn girl.”I mean c’mon guys, is that the best you can do? That’s not a compliment in anyway, it’s in my eyes disgusting. If you’re approaching a girl who you feel is attractive and you feel as if they’re someone you want to get to know, why are you saying “damn girl?” you should be approaching as a gentleman. You shouldn’t be shouting at them or slanted over acting “tough” or what’s perceived as tough in our modern day society. I can see why this comes off as harassment, the way they’ve presented themselves and the way they’ve gone about talking to someone is so rude. It’s touchy but I hope you can see where I’m coming from.
  • “She’s brought it on herself because of the clothes she wears.” I hope you’re kidding, right? I’m sorry it’s not your body; it’s down to her what she decides to wear. If she’s comfortable and wants to wear an item of clothing that shows off her body, what gives you the right to say she brought it on herself? It’s all because some males think it’s acceptable to whistle and stare at her in an oddly manner when in reality it’s not. A minor glance should be fine, she’s an attractive woman I’m allowed to look the same as she’s allowed to look at me and if I think she’s attractive who then says it’s un-acceptable to not talk to her? She could end up becoming a close friend or even a girlfriend if she wants to communicate back to me. Just because she’s wearing clothes that show off her curves and body, why in the world would you call her ‘a stuck up slut’ all because she doesn’t want to talk to someone?
  • Open the clip back up and go to 00:50 seconds. Now this is the scariest thing that I think could happen to a female or even male, I felt slightly worried when watching it. The clip shows an annotation that the guy follows her around for 5 minutes. You obviously have your own views on this but seriously, it’s creepy. It’s going to scare and shake you up, the fact it was for 5 minutes is even worse. In a way I can see it as a form of harassment, the guys not leaving her alone! He’s not taking the hint she doesn’t want to talk, just leave. You’re not respecting her wishes and in turn essentially harassing her by following her every move.
  • “Because I’m ugly” – 01:24. Sort that out, from the video she doesn’t say the guy is ugly. It’s something that’s totally ludicrous to say, I’m unsure as to why the guy believed she didn’t want to talk to him but from my eyes it’s because he thinks she’s thinking he’s ‘ugly’ or it could be just because she doesn’t want to talk to you, she doesn’t have to explain as to why. Maybe she just doesn’t want to talk or maybe she’s in a hurry; don’t ask questions like that, ever. Yeah that whole he thinks, she thinks got me confused as well, apologies.
  • “God bless you mami” – 00:27.It’s not just what the guy said, it’s the way he said it and the way he’s staring the female down as if she’s an object. Sounds a tad out there I know but hear me out. If you look at the way the young gentleman eyes up and down her body, not even in a subtle way it’s a full on stare, it’s rather rude. I can’t speak for the female in question or females in general however if I were in the position as a male and a female doing that; I personally wouldn’t mind it having said that, that’s just me. Some women are going to feel uncomfortable and some women are going to enjoy it, it’s personal taste but in terms of harassment it depends on the person. For the female yes, it’s rude to her and she doesn’t like it but I guess from the males perspective it’s a little different. In his eyes I guess it’s his way of showing you a compliment even if it’s not gentleman like, if you see what I mean. He feels as if he’s not harassing you. He feels as if he’s paying you a compliment because he may not know any other way to do so. Not speaking for the gentleman or knocking his attempts but in my eyes from the way I’ve learned it’s not respectful but he may not know that. A bit of an excuse you could say but it’s a tough one to analyse. Sure you can call it harassment but in his eyes it’s a compliment. Two complete different spectrums meeting as one.

You know, I respect this video. It’s raised some issues within the way we present ourselves in our modern day society. It shows to some males, females are not objects you can shout at them or whistle because ‘that’s the thing to do.’ But it’s misrepresenting the term ‘harassment.’

The definition for harassment is: aggressive pressure or intimidation.

Now the guy walking with the female for 5 minutes, that’s borderline in my eyes. Very scary for anyone male or female and is in my personal eyes a form of harassment. However, asking someone if they’re having a nice day or even complimenting someone to tell them they’re beautiful is in no way aggressive at all. I would love for someone to tell me I’m beautiful, it gives people a lift of spirits but having said that some women or some males may feel otherwise. They may feel uncomfortable or even worried if someone strange and new said that to them. And it’s not their fault. It’s just how they feel.

I think the term harassment was the wrong choice, I’m unsure as to what you could call it but there isn’t much in terms of harassment. I’ve said it to friends and family and I will say it again, in my personal opinion cat calling, vulgarly staring at a female as if they’re an object and shouting rather aggressive compliments is not a compliment it’s rude and makes someone feel uncomfortable. Saying to someone they’re pretty or telling them to have a nice day is not. It’s common manners and it’s sociable, if you like it you can choose whether to talk back but if you don’t you can walk on, nothing wrong with how you feel it’s your choice. It’s what happens afterwards that needs to change. You can’t be mean or nasty to someone just because they choose not to talk to you, it’s their choice not yours!

I guess no one’s really explained their views and opinions on the subject to me; they’ve just made comments without backing it up. I would love to hear what others think, I’m open to changing my opinion if someone can persuade me otherwise but because I haven’t had an intellectual talk on it as of yet I just can present how I feel as of now. But you can make a point that might sway my thoughts on this subject, just drop a comment or an email (routinedreamer@gmail.com) don’t be afraid I will not be nasty to you, or un-friendly it’s all just a debate where we as humans can learn from one another!

Enjoy your day!


Movie Mistakes! & Movie Facts!

Be-warned this blog post may actually ruin your favourite movies!…

Only kidding folks, I’m not that mean! I love films, I’m un-sure as to who doesn’t but there’s these great little niggles that come with these high end movies and to tell you the truth it’s not anything bad it’s just little ‘mistakes’ in the continuity within the film. To give an example (my list later on will include pictures don’t worry) little things such as cups changing colour or actors hitting their heads. The funny thing is they’re kept in and produced within the final cut and this is where the reviewers come out of their lurking shadows and criticize the films until the cows come home.

Really though most reviewers don’t but you get the vibe I’m trying to create! Movie mistakes aren’t bad unless it effects the story if it’s just a cup colour or a camera showing up it’s usually fine but they’re interesting to see when it’s such a huge production!

Before I get into this all credit is due to http://www.moviemistakes.com/ I just added my witty descriptions and no I don’t work with them or have been approached by them it’s such an interesting site! The time and dedication put into finding these mistakes and keeping geeks like me interested is greatly appreciated! All picture credits go to them!

The Shawshank Redemption – Honestly such a fantastic film, if you haven’t seen it I greatly recommend it. Quick overview from IMDB; (I’m a cheat, don’t hate) two imprisoned men bond over a number of years, finding solace and eventual redemption through acts of common decency. Did I forget to mention Morgan Freeman’s one of the main characters, that fact alone should swing it for you! Anyway the movie goof, I nearly forgot about it! This one’s a minor mistake, funny but minor. It’s from the scene where the wardens come through and start tossing cells, in the scene it shows all of Andy’s chess pieces upon the window being knocked over one by one. After a little while one of the pieces has been placed upright again even though no one touched them! Pretty nifty to be able to spot right?


Extra cool facts – IMDB gets credit on this one! I should add the facts are mainly to do with dates, the film was based in 1947.

  • When Tommy goes out into the yard to talk to Warden Norton, Warden Norton offers him a cigarette. The pack of Marlboros that he offers him has Marlboro Miles on them, which weren’t around until the 1990s.
  • When they are on the roof during the tar job, in either 1949 or 1950, Andy tells Hadley that the IRS allows a gift to a spouse tax free. At that time, the IRS was known as the Bureau of Internal Revenue. It did not become known as the IRS until the 1950s.
  • The full-size photo poster of Rita Hayworth that Red procures for Andy in 1949 comes from a series of celebrity posters that went on sale in the early 1960s.
  • The stamp used by the parole officers in 1947 prints in the Helvetica font, which was not invented until 1957.

Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone – Fantastic movie as well, I’m pretty sure I lived on Harry Potter VHS’s when I was younger. I probably should have read the books as well I feel I’m missing out on a huge part of history there but I watched the films, which counts for something surely! My nickname in school was ‘Dobby’ and no it was not because I looked like an aged old elf it was because of my tiny stature in size and it was very similar to my second name. Is it wrong my closest friends still use that nickname rather than my ‘real’ name? They never call me Jake, ever. It’s got to the point if they do slip it out it’s like ‘who’s that?’ The mistake! Well in one scene where they’re all eating together it’s clear to see that Harry is sat next to Ron but when the camera angle changes he is ‘magically’ next to Hermoine on the other side of the table. Isn’t this just to the perfect time to insert a witty joke about magic and the world of Harry Potter? Pretty cool spot though.

harry potter-movie-mistakes04-520x677

Extra cool facts – The Internet gets credit on this one! General Harry Potter facts might I add.

  • There are roughly 700 fouls in Quidditch.
  • The actress who played Moaning Myrtle was 37 years old at the time “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets” was filmed.
  • Dementors, the deadly phantoms that guard Azkaban Prison, represent depression and were based on Rowling’s struggle with the disease.
  • The least successful Harry Potter film, “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban,” made $90 million more than the most successful Twilight movie.

Pulp Fiction – Surely one of the greatest films ever made? Definitely in my top 5. If I’m being brutally honest it’s quite hard to describe the actual film because it feels like there’s so much going on! It’s got action, comedy, romance and more comedy; dark comedy though. Best way to describe it is…Yeah, I’m going to IMDB. The lives of two mob hit men, a boxer, a gangster’s wife, and a pair of diner bandits intertwine in four tales of violence and redemption. There we are that’s that sorted! Anyway, movie goof; this is a mistake that’s quite hard to notice but there’s a scene in the film where bullets are being fired or should I say going to be fired, well in the movie Quentin Tarantino (amazing I should add) showed off the bullet holes in the wall before any gun was fired. Doesn’t discredit the movie in any way, just an awesome goof!


Extra cool facts – The Internet once again! http://www.shortlist.com/entertainment/films/50-things-you-(probably)-didnt-know-about-pulp-fiction

  • At the end of Pulp Fiction , Jules says he wants to become a “drifter.” In Kill Bill Volume 2, Samuel L. Jackson appears as a piano-playing drifter, called Rufus.
  • John Travolta spoke to a recovering heroin addict during his research for Vincent Vega. The addict, a friend of Quentin Tarantino, suggested Travolta get drunk on tequila and lie in a hot pool, as this would be the closest representation of heroin’s effects without actually it. Travolta tried this method with his wife in their hotel hot tub, lining up tequila shots along the bath.
  • The shot of Vincent plunging the syringe of adrenaline into Mia’s chest was filmed by having John Travolta pull the needle out, then reversing the footage.
  • Marsellus and Mia Wallace never speak to each other on-screen, despite being husband and wife.

There we have it, just take a look at the site – http://www.moviemistakes.com/ there’s so much more!

I just want to add the only parts I really did was the intro, the photos and facts were from other sites. The other sites I used were;

There were others as well for a few facts but I’ve lost them in my internet history, if they’re yours drop me an email so I can give credit! Just a short and easy one for today. 



10 Things We Should Be Taught At School!

Is it wrong that I don’t miss school? I mean sure there were some nice moments and a few memories throughout the years but in reality school only taught me the basics to life. I can’t say I learned all that much but that may be saying something about me! But in all seriousness I had fantastic teachers but I just didn’t retain anything, hopefully that makes some kind on sense! Sure it was the easiest time of my life and I think will be the easiest time of my life until the day I die but I don’t feel I’ve benefited all that much. I’m 19 now so it’s probably not been put in perspective for me, I may look back at 50 and have a total different opinion but for now I just don’t get it. School gives you routine, it gives you an education, a basic education but an education none the less. It can benefit a huge variety of people but for me, it just didn’t.

I’ve worked ever since I left at 16 and there hasn’t been a day where I’ve used what I’ve learned in Science about chemical bonds to benefit me, there hasn’t been a day where I’ve used my knowledge in art to benefit me, you see where I’m going don’t you. Sure 10, 20 or even 30 years down the line it may come into play but in all honesty I just don’t see it. I don’t have a huge problem with education at the moment but I think certain life skills that I’ve picked up along the way really need to be introduced.

I’ve created a list of 10 things that I wish I could have learned whilst at school, hopefully you agree if not please drop a comment as to why! Feel free to add your own as well! Enjoy!

(I apologise on the lack of structured English for this one! I was in a rush, no excuse but I feel I should definitely mention it.)

  1. Learning CPR. This one’s top of the top for me, it’s a skill we should all be taught by law. You don’t know where you may need it, when you may need it or who you may need it for. In my personal or can I say ‘professional’ opinion even though I’m really only a professor in eating junk food, I would much rather be taught that than some topics we’re forced to learn in school. Obviously it’s not going to take up a whole term, c’mon guys I’m not that dumb! But we definitely all should be taught it whether it means missing one lesson that’s not as important as your main subjects just as long as we are all taught it in our lifetime. What are your thoughts to that?
  2. Learning how to take control of your taxes and all that other ‘nasty stuff.’ I’m pretty sure everyone else has complained about this, I’m just chucking in my two cents I guess! (woo an American idiom) I got screwed on my first job and my tax was an outstanding amount, when you’re a teenager expecting your first pay check it’s a bit of a surprise to see absolutely nothing and most of it going to tax. They don’t teach you how to sort it out, it’s down to you to learn but I mean it’s a huge shocker seeing as you’re still young. A foot in the door would definitely help introduce you into that world! In terms of the ‘nasty stuff’ as well I’m talking about information on mortgages and renting houses, all that grown up stuff! It would have been nice to get a taster into the ‘adult’ life rather than having to start from scratch.
  3. The swimming basics. Now this one’s a tad controversial, in some or even most schools within the UK I do believe it is taught, the only problem was I never learned at that period of time how to actually swim. They took us to do these training classes when we were roughly 4/5 years old but I never properly understood how to swim. I eventually did though, thank-god! The Earth’s surface is roughly 71% water so it’s definitely something we should all know, even if it’s just learning how to float. It’s better than drowning right?
  4. Cooking. I look in my fridge and man what do I see? A whole section full of ingredients, succulent foods and the tenderest of meats but you know what the problem is? I really don’t know how to cook, and when I say really; I mean really! I’m literally terrible. Obviously I’m an expert/ master at the obvious foods like Pasta, beans on toast and the ‘crappy’ stuff but you know what would be awesome? Learning how to cook up a bad ass steak or a pizza from scratch. Okay they weren’t the best of examples but you get the picture. I know what you’re saying at home as well, “why don’t you just learn it from the internet man!” and to some extent that’s true but I feel learning it at school maybe as an extra-curricular activity would benefit the subject of wanting to cook more as pupils would go if only if they want to. Rather than being forced to learn a subject they didn’t want to! Although there would obviously be problems with funding, staff, ingredients and all that jazz, you get the picture. It would be a cool idea though hopefully you’re with me on that, it beats dominos and Chinese takeaways, not that I have anything against them! I pretty much live off those!
  5. Recognising when you’re drunk. I hate people who get so wasted they can’t even stand, I’m unsure as to why you let it get to this point or your ‘friends’ let you get to this point. I’m one of these people who really doesn’t understand drinking alcohol, people often tend to use it and abuse it. Example; “I drink to numb the pain” woah that just took a turn didn’t it? I’m sorry to depress you even further on a Monday but this is a valuable point! Alcohol should be used to celebrate, it’s something we should use to relax after a long day’s work or just use it as something to treat yourself with. Even if you’re on a night out or you’re in a club, why go overboard? It just makes you look like an idiot but to go even further it ruins your night and your friend’s night. There’s times when it can be acceptable but when it gets to the point where you’re knocking things over, stumbling and hurting yourself that’s the point when someone should tell you, ‘you’re drunk you can’t have anymore.’ If you do it can lead to health issues inside your body, you can fall over and physically hurt yourself but you know what the worst part is? The pain it takes on your bank balance!
  6. Basic Geography. I hate being lost, it’s genuinely terrifying. It’s much worse if you’re lost within a dark, scary place and those loud bangs and noises creep you out. Oh wait, Halloweens over! Darn. You get my point though, when I’m walking home late at night and I hear a cat screech and scarper across the road it can be quite scary even though I know nothing will happen to me or maybe I just get scared too easily either way I know it freaks me out! Anyway; geography. Sure we’re all taught it in school but we’re taught about rocks and volcanoes and sure it’s beneficial to certain pupils but what I really want to know is how to read the time when looking up at the sun or where to go if I’m lost within a foreign country. I get there’s leaflets and stations with all this information and with the vast improvements of tech there’s more than likely no need for this but I feel it’s something we should all be able to retain inside us just for future reference if all else fails.
  7. Public speaking. I absolutely used to loathe public speaking or speaking on my own to a group of people, it’s terrifying! You feel far too out of depth and you can’t seem to slumber back within your comfort zone but you know what? Those are the moments when you really find yourself, those moments let you relish within your own confidence and in turn makes you a much better person. It makes you feel better about yourself even if at the time you’re frightened to death. There’s so much pressure put on kids and teenagers nowadays especially when it comes to things such as looks and intelligence, school time can really knock your confidence which doesn’t set you up to well for work life or social life. I think by teaching people to be more comfortable within their own body will help greatly in the future.
  8. Respectful Flirting. I’m not one to fuss if I get turned down or rejected by a female, it happens; at least you’ve given it a go right. The thing that really bugs me is when guys think they’re like walking gods and continually harass females all because they’ve turned them down. This happens in clubs, a lot. You see these dudes trying to grind on females even though they’re pushing them away and telling them to leave them alone, I guess the fact they’re intoxicated on alcohol doesn’t help but it’s certainly not an excuse. Like I was saying though if she’s rejecting you, respectfully take the hit don’t try and move around it, just move on! We should be taught to respect boundaries when we’re in college, although it will seem pointless at the time, when you’re out in a club hopefully that knowledge of respecting her wishes and leaving them alone will come into play because you’ve successfully retained the consequences as to trying to persuade them otherwise.
  9. Finding out if someone’s telling a lie. There are a few signs that someone’s telling a lie e.g. stumbling around the question or questions, a change of breathing or even standing very still. The thing is we don’t consciously put these into play we just retain the information sub-consciously and don’t think about it after the conversation is over. What we should be able to learn is if someone’s doing it mid-conversation, it would save a lot of time!
  10. Budgeting. Boy oh boy I spend my money on the most stupid and weirdest crap ever, well that’s a lie it’s mainly trainers/sneakers or food. I enjoy it greatly, my bank balance doesn’t but I do. The problem is when the time comes for me to pay bills, rent and get the weekly essentials it’s going to be a huge shock. I’m so used to this luxury of having spare money around that once I get those bills paid and only have pennies to my name it’s going to hit me hard. They should really teach you how to section out your money; it will definitely help out for most in the future!

I apologise on the lack of structured English for this one! I was in a rush, no excuse but I feel I should definitely mention it.

There we are my top 10 things I wish I learned at school! What are yours?

Enjoy your day!



“Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover”

We’re always told not to judge a book by its cover, yet as we grow up and get older we often lose sight of this ‘rule’ and let our minds cast an opinion on someone or something before we’ve even talked to them or learned about their situation. We cast judgement based on overall introduction and overview yet when you get down to the nitty gritty of things it can be a total shocker and something you didn’t expect may turn up. Essentially it’s a post about casting judgement on someone when you haven’t learned about them and are just judging from the perspective you see.

I’ve literally just landed a new job that I’m proud to say I want to do, a job I will enjoy waking up at 7 in the morning to go to and a job I wouldn’t have landed if I stuck it out on a previous one (will explain later.) I got the call about 10/20 minutes ago but this blog post was wrote yesterday and to tell you the truth I’m over the moon about it, the job that is!

(Please stick with the out of date references and the odd style to it, hopefully at the end it will make much more sense.)

I’m a bit annoyed, angered and let’s be honest here; stressed. It’s been an up and down month, well an up and down 2 months in fact. Most of you know the story of me leaving my previous job in retail (the one I had for 2.5 years) and leaving to work for Ralph Lauren. Like you all know that one didn’t end up too well! As I blogged previously I left as wires were crossed and I quit on the ‘first’ day (I will get more in depth to that later on.) Well I went through various job interviews and travelled stupendous miles and I finally found a new job after that. Only problem was that it was even worse than my first one, I was in training but I knew I wasn’t going to be doing it another day and I just had to quit. I just had this gut instinct and knew it wasn’t for me.

I can already tell what you’re thinking, just the same as everyone else in fact “he quits easily” or “he falls at the first hurdle” and to tell you the truth I’m tired of hearing that. They’re completely wrong, they’re judging from their perspective without hearing my side of the story. It’s funny how people judge you deep down even though they try to word it as if they aren’t, for example; “oh don’t worry you’ll do fine but you should have stuck it out a bit longer maybe.” Shit like that gets on my nerves, I’m tired of people judging me on the basis of what they’re seeing and not knowing the details as to why I quit. They don’t have the experience I went through previously or the instinct to feel that way. I had to go to the manager with the balls to say I quit because deep down you know it’s wrong for you. I made a decision that was best for me and my career yet people can’t get passed that, as I’ve stated before and will state continuously throughout this blog it was my decision, don’t judge it from my previous experiences and actually find out the reason as to why I quit so early on.

I’m not just talking about friends or family either, it’s just people in general e.g. previous work colleagues or customers I built relationships with. They hear the story of me quitting three jobs and already cast an opinion. They’ve not understood why I quit and they’re seeing it from a two dimensional view, it’s funny for them; they see someone who’s quit a job they hated, went to another job and quit that and now landed themselves another job and quit that one. They haven’t heard my side and have judged me from the word go, so here we are; to all you judgmental people here’s why I quit those jobs. From the top to the bottom.

First job – Retail, loathed the last 6 months. At first it was fantastic as I was learning a new skill, meeting new people and getting paid! What’s not too like? After a while it just drained me; targets, service and seeing the same customers and having the same conversations day in day out. It got to the point where I couldn’t take it anymore. I gritted my teeth for a multitude of months and ploughed through, I hated it. I woke up not wanting to go there and one day that was it, a few bad words and I quit. Just like that. I gave one week’s notice and I was gone. I’m not bothering to get to deep with feelings and stuff with this one as I’ve blogged about it numerous times and it’ll be me just dragging up the past even more, not fun for anyone.

Second job – clothing retail, most of you know the story of this one. If not let me jog your memory. Landed this dream job, Ralph Lauren; doesn’t get much better than that right? The only problem was it was a bit of a trek to get to. It was a rough 15-20 minute train journey and then a 10 minute walk to the store but truth is I wasn’t fussed about that, it’s Ralph Lauren I would travel much further to be working for a brand as luxurious as that. Well, after doing my training days I found out they made a mistake and told me I was being placed on the suit section! My dreams were shattered, suits! I had absolutely no interest for it. I called up the following morning and told them I wasn’t going to be working there, it made no sense money wise either. People began to judge and told me to stick it out but I knew it was pointless; it made no sense financially either:

It cost me £6 to get up there, I was going to be working 5 days a week therefore it would be £30 a week, £120 a month down the drain for a job I had no interest in. Can you see my point? If I was still on Ralph Lauren I would definitely have stayed there but because there was no interest or fire in my belly to work on a suit section it just wasn’t worth it.

Third job (latest one) – selling phones, just very reminiscent to my first job; but much worse. I quit after giving it sometime but I just had that gut feeling of it not being my career. It’s funny; I had the same feeling working at this latest job as I did when I knew I wanted to quit my first. It was instinct. I wasn’t wasting another 2.5 years of my life feeling drained and tired from life, it’s just not worth it. Sure you have security within having a job but is it worth waking up in the mornings feeling tired before the days even started? No. I can use that time to my advantage and search for a job I’m going to enjoy. The problem is everyone is seeing me quit this third job and just assuming and judging I’m quitting at the first hurdle, I’m not. I’m just being smart about it; the thing they aren’t seeing is I’ve decided to do what’s best for me. I stuck it out at my first job for far too long and it stressed me out therefore it’s silly for me to be feeling that way about this third job and continue to stick it out.

Hopefully that made some sense, let me try phrase it better. I’ve had the experience of gritting my teeth and smiling through a frown with my first job. Once I entered that third job I sensed and felt exactly the same as my first therefore with my previous knowledge and experience of hating a job why should I stick at it just because it’s a ‘job’ you know what I mean? But a lot of people don’t see that, they just see “oh he’s quit another job again.” They’re completely overlooking my situation and not getting the full details.

I had a fantastic interview as well today for a much better job, just to think I could have missed that today all because I was sticking out a job I already knew was going to be a problem for me. Then they ask how do you know it would be like that? And in the easiest way to put it is, I’ve already experienced it and had the ‘symptoms’ so to speak.

There you have it, I’ve just rambled on and on about it because I’m sick of explaining my situation to people. I haven’t quit 2 jobs just because I fell at the first hurdle; I was smart enough to get out of those situations because I knew they would only get worse.

Stop judging people and think before you speak. The comments from people saying I’m a quitter and shit like that have annoyed me to the point where writing this was so much easier than trying to get it into their brain I wasn’t quitting at the first hurdle, that’s why it’s not as grammatically correct as it should be or as smooth as my usual blogs. It’s for the people who’re judging me and won’t let me explain my situation, if you still don’t get it; re-read it. Again and again until you do…

Like I said I wrote this yesterday and got a call today saying I’ve been offered a job for the interview yesterday. Truth is I couldn’t be happier and just to think I wouldn’t have landed it if I stuck at the job I already knew I hated!

Enjoy your day folks!



The Topic of Volunteerism! A Tad Controversial Folks.

Wrote this one yesterday, fine-tuned today. Enjoy guys!

It’s a very rare sight for me to be angered, let alone outraged on a Sunday. Yes you heard that right folks! I’m angered on a Sunday. It’s a day for peace and tranquillity, a time to reflect on the week before and look forward to the week ahead; not to be fuelled with opinionated thoughts on a sub sequential topic that I thought need not be discussed.

What’s the topic in question you ask?

‘Volunteerism is a waste of time and money’

Before we get into this I would just like to add, I’ve never volunteered myself. This is coming solely from research gained from others and at no point did I mean for this to come out biased, I hope it hasn’t come out biased as I felt I’ve kept both argument’s fair. If it has come out biased though and unfortunately offended you, I sincerely apologise as that wasn’t my true intentions.

It’s a controversial one for me; one I didn’t even know was controversial in fact. You hear the word volunteer and something in your mind just clicks; you automatically assume it’s going to be a story or a gesture of good will. To be volunteering and helping out others for reasons other than financial profit is amazing; you tend to assume everything around it’s going to be right as rain.

Well what I’ve learned is this fact may not be so true, there’s a deep and almost monstrous shadow cast over the act of volunteering or volunteerism as it’s commonly known.

It’s hard to do this one without coming from a biased stand point. I feel as if my minds already made up from my previous experiences and knowledge about volunteering itself. I’m going to try and put both arguments across for you guys so you can make up your own judgement but be warned the article that unintentionally angered me may cause some knock on affects to you! You think you can handle this? Ready? Okay…Let’s go!

What is ‘voluntourism?’

First I should give you some background information about volunteerism so you’re not coming in empty handed. Essentially it’s a form of tourism in which travellers participate in voluntary work, typically for a charity. Yeah I got that from Google, don’t hate! But it sounds pretty good, right? Who doesn’t want to travel across the globe helping others and gaining multiple life experiences money can’t buy! The chance to experience the gratefulness of a gesture of good will, the chance to give to those less fortunate and know you’ve helped their life whether it’s substantial or not! It sounds perfect doesn’t it? The truth is not all think so.

I figure there’s only one easy way to do this; most of my readers will have already guessed where this is going. It’s those beautiful things we call lists, better yet a list of the pros and cons to volunteerism, sit back and relish in my bullet pointed wonder and then judge for yourself!


  • Tourism! It’s in the name people, need I say more? You can visit exotic locations throughout your travels, admittedly it may not be all the time however there are a few places you can visit giving you that well needed break from helping others and just live, experience life as you should. There’s a true beauty in that.
  • Knowing you’ve helped out. Obviously you’re not going to be superman to the entire country or town however there can be a real sense of achievement knowing you’ve made someone’s quality of life better or just improved how they feel, you know what I mean? I’m not a huge charitable guy but on nights out if there’s a homeless person begging for food and money I always go and get them a burger; it’s a 99p burger. Why should we suffer and starve for our most essential quality of life? It’s a necessity to eat and replenish ourselves yet we still have people who go without, it’s truly shocking. Off topic I know but it needed to be said. So basically the whole point is just gaining the sense of accomplishment within one’s self and knowing you’ve actually helped out another person’s life can make it all that worthwhile.
  • You get to take a break from the stress of ‘home-life.’ From what I’ve read a lot of the people who’ve voyaged on the task of volunteerism have done this on a gap year or taken a break from home life, it gets you away from all the negativity of what you have to deal with and lets you see the world in a completely different perspective, it really shows you how lucky we are at times. We complain about the minutest of things; being too cold, waiting for food at a restaurant or not having enough money you know, silly things. Truth is most of these are easy to deal with or just pointless to complain about but volunteering to help others where people are struggling and really have nothing and I mean nothing, can give you an intense perspective on the spectrum of reality.
  • You take home an education of different cultures. You can gain this eye-opening experience on how others eat, live and congregate with each other. It’s a perfect way to break from that usual routine of life; you know the one 9-5 Monday to Friday or study, study, study. With volunteerism you get the opportunity to break that cycle and relish within another world and experience their routines.
  • The country or place where you’re visiting gets an influx of your specific skill sets or knowledge into certain topics. I hope that makes sense, you would tell me if it didn’t right? What I’m trying to put across is the place you’re visiting can gain your knowledge to benefit them for future reference or you can teach them skills or tips to benefit in their daily lives.
  • You get this cross between cultures within the community. They get insights into how you lead your life and then you get insights on how they lead their lives. It promotes a whole new social aspect to volunteerism and benefits both parties involved.


  • In some cases there’s been a lot less time for the tourism aspect of actually going out there, what’s happened before is some people have travelled to these exotic locations but have fell short where work is the main priority. They had no chance to get out and sight-see which is a main part of ‘volun’ The work eventually ended up taking over and all that money spent on flights out there and places to stay haven’t been worth it, sure you get to meet new people and get to help out but you’re completely missing out on the goal of also tourism itself. You need some ‘me’ time as well, otherwise it’s very similar to your situation at home where you’re constantly working however this time you’re emotional aspect can come into play as well and you don’t benefit in the long run.
  • In some cases voluntourism itself actually affects the lives of others, not for good though for bad, let me explain; when multiple organisations after organisations comes into these countries or towns what actually happens is, it puts local trade out of business. When you have hundreds of tourists coming in to say donate clothes, build support systems or erect buildings for free the local business men and women then have no one to offer their services to. It puts the local tradesmen and women out of work thus not actually helping the community itself almost damaging it in a way. Sure you can argue the case of the tourists helping out the smaller proportion of the community but wouldn’t you rather help out all the community. By employing the local businessmen and women to do the same work the tourists do for free surely it benefits both parties. It can swing both ways though that one, you see why it gets a bit controversial?
  • This next point is more defined rather than surveying the whole aspect of volunteerism; it’s aimed at helping in orphanages. Let’s face it working in an orphanage, from an outsiders perspective seems a daunting and emotional challenge. It’s high-rewarding but it can be very life changing in certain ways. At this point I’m wondering if this could actually go in both sections but I’ll decide to leave it here for now. So, when an orphan has lost their mother, father or even both and has no one to bond with, it’s got to be emotionally terrible. I can only image the pain and trauma they must go through. In some cases what’s so controversial about helping out at an orphanage is, when you make these deep connected bonds with the children it can have knock on effects. Say you’re visiting an orphanage for 3 weeks, you meet all these lovely children and connect with them, after those 3 weeks are finished you leave and you feel fantastic. The problem it can cause is the child’s now been left alone yet again, a friend torn from them and a bond broken. It can be disastrous for how they’re feeling and unfortunately the bond you’ve created shattered and they can then go through a variety of emotions; they feel angered, sad it’s not fair on the child.
  • Like I said though it’s not all bad. It can go both ways, some orphans may enjoy the company; they may enjoy the companionship and feel as if they have a friend anywhere in the world. It just has to be judged with the child’s interest first, not the volunteers!

Controversial, am I right?

In no way do I want this post to knock the wonderful act of volunteering or in fact even halter anyone from going. As I said previously it’s quite hard to judge as I’m not speaking from experience and at times almost coming from a biased perspective, I never intended to do that. I wanted both sides to have an equal argument where the reader can make up their mind.

In my personal opinion:

Carry on, but and that’s a big BUT, there needs to be more rules and guidelines for doing so. Let’s face it, who’s interest do you have at heart, yours and your egos or the people you intend to help? If it’s yours I feel you need to change that, sure it’s nice to get a sense of accomplishment but if you’re solely going there for that purpose it’s a problem. If you’re going there to gain a sense of experience, accomplishment and actually help out then by all means go for it.

There’s huge potential for volunteerism to benefit those who’re less fortunate than us, I really mean that. But as we speak now, I can only wonder is it more about being self-indulgent or is it more about helping others. Until you do some research for yourself into the area you’re travelling to or understand the local culture it’s hard to tell.

You can’t forget you’re a tourist as well; you need a break every now and then. You can’t go all through life being nice and then take nothing for yourself, you deserve a treat. Go visit the hotspots, go see the sights and enjoy yourself.

The one and final point I wish to repeat is I’ve never volunteered myself. This is coming solely from research gained from others and at no point did I mean for this to come out biased, if it has and the post itself has unfortunately offended you, I apologise. As I said, I think it’s a wonderful idea that we should all embrace but we need to look at the system and how it’s run. That being said can you take my point and respect it even though I’ve not actually tried it for myself? It’s down to you to make that call.

What are your thoughts on voluntourism/volunteerism?

Enjoy your day!


Is University Worth It?

Everyone loves a bit of controversy in the morning, I hope. This is going to be exactly that, it’s something to get your grills all heated, something to make your blood boil whilst you pour the hot water into that morning coffee and most of all its calmly debatable. It’s a tough one to present to you folks without taking up a biased position, I guess you’re wondering what my credentials are for this and to tell you the truth I have none. It doesn’t mean I’m bashing university; in all honesty I would like to go some day.

How’s this going to be a fair fight then?

Well, after long and careful consideration it’s going to have to be a pro’s and cons list. I wrote a few drafts previously and after reading them back they just sound as if one’s outweighing the other, it’s not fair. I want this to be equal, so without further ado/adieu (I don’t want no problems on the whole ado/adieu situation, I’m not that smart I can’t decide which one!) let’s begin!

Going to University!


  • Education – Believe it or not, after all those wild ass parties and those horrendous hangovers after the allocated time at university you can actually walk away with an education. Funny right? If you buckle down and grind your ass off you can increase your prospectus within this big bad world, you get your degree into whatever field you’ve chosen to pursue and man, you’re off! People often say it’s more about experience than education however in my personal experience I think education definitely makes you stand out. University gives you the chance to broaden your horizons; it gives you an outlet into life skills you may not require within the ‘real’ world.

What do I mean by this?

Well take things such as the debating society or a movie theatre club, if you get yourself into those activities it shows how much of an outgoing and enthusiastic person you are. It shows you have a human side rather than just work, work, work. After you’ve completed these activities it’s a great booster to have on your CV, it sets you up for life whether it is personal or education, you’ve gained essential skills you probably wouldn’t have if you were doing your 40+ hours a week, there’s limited time.

  • Meeting New People – Think about it, everyone’s in the same boat as you. Everyone’s going to be feeling nervous, excited, home sick; there’s a vast variety of emotions you will go through. You’re leaving your home to live in a world where independence is everything. You need to learn for yourself but it’s all the more fun learning with others, am I right? Because everyone else has these same emotions gushing and coursing throughout their bodies it can make them easier to talk to, you have something to relate back to them with. There are people who meet their wives at university! There’s people who bond at university and can create everlasting friendships, it’s such a perfect place to meet new people.
  • The Whole Life Experience – University has this label of being a big party, as I said previously I cannot say as I haven’t attended uni however the stories you hear often make you think otherwise. That’s not a bad thing either, would you rather be 19 fresh faced and stuck working a job you have no real passion for or would you rather be in a lecture discussing your favourite topic with people from all over the globe and then going to a wild ass party afterwards. I know what I would do, obviously it has to be the latter yet that’s more than likely because I’m still discovering myself and this whole party ‘culture’ whereas someone who has a family may choose the first one. Shit, that was a bit biased wasn’t it? Apologies. What I’m trying to get across is you can leave Uni with a vast amount of stories and experiences you will treasure forever, and memories you can look back at once you’re 50 and think “wow, I miss those days” you know what I mean?


  • Not Passing Your Exams – It’s all good being at university and having a laugh however if you don’t put your work in, it can cause problems further down the line. Think about it, you can spend 3 to 4 years at university but if you fail and don’t get that degree it does make you wonder, was it worth it? I mean you end up leaving with no degree, no work experience and are stuck with a vast amount of money needing to be paid back. This leaves you out of the water in terms of applying for jobs and starting a career, the interviewers going to wonder why there’s such a huge gap on your CV seeing as you didn’t pass. I hope this doesn’t scare anyone from going but it’s the truth, all that time and there’s no guarantee you’re going to pass, it’s all down to the work you put in.
  • Costly Fee’s – I’m not too sure whether this is really a huge con, in reality quite a lot of people who go to university won’t actually end up working in that field they’ve studied in until they’re much older, not solid research however it’s what I’ve found through people I’ve talked to and who have actually studied at uni, quite a lot have ended up with mediocre jobs and won’t be in a field they enjoy until they gain experience to back up their degree. Back to the point, if you do get a high paying job straight out of the gate of university it’s got to be fantastic, you can pay of those fee’s, you’re doing a job you love and most of all enjoying life. From what I’ve gather the problem a huge amount of university students find is getting that dream job to pay of those fees. After a while life stops becoming all rainbows and butterflies and you’re welcomed into the real world where you need to work a job you hate at times to make ends meet, the only problem with that is if you’re earning over a certain amount you will need to make ends meet by paying rent, food, gas, electric and all your essentials then have student fees and loans to pay off on top. It’s a huge bummer.
    *You don’t end up paying off your debts until you earn over £21,000.
  • Lack of Money – Fresher’s week, woo!
  • “That dress looks nice”
  • “What about them shoes?”
  • “I think I’ll order a dominos”
  • “Can you help me out, I’m broke”

You have to be very wary and efficient with your money at university, I guess when your grant comes through it must be overwhelming to see this vast amount in your bank yet the problem with that is there’s always the chance to be so overwhelmed you go out and blow it all.  You need to be efficient with your rent money, food, and essentials and maybe travel expenses. There’s so much more to take into consideration like extra bills and what not but the point I’m trying to get across is you’re going to be strapped for cash if you end up wasting your grant and this happens quite often. People get reckless with their money; they can go out to clubs and spend ridiculous amounts on alcohol, not wise.

If you’re out of work it’s the same as well but if you’ve got a steady job and pay check coming in you can always be re-assured with that whereas if you haven’t got a job whilst in uni and have blown through most of your loan, it starts to get a bit scary, well I think it would get scary. It’s tough to have this perspective, it feels a bit biased again and I think it’s time to wrap it up.

What was the point to all this? Whilst being out of work for a while I constantly thought to myself have I missed out on an opportunity by not going to uni? It was odd, I’ve always hated studying but there’s something about uni that’s so different. It’s not like school, you know what I mean? You get that first taste of independence in life, you get the chance to create lifelong memories and converse with people from all over the globe. You get the chance to study a subject you’re passionate about, hell you even get a degree at the end to say I’ve study this course for 3 to 4 years, it’s a bragging right to say “hey I know what I’m talking about.” You get to go to wild parties and just enjoy life.

I took the route of not going to college or uni therefore I have to live with that yet when I’m out in a nightclub and meeting new people and they’re talking about their work and their dreams and aspirations it does hit home at times, you wonder if you’re on the right route or career in life. I guess I’m lucky because I’ve got a wide variety of experience on my CV yet I wonder if I’ve got a wide experience in life in general. It’s tough, that’s life though am I right?

What are your thoughts on university?

Enjoy your day!



Job Interviews!

After an influx of exhausting and daunting interviews, where their main goal is to get deep into the core of your very existence and conjure out every tiny piece of information in regards to why you would like to work for a specific company, I’ve finally landed a new ‘new’ job. I guess you’re perplexed, pondering to yourself what’s this new ‘new’ job all about?

Well, most of you know the story but I’ve had a few new readers come through as of late therefore I feel I need to explain! I really should start putting all this work related stuff into sub-sections in my blog; it would be so much easier. Long story short, quit my job I hated and landed a perfect job elsewhere but they decided to change my departments as to where I was going to work and it just all crumbled apart so I quit that job roughly 2/3 weeks ago and I’ve been spending the past few weeks in tedious interviews.

Here’s what I’ve learned from those interviews!

  • Research – Do your research folks, honestly it’s been the biggest downfall to some of my interviews. Sure you can rock up to an interview and ace all the other questions however the interviewer is investing in you and your potential. They want to see you’ve got the passion to go out of your way and learn about the company. In some very extreme cases if you interview well and don’t know much about the brand it can work, it’s very slim but it can happen however I don’t advise it, do your research!
  • Be Presentable – I’ve been to those group interviews (they really suck) and the vast amount of people who’ve decided to turn up in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt is astounding. First impressions make a whole world of difference, you need to be the part and look the part! You don’t always need to put on a whole suit but you just being formal is good enough, I’m talking your shirts, your ties and most importantly clean shoes!
  • Be Calm and Confident – Some interviewers will understand you may be feeling nervous or even scared to interview and it’s tough not to let it show, especially if it’s your first one. I’m lucky, I’ve been through that whole experience and applied for the most outrageous of positions where the interviewer has pummelled me with the toughest questions yet the trick to this is to just breathe. Understand the question; don’t jitter around with an answer you should talk slowly and clearly. Look them in the eye when you’re talking and when they’re talking, it shows a certain confidence. Don’t look them in the eye for too long though; it may come off a tad odd!
  • Time – Get there on time folks! Pretty self-explanatory but you won’t believe the amount of people who turn up 5 minutes before an interview, you definitely need to give yourself more time than that. I usually go with 15 minutes but you can get away with 10.
  • Ask Questions – You need to prepare yourself with a few questions to ask about the employer, the brand or the working life. Try not to sound too intrusive if you’re asking about your employer, you don’t want it to come off as you’re asking what their credentials are. You definitely want to ask about the company though, it shows you have researched about the brand itself and have an actual interest to work within the company; you’re not one of these people who just turn up and try to wing it.

There we are my top 5 tips for the world to see! Hopefully you retain a few of these and it lands you your dream job!

Enjoy your day folks!



Nostalgic Music From The 90’s & Early 2000’s. Part 2.

It’s Monday, I know you guys are in a bad mood! You’re in luck though, I’m not.

I unfortunately found myself in that nostalgic mood once again today, I got lost in there. Childhood memories and all that jazz just swept me up; I definitely went through the emotions! It’s nice though because I’ve recently come into some luck with jobs and job interviews and it’s slowly getting there! Things are definitely looking up folks!

So why am I blabbing on about all this ridiculous nonsense?

Well to cut to the chase; with all this luck flooding in, I’ve decided to go out tonight and enjoy myself, yet you can’t go out without being in the mood, am I right? You need to get into the groove! (No Madonna pun intended) therefore I was browsing through my iTunes library and boy oh boy I just can’t pinpoint that one song! You know the ones I mean, that song that takes you back and just gets your feet tapping.

I’m still looking for it folks!…Whilst I’ve been searching I figured I would do a follow up to all those nostalgic songs in part 1 – http://routinedreamer.com/2014/10/06/nostalgic-music-from-the-90s-early-2000-part-1/

If you can name a few songs to get me in the groove drop a comment!

Sit back and reminisce, you can thank me later guys!

  1. Leona Lewis – Bleeding Love.
  2. Kanye West – Stronger.
  3. Akon – Smack That.
  4. Nizlopi – JCB Song.
  5. Westlife – You Raise Me Up.
  6. Will Smith – Switch.
  7. Kid Rock – All Summer Long.
  8. Smash Mouth – I’m A Believer.
  9. Flo Rida – Low.
  10. Green Day – Wake Me Up When September Ends.
  11. Usher – Confessions.
  12. Coldplay – The Scientist.
  13. Nelly – Hot In Here.
  14. Nickleback – Photograph.
  15. Kanye West – Gold Digger.
  16. Red Hot Chili Peppers – Dani California.
  17. Hinder – Lips Of An Angel.
  18. Uncle Kracker – Follow Me.
  19. Nelly – Over and Over.
  20. Akon – Sorry, Blame It on Me.
  21. Mike Posner – Cooler Than Me.
  22. Beyonce – Halo.
  23. Kings Of Leon – Use Somebody.
  24. DMX – Party Up In Here.
  25. Dre featuring Snoop Dogg – The Next Episode.
  26. Lady Gaga – Poker Face.
  27. Black Eyed Peas – I Gotta Feeling.
  28. Britney Spears – Toxic.
  29. Johnny Cash – Hurt.
  30. Katy Perry – I Kissed a Girl.
  31. Kelly – Trapped in the Closet.
  32. Ke$ha – Tik Tok.
  33. Shakira feautring Wyclef – Hips Don’t Lie.
  34. Snoop Dogg featuring Pharrell – Drop It like It’s Hot.
  35. I. featuring Rihanna – Live Your Life.
  36. Macy Gray – I Try.
  37. 3 Doors Down – Kryptonite.
  38. Sisqò – Thong Song.
  39. The Killers – Mr. Brightside.
  40. Justin Timberlake featuring Timbaland – SexyBack.
  41. Beyoncé – Single Ladies. (Put A Ring On It)
  42. R-Kelly – Happy People.
  43. Amy Winehouse – Back To Black.
  44. Blue – One Love.
  45. Infernal – From Paris to Berlin.
  46. Ludacris – Runaway Love.
  47. The Streets – Dry Your Eyes.
  48. Owl City – Fireflies.
  49. Bone Thugs-N-Harmony – I Tried.
  50. James Blunt – You’re Beautiful.

*Wipes forehead* Phew that was a lot of songs! Drop a comment if any of these brought back some memories for you guys! They certainly did for me!

Enjoy your day!


The History Of Air Jordan! Part 1!

It’s a franchise globally known, a sneaker I’ve spent countless amounts of money on and a brand leader who we can all aspire to be.

Yes ladies and gentleman I’m talking about the classic Air Jordan franchise. It’s a sneaker worn by a vast majority of basketball players, your favourite rappers, rappers and pretty much anyone and everyone in the world. The classic 9-5 business man in his slick suits and shining shoes has a secret collection of Air Jordan sneakers!


To tell you the truth I’ve been putting this one off for some time now, not because it’s hard or ‘tiring’ so to speak, in all honesty it’s just so rich with history! There’s far too much to be blogging about but you know what you lucky group of people? I’m going to do just that today!

So sit back and relax as we walk through time and go through the details of one of the biggest franchises in the world; the Air Jordan brand!

  • The Air Jordan 1 – 1984.

So it’s 1984, a young Michael Jordan has just won a national title at the University of North Carolina, in addition to this he also received a gold medal in the Olympic games in Los Angeles. Talk about work ethic folks! Chicago Bulls selected Mike (if I can call him Mike) 3rd overall in the NBA draft but what’s interesting is within that year Mike also signed a deal with the brand Nike (hopefully everyone’s heard of them) under a contract of 5 years’ worth a reported $2.5 million! Wowzers.

In 1985 Nike gave Jordan his personal line of sneakers and apparel, it’s worth to mention before the Air Jordan franchise most basketball sneakers were very simple and plain therefore Nike wanted this deal to revolutionise the basketball world, boy did it work!

The designer Peter Moore was given the task to create the first Air Jordan sneaker, it’s funny because you can see the similarities between the Air Jordan shoe and the Air Force 1 sneaker itself. Take a look!

Air Jordan 1: The classic Chicago Bulls colour way!
air jordan 1

Nike Air Force 1: See the similarities!

This sneaker single handily set in stone the colourful shoes we see on court today. It changed everyone’s perspective on the basketball sneaker world and revolutionised the industry.  During the 1985 NBA season Jordan wore the Air Jordan 1 on court, even though the NBA banned them for their blatant disregard for the rules regarding shoe colours! Jordan was fined up to $5,000 for each game he wore them. It’s funny because Nike gladly paid the bills and the fines themselves actually gave the Air Jordan brand more of a buzz due to the controversy surrounding them. Jordan’s rookie career was a phenomenon; taking home rookie of the year honours, leading the Chicago Bulls to the playoffs and scoring 63 points against the Boston Celtics! All the time wearing the Air Jordan 1, a brand was born.

  • The Air Jordan 2 – 1987.

Wow, what a storm Jordan created! By this time Jordan himself was moving up in the ranks, after the frenzy the Air Jordan 1 sneaker created it was time to re-design  and who else could you get to take part in an overhaul of the sneaker; the legendary Bruce Kilgore. If you’re unsure as to whom he is, he’s the creator of the Air Force 1 sneaker, the biggest and best sneaker in the world. I did even do a blog about the sneaker itself, here’s the link; http://routinedreamer.com/2014/07/03/for-the-love-of-sneakers-3/ he made a sneaker worn by old and young, a true designer! Anyway, back to Jordan!

During the time every Nike shoe produced had the classic swoosh along the side, it was a status symbol for Nike and their company, in a way it still is. So did the Air Jordan 2 include the classic swoosh along the side? No, no it did not. The sneaker was such a simple design with upgraded and luxurious materials.

The sneaker was known for its upgrades in quality; a full air unit on the midsole to cushion Jordan’s sore foot after he’d broken it, unfortunately missing a fair amount of the season, a faux lizard skin upper and the classic Air Jordan wings logo embossed on the tongue! You could say it was the first “luxury” basketball sneaker to hit the court, simple yet outstanding. It set the path for quality footwear within basketball, unfortunately it didn’t hit the court as much as the Air Jordan brand would’ve liked however it’s got its place in history as it’s part of the brand.


That’s one of the original Air Jordan 2 sneakers! As you can see overtime the original base has began to yellow, think about how old they are though!

Fun fact: Michael won his first slam dunk contest actually wearing the Air Jordan 2 sneaker, fans loved it.

aj 2 dunk
Notice the sneakers folks! *They had a few colour ways that’s why it’s different to the picture above!

  • The Air Jordan 3 – 1988.

In my eyes and many others this was the one that changed the game. This sneaker is coursing throughout the streets of the USA, throughout the streets of the world. This shoe now is a collector’s item, worn or un-worn. Look out of your window, look in the shopping stores I can guarantee someone will have a pair of Jordan’s on! I hope that theory works…

After the success of Bruce Kilgore’s Air Jordan 2 Nike decided to look for a new designer, one of the best; Tinker Hatfield. He was the man in charge to revolutionise the sneaker game and man what a gem he created. He switched the whole aspect of the Jordan sneaker up, and created a completely new design!

So what were the details of the new sneakers?

First, the Air Jordan 1 & 2 included the iconic “wings” logo however Tinker Hatfield decided to change this piece and re-branded the Jordan “logo” into the “Jumpman” and he placed it on the tongue of the shoe. This silhouette of Jordan was to celebrate his Slam Dunk Contest victory the year before.


A fun fact: Every Jordan after the Air Jordan 3 features this Jumpman on the shoe. You learn something new everyday folks!


The Air Jordan 3 was also the first to feature a visible air unit within the sole, something that was so extraordinary to the basketball world and then lastly, the Air Jordan 3 featured an elephant print design on the upper part of the sneaker. This was such a bold statement for the Air Jordan brand as it represented a fashionable side to the sneaker itself. It gave it that “jazz” that people wanted, you don’t want a sneaker that’s solely for basketball, you want a sneaker you can wear when you’re out on the streets, and you want that stand out shoe! That’s what the Air Jordan 3 was, a stand out shoe!

aj 3

The first 3 done! There’s a lot more to come, we’ll save that for part 2 folks! Hopefully you’ve learned something about the famous Jordan brand today!

Enjoy your day!



Writers Block; 20 Facts I Guess!

I’m not going to beat around the bush here; I’m having a huge day of writers block folks! Everything’s coming out in drips and drabs, yet it’s still not sounding how I want it to. My whole sentence structure and choice of vocabulary just seems off, I hate days like these! In a sense I guess you can call this blog post ‘cheating’ but we’ll keep that on the down low! So as I sit here slowly slurping on my cold-ish cup of tea I find myself wondering; “what am I going to blog about today?” To tell you guys the truth, I haven’t got a clue!


Everyone loves a good set of facts, whether they’re true or not true! Therefore (I’m pretty sure you’ve guessed where this is going) it’s going to be a fact day guys!

  1. America’s first self-made millionaire was actually a black female! I’m not sure as to why this came as such a surprise to me but when I found out my jaw dropped a little. Her name was Madam C.J. Walker. She made her fortune by developing and selling a range of beauty products for black women all under her company name The Madam C.J. Walker Company! They unfortunately closed business in 1981 however it’s such a wonderful story I couldn’t not share! Don’t worry there not all this lengthy!
  2. A man named Walter Summerford was struck by lightning three times in his life. After his death, his gravestone was also struck.
  3. In 2013, Norway had to close Brattli Tunnel because 27 tons of caramelized brown goat cheese caught fire.
  4. An officer of the California highway patrol, Sgt Kevin Briggs, has stopped more than 200 people from committing suicide on the Golden Gate Bridge.
  5. About 70% of the spices used in the world come from India.
  6. In 2008, when Gordon Ramsay was filming in Iceland, he lost his footing and fell during a descent off an 85 feet cliff, landing in the icy water below. His film crew reported he was submerged for at least 45 seconds.
  7. The first drinking straw was designed to have a diameter slightly smaller than the typical lemon pip, as the inventor was tired of getting lemon seeds in his mouth when drinking lemonade.
  8. When Twister (the game) was introduced in 1966 it was known by its competitors as “sex in a box.”
  9. There are more life forms living on your skin than there are humans on the planet.
  10. J. Simpson was considered for the Terminator, but the producers feared he was “too nice” to be taken seriously as a cold-blooded killer.
  11. Torchwood, the spin-off series from Doctor Who is actually an anagram of “Doctor Who”.
  12. In 1976 Ron Wayne sold his shares in Apple for $800 – today they’d be worth over $35 billion.
  13. A Tyrannosaurus Rex ran at about 18mph. An average human runs at 8mph.
  14. Bottling up your emotions can lead to depression. If you have no one to talk to, write a blog or journal.
  15. The average American/Canadian will eat about 11.9 pounds of cereal per year!
  16. Jellyfish are about 98 percent water.
  17. Milkshakes were originally an alcoholic whiskey drink
  18. Notorious BIG’s interlude on Ready to Die of him receiving oral sex was real audio of him receiving oral sex in the recording studio.
  19. In 2007, a Bosnian married couple found out that they had been cheating on one another in an online chatroom… with each other.
  20. In Oklahoma, it’s actually illegal to take a bite out of another person’s hamburger.

I guess if you’ve learned something or had a good chuckle that means writers block isn’t all that bad, right?

Enjoy your day folks!


yin yang

10 Reasons To Love The Job You Hate!

As I sit here searching through job site upon job site I have this lingering thought in the back of my mind; “man I would love to be back at work!” Any work as well, I mean seriously I never thought I would say this but man do I miss having a job! The thing is I complained a hell of a lot about it when I had it, but what a necessity it really is! So I’ve decided to compline a few reasons for you guys and girls who are in a job at the moment that you may find yourself disliking however you secretly need to learn to love. Hopefully these may change your mind a little, enjoy!

  1. That monthly pay check!…The thing I miss most was spending a ton of money on clothes, food and useless metal only to not need to worry about it due to being paid the following day. I could look at my bank balance the next morning and see that it was magically there again! Priceless.
  2. Actually having something to do. I’m so bored at home, after blogging and keeping myself entertained there’s only so much left to do. The internet gets boring after a while and you realise the TV’s utter trash!
  3. Seeing co-workers. In my last job I had good relationships with all my co-workers; I miss making the small jokes with them at lunch times, or just generally complaining about pointless shit.
  4. You gain a hell of a lot more experience and memories at work than you do at home! This one explains itself really; I had so many opportunities come my way in my previous job that they’ve really helped me develop into the person I am today. Not having that job I think I would be a person living within a shell!
  5. Job hunting sucks! I mean it really sucks.
  6. Not needing to dress up in a formal suit every time you get an interview. In my old job I had this terrible looking uniform but believe me it was a lot easier to chuck on that rather than a full blown suit!
  7. Being able to say you’re doing the job you do for the money, not making something up and saying you have a burning interest and desire to work within a certain company. I’ve had my fair share of interviews since I left school (roughly 15) so I’ve experienced the ones where you need to research the company and the ones where you can bullshit your way through, it can be mentally draining at times but you can’t just tell them straight up I need the money, believe me it won’t work! You only get to do that once you’ve landed the job.
  8. Laughing at customers. Oh how I miss that! It’s the little things they would do, not their appearance or anything like that but just the little quirks that we would recognise such as tripping up or doing something they shouldn’t.
  9. Being able to run to the closest shop and not worry about what you’re wearing. This one seems silly but hear me out; my closest shops are good 10 minute walk from my house whereas when I was in employment they were about a 30 second walk! Now, I’m not the most enthusiastic person in the world so when I’m hungry I can’t get my body in the mood to face that 10 minute walk whereas when I was employed I could literally purchase a buffet of items. Good thing there’s Domino’s folks!
  10. Last but not least, interacting with people. That’s what I feel life’s all about! I can’t stand not interacting or meeting new people, it’s just so boring! Sure, it’s nice to talk to friends online but there’s something more exciting about meeting new friends in the ‘real’ world so to speak!

There we are, the top 10 reasons to love the job you hate! I really can’t wait to get back into employment now! I’ve had multiple interviews over the past few weeks and so far no luck. It’s nice because I have some money saved up therefore I’m not broke and can still enjoy nights out however there’s something about not working I just can’t deal with. It’s so boring not earning money or just having a routine, sure I’ve got this blog and a few ideas for other ventures however it’s tough just sitting at home all day! So, enjoy the job you hate folks, it could be much worse I guess, does that contradict this whole post? I think it does.

Enjoy your day!



“The Truth Is”

*I don’t mean to offend anyone with this post, it’s based on a personal experience and a few experiences from my friends. 

I have a shaky voice, my eyes are uncontrollable,

For I know a truth too rude and far too emotional.

For I’m still looked down upon, a “paki” they say,

Still? Tell me, why in this day and age?

The truth is, my friend is black – yet he still gets the slurs,

I’m not going to repeat the words,

But boy,

I can tell that they hurt.

The truth is, my friend is Muslim – yet he still gets the stares,

The looks in the airport, why are they still there?!

The truth is, my friend is Jewish – yet he still gets the shit,

Day after day, hit after hit.

For we are born a blank canvas, and you can only be taught to hate,

But the truth is, racism exists, and it will never go away.

Tell me I’m wrong? Prove to me that you’re right,

But the truth is, there’s never an end in sight,

We just surprises it, and we, walk on by,

But the truth is, racism will unfortunately always survive.

It’s a shame, how someone can be degraded for the colour of their skin,

A mind isn’t born that way, yet it can slowly creep in.

We breed hate, birth it and become sick,

The truth is, I’m stereotyped – for the colour of my skin.

I still remember when he called me a ‘paki’ and went on with his day,

A man who was taught to once breed and believe in the hate.

Then he’ll teach his kids and racism will still exist,

We can demolish the hate, but racism still lives.

Photo of The Day!

james river

View of the Lower Rocketts and James River, Richmond, Virginia – 1864.

What are your thoughts?

Source – Andrew J. Russell Image was found here!

Photo of The Day!


A view of Victoria Falls on the Zambezi River in Zambia, 1996.

What are your thoughts?

Source – Chris Johns, National Geographic.

Photo of The Day!


Construction of the Brooklyn Bridge, around the 1880’s.

What are your thoughts?

Source – I found the image on Reddit but there wasn’t a photographer to credit, so as usual, if you do know, please leave me a comment!

Photo of The Day!


The ‘L’ in Chicago, June – 1967.

What are your thoughts?

Source – James L. Stanfield, National Geographic.

Image source

how to overcome alcohol addiction naturally (1)

“The Pressures Of A Young Man”

Please note, this is NOT based on personal experience.

Who really cares?

For the pain a young man can feel,

For the stresses held within the fear his smile likes to conceal.

How his smirk can camouflage his crumbling heart,

How his smile can deceive you from the very start.

But does anyone really worry?

For the feelings he holds inside,

An anger for the world that has pushed him aside.

So he turns to alcohol,

The dirty devils drink,

A life ruled by spew,

Next to the kitchen sink.

He drinks death, inhaled with a strong smog of cancer,

He walks in the footsteps of dismay, a private and decaying dancer.

I stalk the beasts that drink me repeatedly,

A downpour of my pain,

Excessively and exceedingly,

I make you less and less humane.

Have you ever seen it?

How intoxication can rip a whole family to shreds,

How the words of a drunken man lay dormant within your head.

For I am alcohol, I will leave you battered and bruised,

A tarnished soul left with a ticking time bomb to diffuse.

Oh, the tip of my tongue, a razor sharp intake,

The sweet holy sip of a ghastly mistake.

I bring the anger out and foolishness will soon follow suit,

Your child’s demon?


That’s you.

A drunken man staring, fumbling and stumbling to the door,

A mother clutching her child as they weep upon the floor.

Run my child, please go to your bedroom and hide,

A sip to ruin a relationship, a pain growing within the child’s eyes.

He hears the thuds, eyes filled to the brim,

A crack, a snap, of each of his mother’s limbs.

Day after day, sip after sip,

An anger lay dormant within the soul of a kid.

A mother’s protection, a strength I cannot comprehend,

Then a sip too much, a death to end all ends.

For I am alcohol, abuse me and you’ll see my true colours,

I’m not all bad though, I’m sipped between lovers.

I’m used in celebrations, a marriage, a birth of a child,

Yet in despair I become the devil running through the wild.

I will make you trip, fall as you walk through my valley,

I can make your child scared to utter the name – ‘daddy’

Abuse me and mistreat me, I can weaken your entire life,

Use me how I should be and you’ll do alright.

Take me for granted, an early grave it may be,

The pressures of a young man, a solution he thought he may see.

For peer pressure can numb a soul and take numbers from your existence,

Moderation is king, yet you soon get suckered into an addiction.

Take a small shot, that’s what they said,

Now you’re 50 – liver almost dead.

Your child resents you, looks at you with disgust,

Lend me some money,

But where is the trust?

Oh alcohol, how my friends tell me to loosen up, try to have some fun,

Truth is I’m scared, if I try some – who is the man I become?

I’ve seen alcohol daze and confuse the best,

The pressures of a young man, his life left a mess.

Alcohol to blame, the only thing he knows,

A decaying face, the only thing that shows.

For his eulogy reads, he was a bright young chap,

Consumed by the devils drink – a life lost within the trap.

I am alcohol, many drink me to numb the pain,

The pressures of a young man – a life rotting and left to decay.

Photo of The Day!



Deadwood, South Dakota – around the 1890’s.

Here’s what it looks like today!

Source – H. R. Locke & Co. of Deadwood. The images were found on Wikipedia! These are not mine!